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This is a list of characters featured in the Adult Swim animated television series Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which is also known by various alternative titles.

Main characters[edit]

Master Shake[edit]

Voiced by Dana Snyder, Master Shake (or simply Shake) is a milkshake who has a pink straw and yellow hands.[a] He is often greedy, lazy, and cruel to everyone around him. When the Aqua Teens solved crimes, Shake claimed to be the leader. His special powers are emitting charged blobs of pistachio milkshake from his straw and making any small object he throws to the ground explode, though the latter is not noticed by himself or other characters. In the mock-finale "The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It)", it is revealed that Master Shake also has a jewel, like Frylock, which is located on the bottom of his cup. He can also shoot lasers, but they are never used throughout the series.


Voiced by Carey Means, Frylock is a floating box of French fries who has laser lenses, dental braces, and a beard. He is easily the show's smartest and straightest character. He is somewhat of a father figure to Meatwad and often saves Shake and Meatwad from danger. His special powers are levitation and various eye beams, both powered by a large blue jewel on his back.


Voiced by Dave Willis, Meatwad is a large meatball with only one tooth. He is very childlike and naive. Frylock tries to be a good father figure to Meatwad, but Shake often tortures and pranks Meatwad, although in many episodes, Meatwad manipulates Shake into causing harm to himself and others. Often, Meatwad shows more intelligence than some of the characters, but for the most part remains childlike and immature. His special powers are to take any shape he desires (which, with few exceptions, are a hot dog and an igloo) and mitosis. In the mock-finale "The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It)", it is revealed that Meatwad also had a jewel, like Frylock, which was located inside him. Meatwad traded the jewel to a boy named Zachary, apparently after playing a game of marbles, for tater tots and a container of barbecue sauce. Although both Master Shake and Frylock need their jewels to survive, Meatwad appears to survive without it through the power of magic and imagination.

Carl Brutananadilewski[edit]

Voiced by Dave Willis, Carl Brutananadilewski is the quick-tempered, overweight, sarcastic, balding, mustachioed neighbor of the Aqua Teens. Carl loves pornography, sports, his car, and sex. He hates it when the Aqua Teens are in his pool or when they (especially Shake) mess with his car. Nevertheless, possibly because he doesn't appear to have any friends of his own, he'll occasionally socialize with them to an extent—particularly when they share a common goal, such as barbecuing or playing trivia games at a sports bar. Carl has no special powers.


Dr. Weird[edit]

Voiced by C. Martin Croker, Dr. Weird is a mad scientist who lives in an abandoned mental asylum on the perpetually rainy Jersey Shore that shows up at the cold openings of the first two seasons. Dr. Weird did not appear on the show again until the eighth season, but some episodes have a picture of him and Frylock in Frylock's room. The movie explains that it was Dr. Weird who created the Aqua Teens for the purpose of watching them crash into a brick wall, but this idea never became a reality. But in the end's twist, Dr. Weird was revealed to have been created by Frylock. Although, in 2010 during the "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live", series creator Dave Willis confirmed that Dr. Weird was indeed the creator of the Aqua Teens, making them brothers.[1] In an early episode, Carl mentions an old highschool classmate named Terry, who deals in the black-market organ trade. The episode later reveals Terry to be Dr. Weird (however, in a later episode, Carl claims that Terry is his cousin who works for the mafia in the black market organ trade) Dr. Weird's voice was heard in the "Last Last One Forever and Ever" episode, but he wasn't seen. Dr. Weird also has a non-speaking cameo in episode "One Hundred".


Steve, also voiced by C. Martin Croker, is Dr. Weird's assistant. Red haired, wearing a lab coat and science goggles, is normally pictured holding and staring at a test tube. Steve often becomes the victim of mishaps with Weird's experiments, many resulting in his death or some kind of negative reaction. He is clearly smarter than Dr. Weird, and he usually questions Weird's crazy actions. In the movie, it is revealed that he has a wife.

George Lowe[edit]

George Lowe is a recurring character voiced by the voice actor with the same name who is best known for providing the voice of Space Ghost on Space Ghost Coast to Coast. George made his first appearance in "Mail Order Bride" as a wedding DJ. In the majority of his appearances he appears as a cop, although in "Antenna" he appears as himself. He's also in "Gee Whiz" as a standards and practices spokesperson, in "Eggball" he appears as a pinball machine repair man named Gorge, in "Dirtfoot" he was a private detective named Bruno Sardine on a TV show, his voice is used for a gum commercial in "The Marines", and in "Juggalo" he appears as a lawyer. Lowe also makes a non-speaking cameo as himself, then later a cop in "A PE Christmas". Lowe also had a brief cameo in the movie, as his most notable role, Space Ghost. In season eight, he introduces the title for each episode.


From the left: Cybernetic Ghost, Oglethorpe, Emory, Ignignokt (bottom), and Err.

