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This is a list of characters from the BBC sitcom Are You Being Served? that ran from 1972 until 1985. After the series ended, there was a spin-off series called Grace and Favour, from 1992 until 1993 with many of the original actors reprising their roles. An Australian version was also produced. John Inman was the only actor to appear in all three series.



Character Actor Are You Being Served? Grace & Favour
Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Series 4 Film Series 5 Series 6 Series 7 Series 8 Series 9 Series 10 Series 1 Series 2
Mrs Slocombe Mollie Sugden Main
Captain Peacock Frank Thornton Main
Mr Humphries John Inman Main
Miss Brahms Wendy Richard Main
Mr Rumbold Nicholas Smith Main
Mr Grainger Arthur Brough Main
Mr Lucas Trevor Bannister Main
Young Mr Grace Harold Bennett Recurring Main
Mr Mash Larry Martyn Recurring Main
Mr Harman Arthur English Main
Miss Bakewell Penny Irving Recurring Recurring Main
Mr. Grace's Nurse Vivienne Johnson Main
Mr Tebbs James Hayter Main
Mr Goldberg Alfie Bass Main
Mr Grossman Milo Sperber Recurring
Mr Klein Benny Lee Recurring
Mr Spooner Mike Berry Main
Old Mr Grace Kenneth Waller Main
Miss Belfridge Candy Davis Main

Of the cast throughout the duration of the series and its sequel, all are deceased with the exception of Mike Berry, Penny Irving, Doremy Vernon, Vivienne Johnson and Candy Davis.


This section contains information on the characters who worked in the Menswear department of Grace Brothers.

Mr Humphries (John Inman) (also appeared in Grace and Favour and Are You Being Served? Australian edition)[edit]

Mr Wilberforce Claybourne Humphries (John Inman), sales assistant, later senior assistant in menswear. Mr Humphries' colleagues and 'best friends' (although he denied this) were Mr Lucas and Mr Spooner. His ambiguous sexuality was used as a catalyst for many comedic situations and one-liners. Mr Humphries was particularly noted for his mincing walk and his slightly high-pitched voice, which he discarded when answering the phone: "MENSWEAR", he intoned in a falsified baritone. He had one of the most famous catchphrases of the era: when asked by a colleague, " Mr Humphries, are you free?" (to serve a customer), he always gave the exaggerated response, "I'm free!" in a very high pitched voice. As the series progressed he often arrived late at work in increasingly outrageous attire including punk rocker clothing and hair, motorcycle leather jacket and chaps, and a sailor uniform, always with an equally outrageous account of his previous night's activities and his efforts to make it to work on time nonetheless. On one occasion, Mr Lucas opined to him after a description of the previous evening: "It's all go at your place!" Mr Humphries frequently spoke of a companion or companions referred to only as "my friend", often in a situation that pertained in some way to the subject under discussion. Everyone always assumed that the friends that he mentioned were men and would sometimes ask about them, and Mr Humphries would answer back, "What makes you think it's a 'he'?!", often in a voice lowered by an octave. He was born in 1938/39, so throughout the show, his age was 33/34 - 46/47. He is often described as the most loveable character in the show, and was shown to be the most popular member of the floor in 'Shedding the Load' when he was the only member of staff not to receive a vote to be sacked. In "Heir Apparent", Old Mr Grace believes that Mr Humphries was his son and all the staff are spoiling him.

Mr Lucas (Trevor Bannister) (series 1–7)[edit]

Mr James/Dick Lucas (Trevor Bannister) was the 'Jack the lad' junior menswear assistant, who was nearly always late for work but always had a creative excuse. He was not very concerned about the departmental pecking order, and made many sarcastic remarks, usually towards Mrs Slocombe. In the early series he had a relationship with Miss Brahms, as mentioned in 'Big Brother', however by later episodes she seems to have developed an antipathy towards him. Mr Lucas once called himself the 'best friend' of Mr Humphries, who was quick to deny it. His departure is never explained, although Captain Peacock remarked in the episode "Sit Out" after Mr Lucas left, on a day in which the departments had achieved no sales, that the last time the departments had no sales, "we fired the junior." Mr Lucas was thus made redundant, or terminated at will. (In real life, Trevor Bannister had already accepted a part in a tour for Middle Age Spread so he was unable to continue the role of Mr Lucas.[1]) In the series Mr Lucas represents fresh, modern thinking contrasted with the stale, old-fashioned thinking that permeates Grace Brothers. In a series 5 episode, Mr Grace decides to Americanise the store, and the staff must call each other by their first names; Mr Lucas embarrassingly reveals to his co-workers that his first name is Dick, much to the delight of Mr Humphries. In "Shedding The Load" he signs a letter as Dick Lucas. But in the series 2 episode "The Clock", Mr Mash addresses him as Mr James Lucas. Despite being the department junior, Bannister was, in fact, one year older than Inman.

