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There are about a hundred Anglican churches in the city of Toronto, Canada. A similar number to the two other large denominations, the United Church of Canada and the Roman Catholic Church. Toronto is in the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, which includes the city of Toronto and much of south central Ontario. The eastern part of Toronto is part of the York-Scarborough episcopal area while the western half of the city is in the York-Credit Valley, which also includes Mississaga and Peel. The city is further divided into nine deaneries. Ongoing research about Anglican churches in Toronto which have closed can be found here:

Congregation Location Dates Notes Image
Advent Anglican Church Runnymede Advent Anglican Church.JPG
All Saints Anglican Church, Kingsway The Kingsway All Saints Anglican, Kingsway.JPG
All Saints Anglican Church, Sherbourne Downtown 1951- (built 1951-1957) All Saints, Sherbourne.jpg
Annunciation Lansing 1949–2005 Merged with All Souls to form the Church of the Incarnation
Apostles Anglican Church Wilson Heights Closed 2012 Apostles Anglican Church.JPG
Ascension Church, Don Mills[1] Don Mills 1956 Church of the Ascension, Toronto.JPG
Ascension Church Richmond St. West 1875-uncertain Low Church serving the low-income east side. Church of the Ascension, Toronto.PNG
Atonement Anglican Church, Alderwood Alderwood
Christ Church Deer Park Deer Park Founded 1860s Christ Church Deer Park.JPG
Christ Church, Mimico Mimico 1832–2006 Third Church on site rebuilt in 1953. Destroyed by an arsonist's fire in 2006. Congregation merged with St. James Humber Bay to become Christ Church St. James on January 1, 2010. MimicoRoyalYorkAcrossJudsonChristChurchFirst.jpg
Christ Church, Scarborough Scarborough Village Christ Church Anglican, Scarborough.JPG
Christ Church St. James Etobicoke - Humber Bay and Mimico 2010 Created January 1, 2010 out of the amalgamation of Christ Church, Mimico and St. James, Humber Bay. MimicoRoyalYorkAcrossJudsonChristChurchFirst.jpg
Christ the King Anglican Church Centennial Etobicoke
Epiphany and St. Mark, Parkdale Parkdale 1877 Formed by the amalgamation of the Church of the Epiphany (1887) and the Church of St. Mark, Parkdale (1877) in 1983 Epiphany and St. Mark Anglican Church, Parkdale.JPG
Epiphany Anglican Church, Scarborough Scarborough Junction Epiphany Anglican Church, Scarborough.JPG
Flemingdon Park Ministry Anglican Church Flemingdon Park
Good Shepherd Anglican Church, Weston Weston Good Shepherd Anglican Church, Weston.JPG
Grace Church on-the-Hill Forest Hill Founded 1874 Grace Church on-the-Hill.JPG
Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Guildwood Guildwood Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Guildwood.JPG
Holy Trinity Anglican Church Downtown Built 1847 Holy Trinity, Toronto 2.jpg
Incarnation Anglican Church Willowdale Founded 2005 Created as a merger of Annunciation and All Souls Anglican Churches Church of the Incarnation, Anglican, Toronto.JPG
Little Trinity Anglican Church[2] Corktown Built 1843 Oldest surviving church building in Toronto. Located downtown on King Street East at Parliament St. Little Trinity Anglican Church.jpg
Messiah Anglican Church Summerhill Founded 1891 Church of the Messiah, Toronto.JPG
Mission to Seafarers Anglican Church Toronto Harbour
Nativity Anglican Church, Malvern Malvern Nativity Anglican Church, Malvern.JPG
Our Saviour Anglican Church
Parroquia San Esteban Anglican Church Downtown Housed at the Church of the Holy Trinity Holy Trinity, Toronto 2.jpg
Church of the Redeemer Yorkville Founded 1871 Church of the Redeemer, Toronto.JPG
Church of the Resurrection (The Rez) Anglican Church East York Founded 1922 Church of the Resurrection Anglican Toronto.JPG
San Lorenzo - Dufferin Ave Anglican Church Glen Park
Sisterhood of St. John the Divine Anglican Church Newtonbrook
St. Aidan Anglican Church The Beaches Founded 1880 St Aidan, Toronto.jpg
St. Alban the Martyr Cathedral Seaton Village 1883–1935 Was to be the cathedral of Toronto. Consecrated but never completed. St. Alban the Martyr Cathedral.JPG
St. Andrew-by-the-Lake Church Toronto Islands Built 1884 Only church on the Toronto Islands St. Andrew-by-the-Lake Church.jpg
St. Andrew's, Japanese Anglican Church East Danforth St Andrew, Japanese Anglican Church.JPG
St. Andrew Anglican Church, Scarborough Scarborough St Andrew Anglican Church, Scarborough.JPG
St. Anne Anglican Church Dufferin Grove 1907-1908 Ford Howland designed St. Anne's Church in the Byzantine style with wall and ceiling paintings executed by members of the Group of Seven.[3] St Anne's Anglican, Toronto.JPG
St. Augustine of Canterbury Anglican Church Leaside St Augustine, Toronto.JPG
St. Barnabas Anglican Church, Chester The Danforth St Barnabas Anglican, Toronto.JPG
St. Bartholomew's, Regent Park 509 Dundas Street East, Toronto