Ignignokt and Err[edit]

Ignignokt, who is voiced by Dave Willis, and Err, who is voiced by Matt Maiellaro, are two-dimensional aliens from the Moon; they are both the most popular and well-known Mooninites. Ignignokt is the taller, calmer, green leader and Err is the shorter, quick-tempered, pink sidekick. They have eyebrows that almost never move and rectangular mouths that shorten and expand when they speak. Their names are a reference to their 8-Bit exterior, as they both sound like or a least resemble the sound of old arcade sound effects. They often rob stores, spray graffiti, corrupt Meatwad, and annoy the Aqua Teens and Carl, justifying their actions by claiming that their society is highly advanced and does not need rules or manners. While they do possess "advanced" laser weaponry, it is flawed due to the bullet being very slow-moving. In the episode "Mayhem of the Mooninites", one of the bullets hit Carl in his back and it transported him to the moon, while in "Remooned", it generated sparks when it hit Carl. The Mooninites can also lock in by attaching at the top of their heads (with Ignignokt on top), upon which they can combine their four laser blasts into the "Quad Laser", although it is even slower. In this form, they can also duplicate their faces to take the appearance of a giant gun (with the real Mooninites forming the handle) and fire an incredibly large and slow bullet called the "Quad Glacier", though Err can only support the weight of their gun body for less than a minute before his legs break. In their debut episode, "Mayhem of the Mooninites", they also shown the ability to spin around while glowing and turn into the third dimension the appear invisible. In "The Last One", (which contains their only use of the Quad Glaser so far) they led the evil team "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday" in an attempt to destroy the Aqua Teens. They are the main antagonists in six episodes of the show. They also appear in the Spacecataz cold openings of season three and make an appearance in the movie. While the two appear to be foul-mouthed and violent, it is heavily implied in the episode "Moonajuana" that they simply act out childishly for attention, stemming from traumatic childhoods. LED displays of resembling these characters resulted in the 2007 Boston bomb scare.

Oglethorpe and Emory[edit]

Oglethorpe, who is voiced by Andy Merrill, and Emory, who is voiced by Mike Schatz, are two spiked aliens from Pluto. Oglethorpe is the fat, orange, dumber, leader (who resembles a slice of cheese) and Emory is the green, smarter one (who resembles a shred of lettuce); however, their Master Shake "clone", Major Shake, states the obvious fact that "they're [both] really stupid." Oglethorpe speaks with an Austrian German accent and Emory speaks like a stereotypical Southern California American. Oglethorpe often comes up with crazy, mean-spirited schemes that do not make sense and Emory usually goes along with it. They are very advanced in teleportation and cloning technology. The episode "The Last One" shows that they are enemies of the Mooninites. They are the main antagonists in three episodes of the show. They also appear in the Spacecataz cold openings of season four and they make brief appearances in the movie when they're with the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future come to Aqua Teens' house to steal the missing piece of the Insanoflex. The characters are named for two Atlanta-area colleges: Oglethorpe University and Emory University.

MC Pee Pants[edit]

Voiced by MC Chris, MC Pee Pants is a mentally insane rapper who wears a shower cap and a diaper. His various schemes begin with the release of a rap CD, which is continuously played by Meatwad, who is often his biggest fan. His schemes are unusually complicated and completely nonsensical. Inevitably, Frylock gets involved at some point, and he typically engineers the wannabe rap star's demise and return to Hell and subsequent reincarnation into a different form. In all of his forms, he is recognizable due to his voice, shower cap, large yellow and red eyes, and diaper. He was the main antagonist in three episodes and he also makes a brief appearance in "The Last One" episode and the movie. He has been a spider (posing as a child rapper), cow, worm, old man (who later becomes a vampire) and housefly.

Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future[edit]

Voiced by Matt Maiellaro, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future is a crazy robot that starts long, nonsensical stories with "thousands of years ago...". He thinks he knows everything about the past and future, but the movie revealed he just randomly strings words together to make up stories that never happened and never will. He was the main antagonist in one episode and makes a brief appearance in three others and the movie when he teams up with the Plutonians, he is shown to be attracted to Oglethorpe, much to Emory's embarrassment. The episode called "The Dressing" has a character similar to the Cybernetic Ghost called Turkatron. He appears briefly at the end of the episode "Larry Miller Hair System", speaking to an army of robots (who resemble the robots seen in the opening theme).

Dr. Wongburger[edit]

Voiced by Tommy Blacha, Dr. Wongburger is an insane alien scientist. He appears in the episodes "Dickesode", "Creature from Plaque Lagoon", and "Hands on a Hamburger". In his first appearance, he was a penis and the owner of Wong Burger, seeking out penises, including Carl's. At his restaurant, Wong Burger, Carl ripped off the bottom of his medium drink to reveal his prize when it only said "tonight you will get your dick ripped off". Wongburger states that from this purchase that Carl has automatically signed a binding contract that enables them to rip off his dick. He was last seen in that episode being sued and he tried to escape in his dick spaceship but crashed into a building that was also made of dicks. In his next appearance, he was a tooth who took the form and the credit card of the Creature from Plaque Lagoon to get lots of teeth, and in his last appearance, he was a hamburger who was being touched by people who wanted to eat him (they did not know he was alive). Every time he appears on the show he attempts to return to the home planet of his species and Frylock calls him a madman. The second time he was called a madman he said "I know that". His latest appearance was a non-speaking cameo role in "One Hundred," where he appeared as his original penile form in Hannah-Barbara-like animation.

