List of arachnids of the Indiana Dunes

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The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is a National Park Service unit on the shore of Lake Michigan in Indiana, United States. A BioBlitz took place there on May 15 and 16, 2009.[1] During that time, a list of organisms was compiled which included a preliminary listing of the arachnids of the area.[2]

List of arachnid species[edit]


  1. Ixodes dammini - deer tick

Spiders: Araneae

  1. Dysdera crocata - woodlouse spider
  2. Leiobunum vittatum - harvestman
  3. Pardosa - wolf spider
  4. Pholcidae - granddaddy long-legs spider, daddy long-legs spider, daddy long-legger, cellar spider, vibrating spider, or house spider
  5. Pisauridae - nursery web spider
  6. Salticidae - jumping spider
  7. Sparassidae - huntsman spider or giant crab spider
  8. Tetragnathidae - long-jawed orb weaver
  9. Theridiidae - tangle web spider