Mr Grainger (Arthur Brough) (series 1–5)[edit]

Mr Ernest Grainger (Arthur Brough) was the original senior of the menswear department; he had been with Grace Brothers for over four decades. He resented being forced to share the floor with the Ladies Department. He vaguely resembled Winston Churchill, in both appearance and demeanour, and had done impressions of him during the war while in ENSA. Mr Grainger often fell asleep at work, and failed to wake up when called, unless Mr Humphries asked him "Mr Grainger! Are you free?" When flabbergasted or grumpy, Mr Humphries would often come to his aid and call: "Glass of water for Mr Grainger!" Little is known about his personal life, except his marriage, an illegitimate child from the 1950s with "a girl from haberdashery" and a sister.

Unlike his successors, Mr Tebbs and Mr Goldberg, who only lasted one series, and Mr Grossman and Mr Klein, who only lasted four episodes, Mr Grainger lasted five series and was thus the longest-serving menswear senior. Like Mr Rumbold, he was bald. He was 65 in 1974, so was born in 1909.

Although he generally got along well with the others, Mr Grainger was sometimes cranky and bad-tempered and would protest and become resentful whenever the menswear department had to share valuable space with the ladies, or when Captain Peacock would nonchalantly mention a perk he had earned despite having served less time at the store than Mr Grainger (such as a visit to the company boardroom). Once he had the opportunity to fill in for Mr Rumbold who was away for a one-month conference (this was a nice gesture, as it entitled Mr Grainger to a slightly bigger pension) but the position went to his head: he took advantage of all Mr. Rumbold's perks (in particular the liquor cabinet and cigars), but imposed strict discipline on the rest of the staff: he threatened to make an adverse entry in Peacock's personnel record and he actually sacked Mrs Slocombe (however, he did repent his ways by the end of the episode). His character left when Arthur Brough died on 28 May 1978, while the sixth series was in pre-production. He was being written into the scripts at this time.

Mr Tebbs (James Hayter) (series 6)[edit]

Mr Percival Tebbs (James Hayter) was Mr Grainger's first replacement as menswear senior, following the death of Arthur Brough (1978) who played Grainger. He shared many traits with his predecessor, but unlike the somewhat sloppy Mr Grainger, he was obsessed with order and propriety and considered himself an excellent salesman. He was also an overachiever and received a number of recognitions from Grace Brothers for his contributions. Although he was generally as rigid and somewhat stuffy as Mr Grainger, he did have a sense of humour about him, and particularly enjoyed, like Mr Lucas, insulting Mrs Slocombe, whom he considered to be a "crabby old cow". After only one year in the show, Mr Tebbs retired from Grace Brothers; Mr Tebbs' departure was the only one addressed by the series (as his retirement party at Grace Brothers is shown).

Mr Goldberg (Alfie Bass) (series 7)[edit]

Mr Goldberg (Alfie Bass) replaced Mr Tebbs as menswear senior; he originally took on the junior position, while Mr Humphries and Mr Lucas were respectively promoted to Senior Assistants. However, Mr Goldberg had all of his friends' purchase goods from him the very next day after he was hired. As a result, he was quickly promoted to menswear senior, and Mr Humphries and Mr Lucas returned to their former positions. Goldberg often tried to supplement his wages, for example by establishing his own recruitment agency (and recruiting Grace Brothers' employees away to better-paying jobs). At his job interview, he revealed that he had spent time in the Army with Captain Peacock, to the shock and amusement of all except Captain Peacock. A slick businessman, Mr Goldberg allegedly burned down his own store for insurance purposes. In order to remain at Grace Brothers he blackmailed Captain Peacock with a picture of them in the army which showed Peacock in a corporal's uniform. Mr Goldberg was much more relaxed than his predecessors and was, in general, a friendly presence.

Mr Spooner (Mike Berry) (series 8–10)[edit]

Mr Bert Spooner (Mike Berry) (born 1942, aged 38–43), Mr Lucas's replacement, was similar to him in many ways: He was friends with Mr Humphries, he was sarcastic and lazy, but generally a lot less witty and charming. He made rude remarks, most frequently towards Mrs Slocombe (often being made to change tables in the canteen for this), didn't get on with Captain Peacock and had a hinted affair with Miss Brahms. In the final episode, he was demoted to lift operator but was quickly reinstated when he became a pop star.