Minor villains[edit]

From the left: Oog, the brownie monsters (back), Romulox, Randy, Happy Time Harry; (front) Bingo, the frat aliens, the "Wisdom Cube" (front), Major Shake, Ol' Drippy, The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past (From the Future), Mothmonsterman, and Rabbot (last two on far right, as portrayed in the episode "The Last One."
  • Burt Banana (David Cross), Tammy Tangerine (Kristen Schaal) and Mortimer Mango (H. Jon Benjamin) – A group of born again Christian fruit who Frylock meets on Myspace. They try to convert the Aqua Teens to Christianity but eventually fall off the wagon themselves and start drinking again.[2] They made cameos in "A PE Christmas".[3] An Aqua Teen Hunger Force spin-off series entitled Soul Quest Overdrive features characters inspired by them.
  • Chess Dragon – A chess-playing dragon (who appears to be part dragon and part machine) who was defeated by Shake's adopted son Ezekiel (thousands of years old talking cup who was thought to be Shake's son). According to both Meatwad and Frylock, nobody had ever beaten Chess Dragon. Chess Dragon is shown to be a sore loser, throwing the chessboard breathing fire and roaring before storming off. He later returned by breaking in through the roof, abducted Ezekiel and flew off with him never to be seen again.[4]
  • Cube (Jon Schnepp) – A cube who said that he was the Wisdom Cube, but was actually his cousin. He is obsessed with doing prank calls which made him friends with Master Shake.[5] In "The Last One", he ends up in hell after dying of suffocation.[6] He is also known as The Dumbasshedron.
  • Dan (Ned Hastings) – a rain gutter salesman who "won't leave till he makes a sale" and strongly resembles the Grim Reaper. Dan sold gutters to the Aqua Teens and killed Carl. Dan's only appearance occurs in "Grim Reaper Gutters".[7]
  • Drewbacca (Scott Adsit) – A Wookiee who pretended to be a werewolf. He offered to cut the Aqua Teens' lawn if they helped him blow up the moon, but he ended up annoying Frylock very much. At one point in the episode, Drewbacca turned into a werewolf (though this is later revealed to just be his Wookiee hair growing back), and killed Carl. He is later revealed to be a shaved Wookiee (and a fan of Star Trek) who plays in a Star Trek tribute band (which was revealed by Frylock). Drewbacca's only appearance on the show was "2-And-A-Half Star Wars Out of Five".[8]
  • D.P. and Skeeter (aka Frat Aliens) (Patton Oswalt) – Two aliens who have blue-green skin and often seem intoxicated. D.P. keeps mentioning that his father owns an automobile dealership. In the episode "Frat Aliens", where they are first introduced, D.P. admits he does not know his given name.[9] He has claimed that D.P. stands for "Donkey Puncher". They also appeared in the episode "The Last One", where they are both killed and devoured by a female alien;[6] however, they are featured in the 2007 video game Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am.[10]
  • Freedom Cobra (Lance Reddick) – A living tattoo of a cobra, Shake got to pick up chicks. It was the tattoo artist's cheapest tattoo and had to be "installed" during a lightning storm. It gives its wearer an appetite for human flesh. At first Shake managed to convince him to start off with Meatwad's dog Bobby (which was originally Shake's dog before it started attack him in response to his abuse), but later ending up eating Carl, after Freedom Cobra suggested they eat Meatwad (who Shake didn't want to eat out of fear of getting into trouble). Shake later told Frylock and Meatwad the truth after Frylock discovered Carl's hand. They took Shake to the doctor to get the tattoo surgically removed, but Freedom Cobra forced the doctor to cut off his hands so he and Shake could eat them. He also had the doctor give Shake plastic surgery apparently so no one can tell Shake's sad, after he's done eating them. It appears in the episode "Freedom Cobra".[11]
  • Gorgatron – A giant Mooninite who Ignignokt and Err use as a villain in their video game to seek the "moon master" for protection from him. Only seen in "Moon Master".[12]
  • Handbanana (Dave Willis) – A yellow dog Frylock made for Meatwad using a software called Make Your Own Dog 1.0. Although nice and friendly to everyone else he "mindlinks" with Carl and rapes him repeatedly throughout the episode. Handbanana was made from radioactive waste and Shake's hand and has a close resemblance to a banana, hence how he got his name. He has a non-speaking cameo in "One Hundred". He also appears in the Aqua Unit Patrol Squad-1 intro, as a leather jacket wearing thug fighting with Frylock.[13]
