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This is a list of some notable people affiliated with Amherst College.

Seniors marching, Amherst College

Notable alumni[edit]

College founders and presidents[edit]


Professional athletes and coaches[edit]

Clergy and Biblical scholars[edit]

Presidents, Prime Ministers, and other heads of national government[edit]

Cabinet members[edit]

United States Supreme Court[edit]

Diplomats and government officials[edit]

Senators, Congresspersons, and other politicians[edit]

Governors and Premiers, elected and appointed[edit]

Lawyers and judges[edit]


Directors of Central Intelligence (DCI), CIA, and the FBI[edit]

Nobel Prize winners[edit]

Crafoord Prize winner[edit]

Pulitzer Prize winners[edit]

MacArthur Fellowship winners[edit]

National Medal of Science winners[edit]


Engineers, inventors, and scientists[edit]




  • Printer Ronald Gordon 1965, established the Oliphant Press, New York City

Authors and artists[edit]


Other notables[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Mr. Eu, a minor government functionary in the 1963 John Ford movie Donovan's Reef, was an Amherst graduate, class of '52.
  • Jonathan Fuerst and his roommate Sandy attend Amherst in the 1971 movie Carnal Knowledge.
  • Jordan McDeere, a character played by Amanda Peet on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, graduated from Amherst with a degree in American Studies.
  • Willie Tanner on ALF was a graduate of the college. His daughter Lynn Tanner was accepted but could not go.
  • Scangrade, a test-scanning robot from the MTV cartoon Clone High, graduated from Amherst.
  • David, a snobbish intellectual character played by Hugh Grant in Woody Allen's Small Time Crooks, taught art at Amherst for a short period of time.
  • Julie, one of the protagonists of Julie and Julia, edited the Amherst College Literary Magazine. She is based on author Julie Powell '95.
  • Alyssa Clark, a pregnant teenage girl in the Bones episode "The Salt in the Wounds," turns down a full scholarship to attend Amherst.
  • Louise Goodwin, sister of Jeremy Goodwin on Sports Night. The episode "Dear Louise" centers Jeremy writing a letter to her as a sophomore at Amherst.
  • Frank Lyman from Animal House. His name also appears on the plaque underneath the Route 9 bridge.
  • Dr. Corinne from web comic Questionable Content is an Amherst grad and also based on a real-life alumnus.
  • Zoey from Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator graduated from Amherst with a degree in "feminist literature."
  • Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation chose to attend Indiana over Amherst her senior year of high school.

Notable faculty[edit]


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