List of Amnesty International UK Media Awards winners

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Amnesty International
Motto It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.[1]
Founded July 1961 by Peter Benenson in Britain
Type Non-profit
  • Global
    General secretariat in London
Services Protecting human rights
Fields Media attention, direct-appeal campaigns, research, lobbying
More than 3 million members and supporters[2]
Key people
Salil Shetty (Secretary-General)

This is a list of the winners of the Amnesty International UK Media Awards for each year since 2002. These awards are given by the UK section of Amnesty International to journalists who have made a significant contribution to the UK public's greater awareness and understanding of human rights issues.

Earlier recipients of the Special Award for Human Rights Journalism under Threat included Ignacio Gomez of Colombia, special investigations editor of the newspaper El Espectador and director of the Colombian Press Freedom Foundation, who won the award in 2000; Najam Sethi of Pakistan, editor of the national newspaper, The Friday Times; and editor Nosa Igiebor and the staff of Nigeria's Tell Magazine.[3]

Award winners[edit]

Category Title Journalist Organisation
National newspaper 10-year-old Qwadrat takes his final painful breath Anton Antonowicz Daily Mirror
Periodical The school of assassins that the US army has tried to hide Christine Toomey The Sunday Times Magazine
Photojournalism War crimes in Kosovo Gary Knight Newsweek International
Radio Crossing Continents - Israel/Palestine Lucy Ash BBC Radio 4
Television documentary Kids behind bars Kate Blewett / Brian Woods True Vision Productions for the BBC
Television news Slobodan Milosevic War Crimes Trial Gaby Rado ITN / Channel 4 News
National newspaper Inside the world of the Palestinian suicide bomber; The informer who could not escape; On patrol with the killer Israel dreads Tallat Hussain Dawn News
Periodical Land of the damned Ann McFerran The Sunday Times Magazine
Photojournalism Looking Aids in the face Gideon Mendel Corbis / Guardian Weekend
Radio Today - Sale of illegal landmines Andrew Gilligan BBC Radio 4
Television documentary Panorama - A licence to murder John Ware BBC
Television news Guinea: sex for food Sorious Samura Insight News Television / Channel 4 News / CNN
Global human rights journalism Invisible casualties of war Belma Becirbasic / Dzenana Secic Start magazine, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Human rights journalism under threat Hassan Bility Analyst newspaper, Liberia
Regional media Series of articles on refugees and asylum seekers Alexander Robertson / Sam Bartlett / Liam McDougall The Big Issue, Scotland
National newspaper The People The Law Forgot Tallat Hussain Dawn News
Periodical The Bitterest Betrayal Vikram Dodd / Tania Branigan Guardian Weekend Magazine
Photojournalism Ghosts of the Apocalypse Philip Blenkinsop The Sunday Times Magazine
Radio Crossing Continents - India Lucy Ash BBC Radio 4
Television documentary This World - Access To Evil Olenka Frenkiel BBC
Television news Equatorial Guinea Lindsey Hilsum Channel 4 News
Global human rights journalism Slaves of the 21st Century Raphael Gomide O Dia, Brazil
Human rights journalism under threat Kifle Mulat Lissane Hizeb (Voice of the People), Ethiopia
Regional media Asylum Seeking Children Lorna Martin The Herald, Scotland
Gaby Rado award Reports from Democratic Republic of Congo James Astill The Guardian / The Observer / Newsnight
National newspaper London - the world in one city Leo Benedictus The Guardian
Periodical America's Gulag Stephen Grey New Statesman
Photojournalism Flames of Desperation Nicola Kurtz The Sunday Times Magazine
Radio Bhopal Susan Roberts BBC Radio 4
Television documentary Panorama - The New Killing Fields Darren Kemp / Hilary Andersson BBC
Television news Falluja Forensics Tara Sutton Channel 4 News Independents' Fund / Guardian Films
Human rights journalism under threat Marielos Monzón Guatemala
Regional media Fascism in Russia Billy Briggs The Herald Magazine on Saturday, Scotland
Gaby Rado award Ali A Fadhil Channel 4 News Independents' Fund / Guardian Films
National newspaper Iraq special report Peter Beaumont The Observer
Periodical Beasts of prey Christine Toomey The Sunday Times Magazine
Photojournalism Rwanda - facing the virus Stuart Freedman Positive Lives / Panos
Radio Reports from rural China Rupert Wingfield Hayes / Alistair Burnett BBC Radio 4
Television documentary Asylum Amanda Richardson / Peter Gordon / Edwina Vardey / Nicola Clemens BBC
Television news Conflict - tin: Congo's tin soldiers Elizabeth C Jones / Jonathan Miller / Mike Radford Channel 4 News / ITN
Human rights journalism under threat Stanislav Dmitrievskiy / Oksana Chelysheva Russia
Regional media Tales from the edge, the Glasgow girls Lindsey Hill / Simon Parsons / Rhiannon Brady / Emma Green McInnes BBC Scotland
