List of Anabaptist churches

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This is a list of Anabaptist churches and communities.

Anabaptism includes Amish, Hutterite, Mennonite, Bruderhof, and Church of the Brethren denominations.

Some individual congregations, church buildings, or communities are individually notable, such as by being listed as historic sites. In the United States some of these are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1] In South Dakota, a number of Hutterite colonies were considered and NRHP-listed together.[2]

Anabaptist churches include:

In the United States[edit]

The Meeting House Law Building and Gallery, Spring City, Pennsylvania, in 2009

House Churches[edit]

Some Anabaptists, such as the Old-Order Amish, do not have a fixed place of worship but meet instead for Sunday services in rotating order, at the homes of church Elders and other prominent members of the community. Inasmuch as some in attendance have traveled relatively long distances by wagon in order to participate, it is expected that the family hosting the services will afterwards provide a hearty meal for all present with the help of other families. Weddings are also performed at the home of the bride's parents and not in a church.


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