Mr Grossman (Milo Sperber) (series 8)[edit]

Mr Grossman (Milo Sperber) joined the clothing department after Young Mr Grace suggested having a small section of the men's and lady's department made into an area to sell shoes. Little is known about him as he only appeared in four episodes, although his first episode, in which he was transferred from the Shoe Department, revealed him to be an expert in shoe sales. Mr Grossman was a relaxed and friendly influence in the Men's Department and also spoke with a foreign accent.

Mr Klein (Benny Lee) (series 8)[edit]

Mr Klein (Benny Lee), joined the department to help out with the sales but is from the Cutting Department. Speaks often of his wife, generally in disparaging tones, and doesn't object to quietly making jokes at Captain Peacock's expense. Other than that, his character remained undeveloped over his brief tenure. Like Mr Grossman, he lasted only four episodes, including the 1981 Christmas Special.

Ladies wear[edit]

This section contains information on the characters who worked in the Ladieswear department.

Mrs Slocombe (Mollie Sugden) (also appeared in spin-off Grace and Favour)[edit]

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Jennifer Rachel Abergavenny "Betty" Slocombe (née Yiddell), portrayed by Mollie Sugden was the senior in the ladies department. Born in 1926 [2][3] in Blackpool. She frequently sported elaborate hairstyles with brightly coloured rinses ranging from blue to more outrageous shades. Mrs Slocombe's husband left her, or was possibly arrested by the Fraud Squad (although viewers are finally introduced to him in the second series of Grace & Favour), and she lived with her cat, Tiddles, which she referred to as "my pussy"; this was the source of many a double entendre, most of which Mrs Slocombe herself completely missed. Although Tiddles was generally referred to as a tomcat (male), this was contradicted in one episode when Tiddles had a litter of kittens in the store. Mrs Slocombe also tried to sound refined and "posh", but when exasperated or annoyed, she revealed more than a trace of a working-class Northern accent. She developed something of an adversarial relationship with Mr Lucas, and later Mr Spooner, frequently exchanging insults, despite her having gotten along reasonably well with Mr Lucas early on in the series.

Miss Brahms (Wendy Richard) (also appeared in spin-off Grace and Favour)[edit]

Miss Shirley Brahms (Wendy Richard) was the attractive junior ladieswear assistant who was often cheeky to Mrs Slocombe. Her Cockney accent was sometimes unintelligible, but she often put on a posher voice when answering the telephone. Under Mrs Slocombe's guidance, she became a more useful assistant throughout the series, though the hierarchy of Grace Brothers meant that she would have been promoted only when Mrs Slocombe left. She was attractive and receptive to the advances of Messrs Lucas, Spooner, Conway and, once or twice, Humphries. Because of her youth and life, she considers herself to have few standards. In one incident, she was approached to participate in a store-wide Holiday Girl contest with the assumption that she would easily win; but she refused, mainly because one of the prizes was a vacation aboard the yacht of Old Mr Grace, who had previously tried to indecently assault her. The biggest sale she ever made was when Mrs Slocombe was away, temporarily taking Mr Rumbold's place.


This section includes the characters who had a management role at Grace Brothers.

Captain Peacock (Frank Thornton) (also appeared in spin-off Grace and Favour)[edit]

Captain Stephen Peacock (Frank Thornton), The somewhat stuffy floorwalker, considers himself a cut above the assistants with both his position at the store and his dubious military record; he even feels the need to brag about his experiences fighting Rommel in North Africa. But Mr. Mash likes to tell the staff that Peacock served in the Naafi instead, and probably never left England, while Mr. Goldberg hints that Peacock was actually only a corporal. Allegedly, despite his military rank, Peacock began at Grace Brothers as a sweeper in the stockroom. Although Peacock usually talks as if he were a member of the elite Commando unit, on two occasions he admits he was in the Royal Army Service Corps. He is very pedantic with the staff (in one instance admonishing Miss Brahms for being one second late for work) as well as being rather disloyal to his colleagues (believing Mr Humphries guilty of stealing money from the till in spite of knowing him for 9 years). By 1975 he had been working at Grace Brothers for 20 years. In the episode "Front Page Story" Mr Humphries states that Peacock is 55, meaning he must have been born in 1926, the same age as Mrs Slocombe. Captain Peacock is attracted to Mr Rumbold's secretaries, such as Miss Belfridge. His wife Mrs Peacock is seen in a number of episodes, to whom he has been married since 1959.

Mr Rumbold (Nicholas Smith) (also appeared in spin-off Grace and Favour)[edit]

Mr Cuthbert Rumbold (Nicholas Smith, the manager of the floor, was often mocked for his bald head, large ears, and lack of intelligence. Nicknamed "Jug Ears", he frequently took slang phrases literally, leading to his formulating far-fetched explanations of incidents between staff members. He often took credit for others' ideas but subsequently tried to deny all involvement when the idea inevitably proved disastrous. Mr Rumbold's greatest ambition was to become a director of Grace Brothers: he looks up dreamily whenever the word "boardroom" is mentioned. He was usually oblivious to the sex appeal of his attractive secretaries. By the time of Grace and Favour Mrs Rumbold has left Mr Rumbold for a younger do-it-yourself man. In the episode "Roots" his brother Mycroft (also played by Smith) makes a brief appearance. Through the series, Mr Rumbold is frequently seen playing the piano for a number of staff events, birthdays, dances and performances.