Regent Park

Founded 1873

Moved to current location 1910

Anglo-Catholic parish known for traditional liturgy and community outreach St Bart, Toronto.jpg
St. Bede Anglican Church Clairlea St Bede Anglican, Toronto.JPG
St. Chad Anglican Church Earlscourt St Chad Anglican Church.JPG
St. Clement Anglican Church Yonge and Eglinton St Clement Anglican, Toronto.JPG
St. Columba and All Hallows Anglican Church Parkview St Columba and All Hallows Anglican Church, Toronto.JPG
St. Crispin Anglican Church Cliffside St Crispin Anglican Church, Toronto.JPG
St. Cuthbert Anglican Church Leaside St Cuthbert, Toronto.JPG
St. Cyprian Anglican Church Don Valley Village St Cyprian, Toronto.JPG
St. David Anglican Church, Donlands The Danforth began as a mission 1906; established as an independent parish 1912; current building constructed 1921 St Andrew, Japanese Anglican Church.JPG
St. David Anglican Church, Lawrence Ave Amesbury
St. Dunstan of Canterbury Anglican Church Scarborough
St. George - the - Martyr Anglican Church Grange Park 1853 Ruined church in Toronto.JPG
St. George on - the - Hill Anglican Church Etobicoke St George's on-the-Hill, Toronto.JPG
St. George Anglican Church, Scarborough Scarborough Bluffs St George Anglican Church, Scarborough.JPG
St. George Anglican Church, Willowdale North York City Centre 1930 Demolished in December 2009, to be rebuilt as part of a larger complex St George Anglican, demolished.JPG
St. Giles Anglican Church, Scarborough Scarborough St Giles Anglican Church, Scarborough.JPG
St. Hilda Anglican Church, Fairbank Fairbank St Hilda Anglican Church, Fairbank.JPG
St. James Cathedral Downtown Founded 1797 Oldest congregation in the city St. James.jpg
St. James, Humber Bay Etobicoke Founded 1891 Merged January 1, 2010 with Christ Church, Mimico to become Christ Church St. James St James Anglican Church, Humber Bay.jpg
St. John the Baptist, Norway The Beaches Founded 1853 St John, Norway.jpg
St. John the Evangelist, Garrison Portland St. and Stewart St. 1858–1962 Built to serve the Fort York garrison. Closed and demolished in 1962 St. John Portalnd St.PNG
St. John the Divine Anglican Church, Scarborough Woburn, Toronto
St. John Anglican Church, Chinese Armour Heights
St. John Anglican Church, West Toronto Humberside St John's West Toronto.JPG
St. John Anglican Church, Weston Weston
St. John Anglican Church, York Mills York Mills 1816 Second oldest Anglican parish in York County St. John Anglican Church, York Mills.JPG
St. Jude Anglican Church, Wexford Wexford Founded 1848 St Jude, Toronto.JPG
St. Leonard Anglican Church Yonge and Lawrence St Leonard Anglican Church, Toronto.JPG
St. Luke Anglican Church, East York East York Founded 1870 Originally located at Bay and Joseph, moved east in 1930s St Luke's Anglican, Toronto.JPG
St. Margaret in - the - Pines Anglican Church, West Hill West Hill St Margaret Anglican Church, Toronto.JPG
St. Margaret Anglican Church, New Toronto Etobicoke Founded 1906 St Margaret Anglican Church, New Toronto.jpg
St. Margaret Anglican Church, North Toronto North Toronto St Margaret's Anglican, Toronto.JPG
St. Mark and Calvary Anglican Church Corso d'Italia St. Mark and Calvary Anglican Church.JPG
