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List of Antarctic ice shelves

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Antarctic ice shelves
Antarctica's major ice shelves:
  Ross (472,960 km2)
  Filchner-Ronne (422,420 km2)
  Amery (62,620 km2)
  Larsen (48,600 km2)
  Riiser-Larsen (48,180 km2)
  Fimbul (41,060 km2)
  Shackleton (33,820 km2)
  George VI (23,880 km2)
  West (16,370 km2)
  Wilkins (13,680 km2)

This is a list of Antarctic ice shelves.

An image of Antarctica differentiating its landmass (dark grey) from its ice shelves (minimum extent, light grey, and maximum extent, white)
Edge of Ekstrom Ice Shelf

Ice shelves are attached to a large portion of the Antarctic coastline. Their total area is 1,541,700 km2.[1] Names are also listed in the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, Gazetteer.[2] The ice shelf areas are listed below, clockwise, starting in the west of East Antarctica:

Indicates that the ice shelf has collapsed.[3]

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