The Grace Brothers (Harold Bennett and Kenneth Waller) (series 1–8, series 8)[edit]

The Grace brothers, Young Mr Grace (Harold Bennett) and Old Mr Grace (Kenneth Waller), were the old-fashioned owners of the store. Both were old but loved young, curvaceous women. They both treated their employees with respect and encouragement, hence Young Mr Grace's catch phrase, "You've all done very well!" However, they were terminally naive to the fact that Grace Brothers was in its declining years. Despite the wealth of the family, they were somewhat stingy with money and paid their workers terribly, causing many strikes, disagreements and disruptions. Young Mr Grace started off as a fish salesman before inheriting the store from an uncle in 1926. Old Mr Grace remained an unseen character until series eight, and there was a recurring joke for many years in which, upon seeing Young Mr Grace for the first time, someone would ask in surprise, "That's Young Mr Grace?" The other person always replied, "Old Mr Grace doesn't get about much these days." Ironically, when he finally did appear in the show, Kenneth Waller (as Old Mr Grace) twenty-eight years younger than Harold Bennett (as Young Mr Grace), and thus the character was in much better condition both mentally and physically. It was revealed that Young Mr Grace had a wife who died in 1935. Young Mr Grace's age was a mystery. In 1976, it was said he was 80, yet in 1977, it was said he was born in 1897, and his 80th birthday was celebrated in that episode. In 1978, it was said that it was his 80th birthday then. Old Mr Grace was born in 1891, and celebrated his 90th birthday in 1981. He was married to Annie Grainger (as stated in Heir Apparent) but in that episode though he was married to Mr Humphries's mother. At some point, Young Mr Grace had a heart attack and was left with a very weak heart afterwards. Whenever his secretary showed off her legs, it would have a terrible effect on his heart. Both Old and Young Mr Grace are last seen in the episode "Roots".

Maintenance & Packing[edit]

This section includes characters who worked in Maintenance & Packing.

Mr. Mash (Larry Martyn) (series 1–3)[edit]

Mr. Mash (Larry Martyn) was a Grace Brothers maintenance man. He was frequently reprimanded by Captain Peacock for appearing on the sales floor during business hours, but had no fear of his superiors. He had a thorough knowledge of store operations and was a union agitator. He often bragged of taking home much larger pay cheques than the sales assistants due to overtime. Mr. Mash departed before Season 4, and replaced by Mr. Harman.

Mr Harman (Arthur English) (series 4–10)[edit]

Mr. Harman (Arthur English) replaced Mr. Mash in Series 4 as maintenance man. He shared some traits with Mr. Mash: both were "common" sorts and union men; and like Mash he battled with Captain Peacock over his appearances on the floor during store open hours. However, he was considerably less militant and was more friendly towards the sales staff than Mr. Mash. Reciprocally, the other staff were much more accepting of him than they had been of Mr. Mash, and he frequently acted as a member of the group and not just as an antagonist. He graciously assisted Mrs. Slocombe in the episode "The Apartment", when she was allowed to stay on the top floor of the building, by setting up various items of furniture and displays so that she could have all the creature comforts. He also masterminded the deception in "The Hold Up", dressing up as the leader of "The Gumby Gang" in order to fool the burglars who were holding Miss Brahms, Captain Peacock and Mr. Spooner hostage in Mr. Rumbold's office. Mr. Harman was last seen in "The Pop Star" (1984) which was the last episode of Are You Being Served? and therefore didn't appear in the sequel Grace and Favour.

Warwick and Seymour (Jimmy Mac and Keith Hodiak) (series 6–10)[edit]

Warwick (Jimmy Mac) and Seymour (Keith Hodiak) were both assistants to Mr. Harman in later series. Warwick made brief appearances from series six to series nine and Seymour appeared more visibly in three episodes of series ten. Two other assistants appeared throughout, one unnamed in one episode in series five and one named Stanford in two episodes in series nine.


This section lists details of the numerous secretaries who served Young Mr. Grace, Old Mr. Grace and Mr. Rumbold during the series:

Mr. Rumbold's First Secretary (Stephanie Gathercole) (Series 1 & 2)[edit]

The first secretary to appear in the series was played by Stephanie Gathercole (who also provided the lift girl voice used in the theme song). Little is known about her, but she is wise to Mr. Lucas's tricks - when he walks past her, she wisely places a clipboard in front of her bottom. She appeared in the Pilot, Series 1 and one episode in Series 2.