  • Happy Time Harry (David Cross) – A mean, cynical and depressed doll Frylock bought him for Meatwad due to his low price, only $3.99. His bad attitude affects all the Aqua Teens especially Meatwad who after trying to play with him, adopts his cynical demeanor. Happy Time Harry suffers from alcoholism, cirrhosis, and a pill addiction. He is also suicidal, and when threatened by Master Shake and Frylock, begs them to put him out of his misery. He has a receding hairline and wears only a pair of boxers and little red dancing shoes. He has a retractable knife in place of his missing hand, which he claims his father gave him. He was thrown of a cliff by Master Shake at the end of "Dumber Dolls"[14] but was later killed by Frylock in "The Last One".[6]
  • Hoppy Bunny (Scott Adsit) – A furry who wears a large pink bunny head with a crown on it. When Carl's new recorder started taking control of him, Hoppy Bunny ordered Carl to put on an elfish garb and play the recorder for the amusement of him and his fellow furries. In his day job, he's a surgeon.[15]
  • Inflatable Hitler (Bill Hader) – Adolf Hitler in the form of a balloon, the result of an attempt to smuggle his Nazi Memorabilia in a balloon placed in his rectum, the balloon's pop killing him and fusing his soul into it. Frylock worked for him for a brief time, somewhat unaware of his identity, until he found out that Hitler planned to get rid of Jews with an army Ayran Ballons (armed with the biological weapon Frylock designed to target Jews that he was having Frylock develop). Frylock and Master Shake try to pass off ballons filled with Shake's farts as the bio-weapon Frylock developed, but Hitler discovers their deception (having converted Meatwad to the Jewish faith in order to test the weapon out on him) and unleases his balloon army on them, however Frylock defeats them easily by popping them with the sharp end of his fry. Hitler then tells his origin story before the Aqua Teens manage to convince him to stop hating the Jews when he found out Adam Sandler (along several celebrities he liked) is a Jew, causing him to accept the Jews, even hugging Jewish Meatwad. However, he is popped and killed by Frylock when he redirects his hatred from the Jews to gay people. His only appearance on the show was in "Der Inflatable Fuhrer".[16]
  • Insane-O-Flex – A transforming exercise machine created by Walter Melon. In the feature film, Carl sits in it when it is still in the form of a normal exercise machine. After Carl sits down, the machine transforms into a monster that straps Carl to it, and forces him to do an innumerable amount of reps, leaving Carl with a gigantic, chiseled body. The Insane-o-flex creates havoc throughout the whole town. However its one weakness is horrible music through which it cannot "feel" rhythm. Master Shake destroys the Insane-o-flex by playing a horribly mediocre song called "Nude Love" from his new album. The Insane-o-flex is probably a girl, because it lays eggs. First appeared in the movie.
  • Love Mummy (Tom Clarke) – A mummy who demands expensive goods and threatens the Aqua Teens with a curse if they fail to comply. Eventually, Frylock discovers that the "curse" is simply a tactic to manipulate the Aqua Teens to do his bidding, and simply throws him out with the garbage.[17] The Love Mummy also appears as a "piece of junk" in later episodes. His crown hat turns the lower half of anyone who wears it into a snake tail, as it did to Carl.
  • Marcula (Matt Maiellaro) – the landlord of the Aqua Teens and Carl. He is a vampire. In the first couple of episodes of season five, Marcula had demons kidnap the Aqua Teens, because he refused to fix a gas leak, so they refused to pay for October's rent. In those episodes Carl received new neighbors that irritated Carl and, in the same breath, overjoyed Marcula. Marcula also has the power to mutate living things by biting them. Marcula was eventually killed by Carl with a bottle of garlic champagne in the episode "Couples Skate" exclaiming "Open wide, jackass!". He was 4040 years old. In the very next episode (Reedickyoulus), Frylock said "Finally, I keep telling and telling our landlord" even though Marcula was dead at the time. Somehow Marcula survived, because he shows up in a season 8 episode in which he and a bunch of bats have a virus that affects Carl, but not Shake.
  • Merle (Andy Merrill) and Flargon (Scott Hilley) – Two leprechauns (plus one more named Dingle) who trick people by sending spam emails to go to the park and stay in the rainbow, but in reality, they steal their valuables. They use a rainbow machine which they stole from Dr. Weird. The leader is dim-witted, while his partner is slightly more intelligent. The gender of the extra one is unknown and all he says are "Feet" and "No Feet".[18] They were killed trying to reach the Moon in "The Last One" in an accident that also destroys the trees.[6]
  • Mothmonsterman (H. Jon Benjamin) – A moth created by Dr. Weird. He is infatuated with Master Shake's signal, and stalked the Aqua Teens with the hope that Master Shake would switch the signal back on.[19] He looks like a giant moth. He wears brown pants and black shoes. He also appeared in "The Last One".[6]
