List of Apiaceae genera

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This is the complete list of genera belonging to the family Apiaceae, as per the Germplasm Resources Information Network. This listing contains 454 genera, and is divided up into sub-taxa.[1]

Not assigned to a subfamily[edit]

Subfamily Apioideae[edit]

The NCBI Taxonomy Browser lists the Tribes Saniculeae and Steganotaenieae in a separate subfamily, Saniculoideae.[2]

Not assigned to a Tribe
Tribe Aciphylleae
Tribe Annesorhizeae
Tribe Apieae
Tribe Bupleureae
Tribe Careae
Tribe Chamaesieae
Tribe Choritaenieae
Tribe Coriandreae
Tribe Echinophoreae
Tribe Erigenieae
Tribe Heteromorpheae
Tribe Komarovieae
Tribe Lichtensteinieae
Tribe Marlothielleae
Tribe Oenantheae
Tribe Phlyctidocarpeae
Tribe Pimpinelleae
Tribe Pleurospermeae
Tribe Pyramidoptereae
Tribe Saniculeae
Tribe Scandiceae
Tribe Scandiceae subtribe Daucinae
Tribe Scandiceae subtribe Ferulinae
Tribe Scandiceae subtribe Scandicinae
Tribe Scandiceae subtribe Torilidinae
Tribe Selineae
Tribe Smyrnieae
Tribe Steganotaenieae
Tribe Tordylieae
Tribe Tordylieae subtribe Tordyliinae

Subfamily Azorelloideae[edit]

Subfamily Mackinlayoideae[edit]


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