Miss Ainsworth (Nina Francis) (Series 3)[edit]

Miss Ainsworth, played by Nina Francis, was Mr. Rumbold's secretary in "The Hand of Fate" and "Coffee Morning" (series 3).

Miss Thorpe (Moira Foot) (Series 3)[edit]

Moira Foot played Miss Thorpe, who appeared as Mr Rumbold's new but temporary secretary in the episodes 'German Week', 'Shoulder to Shoulder' and 'New Look'. Her good looks attracted the attentions of Captain Peacock and even Young Mr Grace.

Mr. Rumbold's Secretary (Isabella Rye) (Series 4)[edit]

Isabella Rye appeared as Mr. Rumbold's secretary in "Forward, Mr. Grainger". She was said to have been reassigned from Young Mr. Grace's office because she was bad for his blood pressure.

Miss Hazelwood (Melita Manger) (Series 4)[edit]

Miss Monica Hazelwood appeared as Mr Rumbold's secretary in 'Oh, What A Tangled Web' when Mrs. Peacock accused her and Captain Peacock of having an affair. She had just dumped her fiancé and was not in a stable mood - and neither was Mrs. Peacock. The situation also made her father smash her wedding cake over Mr. Grainger's head.

Miss Bakewell (Penny Irving) (series 4–7)[edit]

Miss Bakewell (Penny Irving), Young Mr Grace's longest running and most loyal secretary, appeared from season 4 to season 7. She also appeared in the Are You Being Served? (film), but with her name changed to "Miss Nicholson". Her good looks often attracted the attention of the male staff at Grace Brothers.

Miss Edwards (Louise Burton) (Series 8)[edit]

Virginia Edwards is Old Mr. Grace's Deputy Secretary. She seems to pal up with Mr. Grace's nurse. In her interview, she sits on Mr. Grace's knee and types a letter, with one finger, that Old Mr. Grace is dictating to her. She only appears in a few episodes at the end of Series 8.

Old Mr Grace's Secretary (Debbie Linden) (Series 8)[edit]

Although never being assigned a name, Old Mr. Grace's Secretary (Debbie Linden) is very good-looking. When Old Mr. Grace first meets her, she is described by Mr. Harman as 'one owner since new, very sporty, and capable of high speeds if you put your foot down and she's all yours.' She is blonde, and often wears short skirts, low cut tops and she also has a small purple streak in her hair. She only appeared in five episodes in Series 8, after which Mr. Grace says that she is going off on a course.

Miss Belfridge (Candy Davis) (series 9–10)[edit]

Miss Belfridge (Candy Davis) was the longest-running secretary of Mr. Rumbold (lasting all of Series 9 and 10) and her beautiful face and voluptuous figure caught the attentions of most male members of staff (especially Captain Peacock, besides Mr. Rumbold). The busty blonde appeared to be smitten by Captain Peacock, often flirting with him. She appeared in many episodes and was the most prominent of Mr. Rumbold's secretaries. She has an O-Level in Literature, and is known for her flamboyant clothes and hairstyles. She is conscientious of her hair and nails, and is sometimes portrayed as mildly stupid.

Relatives of staff[edit]

Mrs. Annie Humphries (John Inman) (series 5, series 8)[edit]

Mrs Annie Humphries is Mr. Humphries' mother. She only appears twice during the show. The other times that we hear about her is from Mr. Humphries himself or from their telephone calls during and after work. Her marital status is unknown, in early series and in 'Heir Apparent' Mr. Humphries mentions his father, but for most of the show she stays with Mr. Humphries at a shared home, and Mr. Humphries speaks frequently about her, at one point saying 'I wish she'd get married again'. The first time she appears is in the episode Founder's Day, where she explains how Mr. Humphries got his job at Grace Brothers. The second time she appears is in "Heir apparent", where Old Mr Grace is thought to be Mr Humphries' father. In this episode, Mr. Humphries' mother does come to Grace Brothers. Her first appearance was a video recording. John Inman was not credited for that episode. In the second episode, however, he was credited as a 'guest appearance'. In this episode the mother and son never cross paths, and one is always looking for the other. Mr. Humphries' mother often tries to make her son more manly. She often enrolls him in things that will 'make him a man'. In the movie, she overhears the female worker, Conchita, asking Mr. Humphries if she can share his bed. She tells him that 'the change will do him good.'