  • One Hundred (Robert Smigel) – Only appeared in the 100th episode special, "One Hundred", is a giant, mutant yellow 100, that destroyed the Aqua Teens house and thus following them into the old Scooby-Doo cartoon parody threatening to rape Shake's girlfriend.[20]
  • The POD (Bill Hader) – A live pod. He kept trying to replicate Shake, but Frylock stopped him every time. He's a big fan of Chickenfoot. In the end the POD replicated Carl and Chickenfoot.[21] His only appearance on the show was "IAMAPOD".
  • Randy the Astonishing (Dave Willis) – A yellow creature that is the prince of Jupiter. Shake sold Meatwad to Randy's circus which becomes a flop when Shake does his act.[22] He later shows up in "The Last One" getting controlled by a spore, and getting a wig from a clown head.[6]
  • Romulox (Todd Barry) – A hipster that Shake accused of stealing his PDA, which actually belonged to Romulox.[23] He appears in the episodes "PDA" and "The Last One".[6]
  • Rubberman (Don Kennedy) – (also known as Lance Potter or Lance: the Duck made from Used Condoms) Appearing in the episode "Rubberman," Frylock created him out of the used condoms and needles left outside Carl's house by crackwhores, and intended to use him as a duck-shaped mascot to promote safe sex. Instead, Meatwad uses Carl's lamp to bring him to life á la Frosty the Snowman, at which point they go on a crime spree. Eventually he was killed by Frylock with a flamethrower.[24]
  • Rudy – A giant baby who is worshiped as a god by the Flightless Birds of Death Island. He is encountered by the Aqua Teens (in episode 90: Eggball) when they embark on an expedition to acquire more metallic eggs to use as balls for Master Shake's custom built pinball machine. He later goes on a rampage and destroys his entire island, causing the Flightless Birds to speculate that he may be developmentally disabled.
  • The Trees – Talking trees that tried to prove that Shake and Carl were guilty for dumping waste into the forest.[25] The Tree Judge is voiced by Dave Willis, while the Stenographer is voiced by Matt Maiellaro and the others are voiced by Jay Edwards, Jim Fortier, Ned Hastings, Nick Ingkatanuwat, and Vishal Roney, while their Court-Appointed Shrub Lawyer assigned to the Aqua Teens is voiced by Dana Snyder. They were set on fire in "The Last One".[6]
  • Turkatron (Matt Maiellaro) – A robotic turkey who was under the impression that he was actually the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past From the Future, but he's actually a malfunctioning toy turkey, and there are hundreds of him. He also likes to start stories with "In the year of 9595....".[26]
  • Walter Melon (Chris Kattan) – The father of the Aqua Teens. He wanted to use their saved income to build an exercise gym. He knew his plan would fail when he found out that they all live in the same house, which they rent. He is the creator of the Insane-o-flex and he produced three best-selling exercise videos which caused him to lose his job. First appeared in the movie. Not to be confused with the titular main character from the short-lived animated series of the same name that ran on the ABC Family Channel (now Freeform).
  • Wayne "The Brain" McClain (Seth MacFarlane) – A super smart alien that likes to play trivia with the Aqua Teens. He always wins the games. He admits he does it all to be cool and prove he is better. He wears grass on his head to cover his huge brain.[27]
  • Willie Nelson (Tom Scharpling) – An onion with spider legs who lives in the Aqua Teens attic. At first Shake thought he was not scary so he tried to teach Willie to be scarier, until he learned that Willie kills people. He first appeared in "The Shaving".[28] He also appears in "One Hundred"[20] and in Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters when the roof is torn off by the Insane-O-Flex. Willie was named after the real-life country musician.
  • The Voice (Isaac Hayes III) – A deep, menacing voice that tries to make people eat the "Broodwich", an evil sandwich that is made of only the most evil ingredients. The Voice threatens anyone of their doom should they finish eating the Broodwich.[29] Later appeared in "The Last One".[6]
  • '"Dr. Zord'" (John DiMaggio) - An evil rabbit that switched bodies with (Master Shake) after both of them peeing in a wishing well as they stared at each other in the eyes. (Dr. Zord) was originally a rabbit (Meatwad) wanted. But (Frylock) wouldn't let him. So (Master Shake) decides to get it for him. But then (Dr. Zord) knocked out (Master Shake) and then they switched bodies. (Dr. Zord) died of a spider bite in (Master Shake's) body. (Meatwad) later died in a hamster body because a snake ate him.