Gaby Rado award Human rights in the Former Soviet Union Nick Paton Walsh The Guardian
National newspaper Congo's Tragedy Johann Hari The Independent
Periodical The Big Steal Jonathan Watts Guardian Weekend Magazine
Photojournalism Acid attacks in Bangladesh Andrew Testa Foto 8 Magazine
Radio Dispatches from Gaza Alan Johnston BBC News Gaza Bureau
Television documentary Execution of a Teenage Girl Paul Hamann / Monica Garnsey / Lucy Hetherington BBC / Wild Pictures
Television news China Organ Transplants Rupert Wingfield-Hayes / Bessie Du / Al Go BBC Ten O'Clock News
Human rights journalism under threat Dina Meza Revistazo, Honduras
Regional media Haunted Lucy Adams The Herald Magazine, Scotland
Gaby Rado award Tea and Kidnapping; You go a bit crazy when you see little body after little body coming up out of the ground; The Jihad now is against the Shias not the Americans Ghaith Abdul-Ahad The Guardian
National newspaper Iraqi interpreters series Deborah Haynes The Times
Periodical Newspaper supplement:
Selling soccer into slavery
Jonathan Green Live (Mail on Sunday magazine)
Consumer magazine:
Russian media freedom
Fatima Tlisova / Sergei Bachinin / Alexei Simonov Index on Censorship
Photojournalism Congo unrest Cédric Gerbehaye Newsweek / Agence Vu
Radio Today - Where there's muck: Mike Thomson in the Congo Pascale Harter / Ceri Thomas / Mike Thompson BBC Radio 4
Television documentary Storyville - The Devil Came on Horseback Gretchen Steidle Wallace / Jane Wells / Annie Sundberg / Ricki Stern / Nick Fraser / Brian Steidle BBC Four / Break Thru Films / Global Grassroots
Television news Too young to die - Children of the frontline Chris Rogers / Deborah Turness / Tony Hemmings ITV News / ITN
Human rights journalism under threat Abdel Karim al-Khaiwani Al-Shora, Yemen
Regional media Congo to Motherwell Fiona Walker / Dorothy Parker / Matt Pinder / Hilary McCusker-Thompson BBC Scotland
Gaby Rado award Africa's secret - the men, women and children 'vanished' in the war on terror Xan Rice The Guardian
International television and radio The lost tribe - Secret army of the CIA Eunice Lau / Stephanie Scawen / Tricia Tan / Tony Birtley Al Jazeera English
New media "Honour killing" sparks fears of new Iraqi conflict Sahar Al-Haideri Institute for War and Peace Reporting
Gaby Rado memorial award Aleem Maqbool BBC News
International Television & Radio World's Untold Stories: The Forgotten People Dan Rivers, Kit Swartz, Sheri England, Anthony Whaley CNN
Nations & Regions The Fight for Justice Lucy Adams The Herald Magazine
National Newspapers MI5 and the Torture Chambers of Pakistan Ian Cobain The Guardian
New Media Kenya: The Cry of Blood - Extra Judicial Killings and Disappearances[4] Julian Assange WikiLeaks
Periodicals - Consumer Magazines The 'No Place for Children' campaign Sir Al Aynsley Green, Gillian Slovo, Alice O'Keefe New Statesman
Periodicals - Newspaper Supplements Why do the Italians Hate Us? Dan McDougall, Robin Hammond The Observer Magazine
Photojournalism No One Much Cares Eugene Richards Newsweek
Radio Forgotten: The Central African Republic Edward Main, Ceri Thomas, Mike Thomson BBC Radio 4 - Today Programme
Television Documentary & Docudrama Dispatches: Saving Africa's Witch Children Mags Gavan, Joost Van der Valk, Alice Keens-Soper, Paul Woolwich Channel 4 / Red Rebel Films / Southern Star Factual
Television News Kiwanja Massacre: Congo Ben De Pear, Jonathan Miller, Stuart Webb, Robert Chamwami Channel 4 News / ITN
Special Award 2010 All the independent media workers of Burma
Gaby Rado Memorial Award Jamal Osman Channel 4 News
International Television & Radio People and Power: Ingushetia - A Second Chechnya? Antony Butts, Dom Rotheroe, Mike Chamberlain Al Jazeera
Nations & Regions Discrimination: Migrant Workers Rental Block Guy Lynn, Mark Hayman, David Weller BBC Look North
National Newspapers The Dark Side of Dubai Johann Hari The Independent
Digital Media Chinese Petitioners Jamil Anderlini, Edward Cheng Financial Times
Periodicals - Consumer Magazines Congo: The Horror Ed Caesar, Susan Schulman GQ
Periodicals - Newspaper Supplements The Return of the Bloody Diamonds Dan McDougall, Robin Hammond Live Magazine
Photojournalism Toxic Jeans Robin Hammond Sunday Times
Radio Zimbabwe: What Mugabe Didn't Tell Us Mike Thomson, Edward Prendeville, Ceri Thomas BBC Radio 4 - Today Programme
Television Documentary & Docudrama Burma VJ (JOINT WINNER)
Dispatches: Afghanistan's Dirty War (JOINT WINNER)
Lise-Lense Moller, Anders Ostergaard
Tom Roberts, Peter Lindley, Najibullah Razaq
More 4 / Magic Hour Films
Channel 4 / October Films
Television News The End of Sri Lanka's War Jonathan Miller, Nick Paton Walsh, Nevine Mabro, Bessie Du, Matt Jasper, Ben de Pear Channel 4 News / ITN


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