Mrs Peacock (Diana King/Diana Lambert) (series 4, 8, 9, 10)[edit]

Mrs Peacock (Diana King/Diana Lambert) was the long-suffering wife of Captain Peacock. She always suspected Captain Peacock of cheating on her and all her on-screen appearances were during periods of marital discord. In Mrs Peacock's first appearance ("Oh What A Tangled Web"), she suspected Captain Peacock of having an affair with Mr Rumbold's secretary, Miss Hazelwood, because her brother had seen them in a car together, although he was later cleared. In her second appearance ("A Personal Problem"), because Captain Peacock had accidentally put his hands down Miss Pickthorpe's cleavage to retrieve some spilt blancmange and semolina pudding at a party (the department Miss Pickthorpe works for was never specified, and the semolina pudding turned out to be Mr Harrowgate and Miss Fawcett the year before. Like Miss Pickthorpe, their department was never found out). Mrs Peacock became Mr Rumbold's secretary, and she pretended that she was having an affair with him to make Captain Peacock jealous. In her third appearance ("The Sweet Smell Of Success"), Mrs Peacock burst into Mr Rumbold's office because she suspected Captain Peacock of flirting with Mr Rumbold's new secretary, Miss Belfridge. In her fourth appearance ("Grounds For Divorce"), Captain Peacock chose to stay with her rather than a bank/accounts clerk who had become infatuated with him. In her fifth appearance ("Friends And Neighbours"), Mrs Peacock came to the Grace Brothers houses to check up on her husband (like Mrs Rumbold), but she left satisfied (unlike Mrs Rumbold). Captain Peacock once mentioned that she had many brothers and sisters ("His And Hers" and "The Think Tank"). By the time of Grace and Favour, Mrs Peacock seems to be either dead or divorced from Captain Peacock[citation needed] as she is neither seen nor mentioned.

Mrs. Grainger (Pearl Hackney) (series 2)[edit]

Mrs. Grainger (Pearl Hackney) was Mr. Grainger's wife. She was mentioned by him, to miss Mrs. Dale's Diary, despite that it had gone off the air over ten years earlier, and to want a world-cruise, when it appeared that Mr. Grainger had won a lot of money. Mrs. Grainger's only appearance was when she came to the store in "The Clock", to celebrate Mr. Grainger's 65th birthday. She was frequently mentioned by Mr Grainger throughout the series.

Mrs. Rumbold (Jean Challis) (series 10)[edit]

Mrs. Rumbold (Jean Challis) was Mr. Rumbold's wife. She was rarely mentioned and only appeared once in the show; that was when she suspected Mr. Rumbold of cheating on her ("Friends And Neighbours"), and she stormed into the Grace Brothers flats to see what was going on, and discovered her husband drinking champagne with his secretary, Miss Belfridge. By the time of Grace And Favour, Mrs Rumbold had left her husband for Mr. Prentice of Tools and Hardware.

Mycroft Rumbold (Nicholas Smith) (Series 8)[edit]

Mycroft is Mr. Rumbold's brother. He is only seen once, and it is implied that he is an artist or family researcher, for he makes a shield for Old Mr. Grace's 90th birthday, to celebrate his roots, which were Welsh, then Scottish, then from Somerset, and then had something to do with the Black and White Minstrels. Unlike his brother, he has a head of flaming red hair, and has thin, metal-rimmed glasses.

Supporting characters[edit]

The Canteen Manageress (Doremy Vernon) (series 3, 4, 6–10)[edit]

played by Doremy Vernon Manageress of the canteen, mostly cooked disgraceful food, and had a large, rubbish-strewn kitchen. She frequently had arguments with the senior staff and wasn't worried about being fired due to her union, 'National Associated Canteen Employees, Restaurant and Domestic' (NACERD, a play on the term knackered). By Series 9, she had developed a friendship with the staff and appeared in the commercial of their night club in Series 10.

Nurse to the Grace Brothers (Pat Astley (Series 5) and Vivienne Johnson (Series 6-8)[edit]

Although her character was never given a name, the blonde nurse to both Old Mr Grace and Young Mr Grace appeared on the programme for three series. She is mostly recalled for her good looks and particularly for her seductive, husky voice; which was used for effect in the episode "Closed Circuit" when Miss Brahms' high-pitched Cockney accent proves to be incompatible as the public face of Grace Brothers' department store. Nurse dubs Miss Brahms' voice, causing a passing by Lord to become smitten with the sound of her. The nurse was generally professional and thorough (apart from her attire), and assisted with most of the medical goings-on at Grace Brothers, even those that didn't involve the brothers themselves. Astley appeared as the character in series 5, while Johnson played the character in most of her appearances.

Goddard (Freddie Wiles) (season 1–6)[edit]

Goddard (Freddie Wiles), was the early chaffeur to Young Mr Grace. He appeared in many episodes between the pilot and season six. He always appeared in an old-fashioned chauffeur's uniform. Although regularly appearing and escorting Mr Grace around the store, Wiles was never credited for his role. However, Freddie Wiles played a porter in the final episode of season five and was credited.