  • Andrew W.K. (Andrew W.K.) – In the episode "Party all the Time" he makes a brief appearance when Frylock comes home from the hospital diagnosed with cancer. Upon entering the door from his chemotherapy he is surprised by Shake, Carl and Meatwad and that they have thrown a surprise welcome-home party. All of sudden Andrew W.K. comes out of nowhere, kicks Frylock in the face, and starts rockin' out to his song "Party, Party, Party". They follow Frylock to his room where he slams the door on them. When Shake asks if Andrew has any other songs about partying, they barge into his room and sing the same song. Frylock quickly kicks them out saying he needs lots of rest from his chemo.
  • Axe Body Spray (Ned Hastings) – A giant, talking can of Axe deodorant. Only seen briefly near the end of "Boost Mobile", and guest starred in the credits for that episode.
  • (Dave Willis) – A crazy witch doctor. He was hired by Frylock to bring Shake back to life, but he is better at doing that with chickens. He is very ineffective and plays jokes on the Aqua Teens. Eventually, Frylock kills him and resurrects "Ultra-mega Chicken".
  • Bobby the Dog – A dog Shake bought in "Freedom Cobra" to impress the ladies but ended up abusing, causing it to become vicious and attack Shake at every opportunity. It was eventually ended up in Meatwad's care (due to Shake's fear of it), who gave the dog the name, Bobby (Meatwad likely kept it due to his love of animals and because Shake was afraid of it. Shake (under the influence of the Freedom Cobra tattoo) later ate Bobby (which Shake suggested to Freedom Cobra as non-human alternative) to satisfy his tattoo's hunger for meat (and likely as a way for Shake to get rid of the dog). Bobby is the latest of Meatwad's (and/or the Aqua Teens') pets to be killed by Shake.
  • Boost Mobile (Killer Mike) – A cell phone that Shake claims is his cousin and his friend. The Aqua Teens kill him by traveling underground outside his call area causing him to die and burn to death from overheating. However, Boost Mobile executive Josh sends Shake two more phones, which Frylock kills by trapping them in a hole in their & Carl's yards (on the property line) under a large rock. Later on, several phones (armed with transporters and downloadable switchblades) come and take revenge on Master Shake by removing his testicles, under the orders of Josh.
  • Boxy Brown (Dave Willis) – a cardboard box with a face and afro drawn on him. Meatwad thinks Boxy Brown can talk to him, but he's actually talking to himself. Meatwad also imagines that Boxy Brown has a manly personality, and can get girls easily. In the episode, "Shake Like Me" Boxy Brown is shown to communicate with both Frylock and Master Shake. Boxy is revealed to be very proud of his black heritage. During the episode, he helps Master Shake (who had become black after getting bitten by a radioactive black man) connect to his new black persona, but he is foiled by Frylock. In "Time Machine", Meatwad refers to Boxy as his cousin by marriage. The name Boxy Brown is likely a nod to the title character of the 1974 film Foxy Brown.
  • Burrito (Tina Fey) – A busty female Burrito who claims to be the mother of the Aqua Teens and the assumed wife of Walter. She makes only a very brief appearance in the movie, toward the end. Meatwad gives her a hug while Shake (apparently disturbed by this information) jumps out the window.
  • Carl Brain (Dave Willis) and Carl Brain Jr. (Jim Fortier) – Evil father and son brains that run a car wash ("Carl Wash") as a way of tricking people into getting their brain stolen. Meatwad danced in front of their place to help bring customers. The Brains first appeared in "Chambraigne", an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
  • Carl's mom/Ms. Brutananadilewski – Carl's elderly mother who lives at a VA Hospital. She occasionally listens to him brag about money during which he proudly announces how his car, "2Wycked" will "rake in the poontang". At other times, his mother asks him for very small amounts of money such as $10 for food, which Carl immediately dismisses. Her memory may be impaired but one gets the sense that gross general apathy is the cause of her not remembering Carl at times and she needs to be reminded by him that he is her son and further that he is the "one with the mustache". She was originally an off-screen character (Carl would talk to her over the phone) until the season 8 episode "Wi-Tri". It is revealed that she is obese woman confined to a bed. Her roommate is a demon elder that Meatwad and Shake apparently serve.
  • Chicken Bittle (Bruce Campbell) – The fourth Aqua Teen and a chicken nugget shaped as a chicken. He attempted to carry out Dr. Weird's maniacal and insane plan of having all four Aqua Teens fly a plane into a brick wall, but Frylock took control of the plane and flew it to Africa. Upon all four of the Aqua Teens parachuting out of the plane, Chicken Bittle was eaten by a lion. First appeared in the movie.
  • CIA Agents (H. Jon Benjamin) and (Jon Glaser) – Two agents for the CIA who shoot Time Lincoln. The agent (T.J.) that Jon Glaser voices thinks that every enemy they come across is invisible, but the agent Jon Benjamin voices said "I don't know where you get your ideas T.J.". First appeared in the movie.
  • Cliff (Vishal Roney) – A roofer and Ignignokt's mentally disturbed uncle who fought in the "Lunar war". Only appeared in "Remooned".
  • Computer repair woman (Natasha Leggero) – A computer repair woman, and was stalked by Frylock, who turned out to be a C.H.U.D.-like alien, who has sex with animals. Only appeared in "Fry Legs".
  • Dana Snyder (Dana Snyder) – Voice actor, who provides the voice of Master Shake. He only appeared in "One Hundred", and attempted to put Aqua Teen Hunger Force in syndication. Dana Snyder appeared in a cameo character in the episode Monster as a limo driver.
  • Dante – The enforcer of the local mafia outfit and associate of Carl's cousin, Terry. He has appeared in "She Creature" and "Bookie".
  • Denese – Carl's unseen fat second cousin who gave a handjob to Meat Loaf and apparently also the bassist backstage. Carl likes to berate her over the phone. Never seen, but mentioned in "Kangarilla and the Magic Tarantula".
