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List of Apache–MySQL–PHP packages

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This is a list of notable AMP (Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, Perl/PHP/Python) software stacks for all computer platforms; these software bundles are used to run dynamic Web sites or servers. There are LAMPs (for Linux); WAMPs (for Windows); MAMPs (for macOS) and DAMPs (for Darwin); SAMPs (for Solaris); and FAMPs (for FreeBSD).

Package Platform
AMPPS Windows, macOS, Linux, BSD
Bitnami LAMP Stack Linux
Bitnami MAMP Stack macOS
Bitnami WAMP Stack Windows
DAMP[1] Darwin
LAMP Linux
MAMP Windows, macOS
TurnKey Linux LAMP stack Linux (Virtual appliance)
WAMP Windows
WampServer Windows
WIMP Windows
XAMPP Windows, macOS, Linux
Zend Server Community Edition Windows, macOS, Linux, IBMI

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