Minor characters[edit]

This section contains the minor characters in Are You Being Served?

The Cleaners (Hilda Fenemore and others)[edit]

Even though Hilda Fenemore played one character, (a cleaner), it was assigned three names - Elsie Makepiece, Daphne Ackroyd, and Ivy. She appeared between seasons two and seven, and always has her hair in curlers and wears a turban, except series seven where she wears a white, bright yellow overall. She speaks with a Cockney accent, and is apparently married, although her husband is only mentioned once.

In one episode she is joined by Gladys, played by Lambert (Cold Comfort).

In the final episode, the cleaners are played by Mary Bradley and Joan Dainty.

Other (silent and uncredited) cleaners were called Doris Poland, Ivy Plunkett, Hillary, Deirdre, Daphne, Beatrice, Ethel, Betty, Noreen and Mrs Wadonga.

Mrs Axelby[edit]

Mrs Axelby is the best friend and possibly close neighbour of Mrs Slocombe. She is never seen on screen but Mrs Slocombe mentioned her many times, mostly starting with the line "Me and my friend Mrs Axelby...". They would seem to frequent a lot of bars together in search of men. Many episodes begin with Mrs Slocombe relating an anecdote involving her and Mrs Axelby to Miss Brahms. She is described as a tough woman, who plays many contact sports. In an earlier episode, she is referred to as 'Mrs. Elthrop'.

Tiddles and Winston[edit]

Tiddles was the pet cat and longtime feline companion of Mrs Slocombe. Mrs Slocombe refers to Tiddles as her "pussy". Mrs. Slocombe clearly loves Tiddles often voicing her dislike for staying behind for a staff meeting, or coming in early, due to inconveniencing Tiddles. It is later revealed that Mrs Slocombe owns a parrot/canary called Winston whom Tiddles does not get on with. In "Mrs Slocombe Expects", Mrs Slocombe discovers that Tiddles was pregnant and suspects that the father is a Burmese cat that lives nearby. Later, Mrs Slocombe becomes worried that Tiddles will go into labour when she is not there so decides to ask permission to bring her into work. When Mr Rumbold refuses, Mr Harman smuggles her into the tailor store in a coffee machine and she goes into labour. Tiddles's tail is actually seen coming out of the coffee machine (this was props, not a real cat). Mrs Slocombe is prevented from helping her. The management work out Tiddles is there. When they go in, they find that Tiddles now has six kittens. Captain Peacock and Mr Rumbold's anger are washed away at the sight of the "cute and enchanting" kittens. The credits then show each of the staff (apart from Young Mr Grace and Mr Rumbold) holding, smiling and cuddling one of the kittens. (Live kittens (weeks older than newborns) were shown briefly in the episode.) In "The Apartment", Mrs Slocombe is moving house and but finds she has squatters in her new house, so Mrs Slocombe temporarily moves into the store and makes up a little house and takes Tiddles and Winston with her. Tiddles is actually seen again in her carrier box (once again Tiddles is portrayed by props). In "Lost And Found", Tiddles went missing causes great distress for Mrs Slocombe. The staff receive news that one of her toys was found near a well. Fearing the worst, the staff decide to buy her a kitten called Madam Wou whose father was "Emperor Chong of Bangkok, five times triple champion". At the end, Tiddles returns with another six kittens and sired by Madam Wou's father. Mrs Slocombe also briefly wins another parrot/canary in the Lottery. In "The Night Club", Mrs Slocombe tries to send a telephone message to Tiddles but accidentally sends it to a neighbour, making him think that she fancies him. Tiddles was seen live for the first time in Grace and Favour. In "Fifty Years On", it is revealed that Tiddles was born in the late 1960s. Tiddles's appearance keeps changing throughout the series. In "Mrs Slocombe Expects", Tiddles appears to be a grey tabby. In "The Apartment", Tiddles is a black cat. In Grace and Favour, Tiddles is a blueish-grey Persian cat. Also in Grace and Favour, it is revealed that Mrs Slocombe had a cat before Tiddles, in 1951. Despite having been depicted as having had kittens with male cats (two litters: six in each, making twelve), and being referenced as a female in some episodes, Tiddles was sometimes referred to as a tomcat (male).

Edna Comlozi (Avril Angers) (Series 7)[edit]

Despite only appearing in one episode in series 7 ("Mrs. Slocombe, Senior Person"), Miss Edna Comlozi (Avril Angers), is mentioned in several other episodes, and works in the Cosmetics department. In a later episode, it is said she was fired for being rude to a customer. In earlier episodes, she is said to be a friend of Mrs. Slocombe, but in her appearance she is heard to call Mrs. Slocombe a 'silly old bitch'. Mrs. Slocombe's response to this was "Fancy Cat!" spoken in a low, resentful tone.