St. Martin-in-the-Fields Anglican Church High Park Founded 1890 Anglo-Catholic St Martin-in-the-Fields Anglican Church, Toronto.JPG
St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church Downtown Founded 1888 Anglo-Catholic Smmprocession.JPG
St. Matthew the Apostle Anglican Church, Oriole Henry Farm 1964- St Matthew, Oriole.JPG
St. Matthew Anglican Church, First Avenue Riverdale Founded 1876 St Matthew Anglican Church, First Avenue, Toronto.JPG
St. Matthew Anglican Church, Islington Etobicoke St Matthew's, Anglican.JPG
St. Matthias Bellwoods Trinity-Bellwoods Founded 1873 Anglo-Catholic St Matthias Bellwoods.jpg
St. Matthias Anglican Church, Etobicoke Richview St. Matthias Anglican Church, Etobicoke.JPG
St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church South Hill St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church.JPG
St. Michael the Archangel Anglican Church, Scarborough Milliken
St. Monica's Anglican Church Little India St. Monica Anglican Church, Toronto.JPG
St. Nicholas Anglican Church, Birch Cliff Birch Cliff St Nicholas, Toronto.JPG
St. Ninian Anglican Church, Scarborough Bendale
St. Olave Anglican Church, Swansea Swansea St. Olave Anglican Church, Swansea.JPG
St. Patrick Anglican Church Newtonbrook
St. Paul the Apostle Anglican Church, Rexdale Rexdale St. Paul the Apostle Anglican Church, Rexdale.JPG
St. Paul's, Bloor Street Downtown Founded 1860 St Paul Anglican, Toronto.JPG
St. Paul Anglican Church, L'Amoreaux L'Amoreaux 1841- St. Paul Anglican Church, L'Amoreaux.JPG
St. Paul Anglican Church, Runnymede Runnymede St. Paul Anglican Church, Runnymede.JPG
St. Peter Anglican Church, Carlton St. Downtown St Peter, Toronto.jpg
St. Peter Anglican Church, Scarborough Bendale St Peter Anglican Church, Scarborough.JPG
St. Philip - the - Apostle Anglican Church North York Founded 1875 Located at Dundas and Spadina until 1942
St. Philip Anglican Church, Etobicoke Humber Heights St. Philip Anglican Church, Etobicoke.JPG
St. Saviour Anglican Church Upper Beaches St Saviour Anglican, Toronto.JPG
St. Simon-the-Apostle Anglican Church Bloor between Sherbourne and Parliament Est 1883 The congregation worshipped at St James-the-Less (nearby) until St Simon's was built.

Also home to San Lorenzo Ruiz Anglican Church

St Simon Anglican, Toronto.JPG
St. Stephen in-the-Fields Anglican Church Kensington Market Founded 1858 Designed by Thomas Fuller St Stephen in-the-Fields Anglican Church, Toronto.JPG
St. Stephen Anglican Church, Downsview Downsview
St. Theodore of Canterbury Anglican Church Newtonbrook 1961 St. Theodore of Canterbury Anglican Church.JPG
St. Thomas's Anglican Church Downtown Founded 1874 Anglo-Catholic St Thomas Anglican Church, Toronto.JPG
St. Timothy by - the - Humber Anglican Church Humberlea
St. Timothy Anglican Church, Agincourt Agincourt St. Timothy Anglican Church, Agincourt.JPG
St. Timothy Anglican Church, North Toronto North Toronto St Timothy Anglican Church, North Toronto.JPG
St. Wilfrid Anglican Church, Islington Islington St Wilfrid, Toronto.JPG
Transfiguration Anglican Church Davisville Transfiguration Anglican Church, Toronto.JPG

The Anglican church of Annunciation, Toronto High Meadow Place

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