List of Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée liqueurs and spirits

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The following is a list of French liqueurs and spirits that are entitled to use the designation Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) on their label.

The majority are brandies and eaux-de-vie forming part of the Cognac and Armagnac appellations. Additional appellations cover apple-based cider, pommeau and Calvados, and the rums of Martinique.

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AOC drink Region
Armagnac brandy Armagnac
Armagnac-Tenarèze brandy Armagnac
Bas-Armagnac brandy Armagnac
Blanche Armagnac brandy Armagnac
Bois Ordinaire brandy Cognac
Bons Bois brandy Cognac
Borderies brandy Cognac
Calvados apple brandy Normandy
Calvados Pays d'Auge apple brandy Normandy
Calvados Domfrontais apple brandy Normandy
Cognac brandy Cognac
Cornouaille cider Brittany
Esprit de Cognac brandy Cognac
Fine Champagne brandy Cognac
Fins Bois brandy Cognac
Grande Champagne brandy Cognac
Haut-Armagnac brandy Armagnac
Kirsch de Fougerolle kirsch Franche-Comté
Martinique rum Martinique
Pays d'Auge cider Normandy
Petite Champagne brandy Cognac
Pineau des Charentes apéritif Charente
Pommeau de Bretagne pommeau Brittany
Pommeau de Normandie pommeau Normandy