  • Dirtfoot – A monster who consists of one giant unwashed foot, messy fur/hair, crooked and missing teeth, and one large eyeball. He was Shake's roommate in the old abandoned well. While he and Shake were watching a program about urban legends, in which there is a segment about Dirtfoot, he is revealed to be gay. Shake purposely gets his hand stuck in the mailbox in an attempt to gain media and female attention,but Dirtfoot comes out of the well to save Shake, and the paparazzi snap photos of them together. Only appears in "Dirtfoot".
  • Unnamed Doctor – (Eugene Mirman) A doctor who first appeared in the episode "Party All the Time" treating Frylock's cancer. He later appears in "Allen", as an abortion doctor who removes all the eggs implanted in Master Shake by the facehugger while he was in a cryogenic chamber. He is later killed by Allen's lightning. However, in typical Aqua Teen fashion he later appears alive in the episode "Freedom Cobra", where he is paid $1,200 cash to remove Shake's Freedom Cobra tattoo. However he reveals that his lasers were no match for Freedom Cobra, who convinces the doctor to cut off his own hands so Shake (and Freedom Cobra) can eat them and has him give cosmetic surgery to Master Shake. He is shown to be unfazed by both the removal of his hands and seems unaffected by the blood gushing from where his hands used to be. He has also appeared in the episode "Lasagna" to treat Carl after he was pushed off his roof and broke every single bone in his body.
  • Don Shake (H. Jon Benjamin) – A struggling writer who is Master Shake's human counterpart in the live action ATHF episode "Last Last One Forever and Ever". He gets writing advice from Frylock's talking Exercise Ball, who ghostwrites a script for him. He later revises the script to include "breasts and lesbians" (prompting an angry outburst from the Exercise Ball) after going to Carl for additional advice.
  • Dusty Gozongas (Scott Thompson) – A stereotypical bimbo who works for the city and at a strip club Carl goes to. Both Carl and Master Shake competed for her attention. She is eventually abducted by alien Wrenches who trick her into a doing a pole dance which is broadcast to their fellow Wrenches back home. She only appears in the episode, "Dusty Gozongas".
  • Exercise Ball (Dave Willis) – Meatwad's counterpart in the live action ATHF episode "Last Last One Forever and Ever". He offers writing advice to Don Shake (Master Shake's human counterpart) and ghostwrites a script for him, but the script is mostly plagiarized from SpongeBob SquarePants. Later in the episode he tries to convince Don Shake to murder Frylock.
  • Gene E. (Matt Maiellaro) – A small, green genie who lives in a bottle that the Aqua Teens found in a garbage dump. He granted them some wishes, but instead of doing the wishes, he just turned them invisible.
  • Ghost (Brooks Braselman) – A ghost who unsuccessfully attempted to terrorize Master Shake and Frylock in "Kangarilla and the Magic Tarantula". He and his ghosts were eventually killed (repeatedly only to have it revive as the ghost of the origin ghost) by the signals from Carl's cell phone.
  • Glenn Danzig (Glenn Danzig) – The founder and lead singer of Danzig and former lead singer of the Misfits who purchases Carl's house for $1,000,000 on the grounds that it is haunted in "Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past From the Future".
  • Jesus Ezekiel Jesus (Patton Oswalt) – A cute little cup that looks like a miniature version of Shake. The Aqua Teens thought he was Shake's son, but it turns out that Ezekiel is thousands of years old. He talks very fast, and seems to be very childish. He was abducted by Chess Dragon after Ezekiel beat him at a game of chess (Shake was shown to be extremely proud of Ezekiel for accomplishing this). Following this Ezekiel appears in a framed photo with Shake at the tennis court (apparently taken during the time he lived with the Aqua Teens) can be seen in the background of various episodes.
  • Jiggle Billy (Dave Willis) – A Hillbilly doll that Meatwad wanted but was $149.95. He is a doll who likes to jiggle equipped with night vision goggles. He shot his head off in an attempt to commit suicide. He was still alive but real depressed. He made a cameo appearance in the episode The Dressing. He also appears in The Last One on the Plutonians' ship with his head still disconnected from his body.
  • Larry Miller (Larry Miller) – A stand-up comedian. He tried to get Carl to buy the Larry Miller Hair System for Men by showing Carl what his life would be like with a full head of hair. Then Larry left to gamble, while Carl ruined the hair Carl's life. Larry later returned to give Carl the hair system. He appeared in "Larry Miller Hair System".
  • Linda (Matt Harrigan) – A disguise used by Dr. Weird to trick Carl into dating him. She is ridiculously muscular and wears only a pink bikini and heels. She perpetually does bodybuilder flexing poses while grunting. Carl meets her while she's waiting in line for the roller coaster. However, when she and Carl are about to have sex, she rips off her skin, revealing that she is actually Dr. Weird, who only tricked Carl in order to take his giant muscles which he gained from being trapped on the Insane-o-flex. First appeared in the movie.
  • Major Shake (Matt Harrigan) – A creation of Emory and Oglethorpe. They wanted him to look exactly like Master Shake, but they failed, as he has a generally melted appearance and has a radio embedded in his back. He calls himself a total and complete failure due to his deformation and gives away that the aliens are complete idiots to Frylock, helping him escape. He ends up being quite a nice guy, even though his mission was to "de-terraform" the Earth.
  • Napkin Lad – A creature made of napkins who is featured in the episode Last Dance for Napkin Lad. Has a past with both the Aqua Teens and Carl in their global spy ring, but is killed when Carl shoots him in the head.
  • Neil Peart (Neil Peart) – The small human accomplice of Walter. After Master Shake kills Meatwad with a shotgun, Neil brings him back to life by performing his "Drum Solo of Life" upon Walter's demand. He tries to bring Steve back to life, but Dr. Weird said "that's okay". First appeared in the movie.
  • Ol' Drippy (Todd Field) – A mold monster created out of Master Shake's mess. He is a very kind and gentle guy who becomes very good friends with Meatwad. Shake is very mean to him, which includes causing Drippy to get run over by a semi-trailer truck and eating him. He also appeared in "The Last One".
  • Oog (Jon Glaser) – A cave man from the past who becomes very intelligent and is able to live for millions of years via Frylock's super computer the OoGhiJ MIQtxxXA (Klingon for "super galactic intelligence"). Although he has new found intelligence, he still exhibits strong caveman like behavior such as his fear of fire (even though he loves cigarettes). He also wants games with 'action missiles' and loves shiny things such as keys. Oog first appears on the episode "Super Computer" with the line "Hello... Me Oog" and then later on the episode entitled "The Last One".
  • Paul – A demon behemoth and one of Markula's tenants. In "Couples Skate", he becomes Carl's neighbor, gutting the Aqua Teen's house in the process. Later in the episode, he crushes Carl with his tentacles.
  • Pawn Shop Owner (Scott Fry) – A pawnbroker who first appeared in "Hoppy Bunny", blew up the moon in "2-And-a-Half-Star Wars Out Of Five", and made a cameo in "A PE Christmas".
  • Rabbot – A robot rabbit that was created by Dr. Weird. The only things he can say are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 and the days of the week. He likes to dance. In the show's first episode he escaped from Dr. Weird to get perfume which gave him the power to turn things into hair. He returned in The Last One to join the Mooninites' group. He showed up again in "Rabbot Redux" to destroy the Aqua Teens' house. His outline is in the background of Dr. Weird's loft in the film, as well as various episodes of the series.
  • Randall – Dr. Weird's roommate. In the episode "Super Birthday Snake" Dr. Weird splices the helixes of his DNA with that of a fried porkchop. Randall makes a cameo appearance in the season eight episode "Allen".[30]
  • Ray (Matt Walsh) – The computer repair woman's boyfriend, who was killed by Frylock during a fight. Only appeared in "Fry Legs".
  • Satan (Matt Maiellaro) – The devil who tortures MC Pee Pants. In the movie it is revealed he has become a big fan of MC Pee Pants song "I Want Candy".
  • Schoolly D (Schoolly D) – The show's narrator for the first season and does occasional narration for others. He was an off screen character, until the episode "Rabbot Redux" where he makes a brief appearance to sing the new theme song. Schoolly D also sang the original theme song prior to the show's title change.
  • Spaghetti (Dave Willis) – Spaghetti is a dog that Carl created by using the "weird hairs" that grow on the bottom of his foot (which Spaghetti also has) and the same software that created Hand Banana. Carl names him The Enforcer,but the dog insists his name be 'Spaghetti'. Because Handbanana repeatedly raped Carl, he tries to command Spaghetti to rape Handbanana. The attempt failed as Spaghetti found Hand Banana "unattractive" and decided, instead, to also rape Carl.
  • Squirrly – Meatwad's pet squirrel who was accidentally killed when hugged by a statically charged Meatwad. He later appears as a "piece of junk" or as one of Meatwad's toys. Jeffy – a regular garden hose (one of Meatwad imaginary playmates). Vanessa – a granny smith apple with a mustache. Dewey – a paper towel roll. Four of Meatwad's dolls.
  • Svetlana (Rita McGrath) – A mail-order bride from Chechnya who was very briefly married to Master Shake and Carl at the same time. She was horrified by both and made an escape immediately after the wedding vows were read. Appears in "Mail-Order Bride" and makes a cameo as a random woman in "Freedom Cobra" (being called a lesbian by Shake).
  • Tabitha (Amber Nash) – Shake's girlfriend who appears briefly in "One Hundred". She is a parody of Daphne and Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo. She uses Velma's catchphrase "Jinkies". After unmasking One Hundred, he knocks her down angry and confused as to why she is there. After Shake explains they are changing the show to Aqua Unit Patrol Squad, One Hundred ask if he can take Tabitha into the woods, rape her and behead her (possibly not even in that order). Shake says he probably shouldn't as she came with the van (a Mystery Machine-like version of the Danger Cart). However One Hundred ignores him picks up Tabitha and takes her into the wood to possibly behead her and then rape her headless body (as he suggested earlier).
  • Terry (Vincent Pastore) – Carl's cousin who works for the local mafia. He started as an off-screen character who was Carl's friend in the episodes "Dumber Days" and "Super Model" and he was seen in the episodes "Laser Lenses", "She Creature", and "Bookie". In the episode "Bookie", he is shown working the window of an illegal sportsbook. He appears in the capacity of a back alley surgeon in most of the episodes in which he is featured, building Master Shake a new face out of hot rod parts in "Super Model", performing eye surgery out of a van in "Laser Lenses" and supplying the Aqua Teens with stolen human organs in "Dumber Days".
  • Time Lincoln (Fred Armisen) – Based on former United States president, Abraham Lincoln, Time Lincoln is a witch doctor who made a bet with Master Shake on whether he could bring Frylock back to life or not. They never find out, because the CIA agents ruined it. The Aqua Teens escape in a rocket ship, and Lincoln was killed by the agents which made black people rule the world in the future. He has the power of teleportation. His first physical appearance and role in the movie is based upon his appearance in the shows end credits. He is briefly mentioned in the episode, "Time Machine".
  • Tree Wizard (Matt Maiellaro) – A deranged homeless man featured in several episodes. He gets hurt in several episodes.
  • Wisdom Cube (Brian Posehn) - The real Wisdom Cube who is cousins with another cube claiming to be the genuine article.[5]
  • Wwwyzzerd (Todd Hansen) – A cyber-deity who floods the Aqua Teen's house with real life pop-up ads in the episode "Interfection".

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