Mr Patel (Renu Setna) (Series 7)[edit]

Mr Patel (Renu Setna), is the head of the Accounts Department. He only appeared in one series 7 episode, but is mentioned frequently by members of staff. In a later episode, he has resigned due to one of Old Mr. Grace's new rules or schemes. He is from either India or Bangladesh, for he is said to eat curry and chapatis.

Customers and Others[edit]

This section contains a list of actors who portrayed customers and others in Are You Being Served?. Many of the same actors portrayed multiple customers throughout the series and the extras cast might therefore be considered an ensemble in its own right. Episode titles are shown followed by character names (where credited) or identifiers/descriptions:

Series One[edit]

  • Michael Knowles ("Pilot", as the Customer); also appeared in "Up Captain Peacock" (series 3)
  • Robert Raglan ("Dear Sexy Knickers...", as the 40" Waist); died 1985
  • Derek Smith ("Dear Sexy Knickers...", as the 28" Inside Leg)
  • Peter Needham ("Our Figures Are Slipping", as the Returned Glen Check); last appeared in The Line of Beauty in 2006
  • James Copeland ("Camping In", as the Scottish Customer); died 2002
  • Anita Richardson ("Camping In", as the 38C Cup); also appeared in "German Week" (series 3)
  • Pamela Manson ("Camping In", as the Large Brim with Fruit); died 1988
  • David Rowlands ("Camping In", as the Man with the Large Bra); last appeared in 'Allo 'Allo! in 1992
  • Colin Bean ("Camping In", as the Leatherette Gloves); died 20 June 2009
  • Joanna Lumley ("His and Hers", perfume special display salesperson)
  • Margaret Flint ("His and Hers". as the First Customer); died 1993
  • Evan Ross ("His and Hers", as the Second Customer)
  • Elizabeth Larner ("Diamonds Are A Man's Best Friend", as the Sweater Customer)
  • Hilary Pritchard ("Diamonds Are A Man's Best Friend", as the Wealthy Customer); also appeared in "Shoulder to Shoulder" (series 3) and "No Sale" (series 4), died 1996
  • Janet Davies ("Diamonds Are A Man's Best Friend", as the Outsize Dress); died 1986
  • Vicki Woolf ("Diamonds Are A Man's Best Friend", as Mr. Humphries' friend; last appearance in Minder in 1979

Series Two[edit]

  • John Ringham ("The Clock", as the Check Jacket); died 20 October 2008
  • Dorothy Wayne ("The Clock", as the Bridal Veil)
  • Pearl Hackney ("The Clock", as Mrs. Grainger), died 2009
  • Avril Fane ("The Clock", as Miss Trixie)
  • Barbara Loynes and Dorothy Loynes ("The Clock", as Trixie Trio)
  • Robert Mill ("Cold Comfort", as the Footwarmers Customer)
  • Carolyn Hudson ("Cold Comfort", as the Large Hat Customer); opened a nail salon, "Super Nail", in 1979
  • John Baker ("Cold Comfort", as the Fur Gloves Customer); died in 2002
  • Donald Morley ("Big Brother", as Mr. Clegg); also played "Cecil Slocombe" in Grace & Favour; died in 1999
  • Robert Raglan ("Big Brother", as Dr. Wainwright); also appeared in "Dear Sexy Knickers..." (series 1), died 1985
  • Joyce Cummings ("Big Brother", as the Underwear Customer)
  • Stella Kemball ("Big Brother", as the Scarf Customer); died 2002
  • John Clegg ("Hoorah For The Holidays", as the Ready-Made Suit); also appeared in "Wedding Bells" (series 3)
  • Stuart Sherwin ("Hoorah For The Holidays", as the Dressing Gown); also appeared in "No Sale" (series 4); died 2015
  • Helen Dorward ("Hoorah For The Holidays", as the Irish Lady)

Series Three[edit]

  • Eric Young ("The Hand of Fate")
  • Thérèse McMurray ("The Hand of Fate", as the Princess Anne Hat); married to Donald Hewlett (see below)
  • Michael Knowles ("Up Captain Peacock", as the Bold Check); also appeared in the pilot episode (series 1)
  • Jeffrey Segal ("Up Captain Peacock", as the Clip-On Bow Tie Customer); also appeared in "The Agent" (series 7), died 2015
  • Donald Hewlett ("Up Captain Peacock", as the Fancy-Dress Dress); married to Therese McMurray (see above), died 2011
  • Maureen Lane ("Up Captain Peacock", as the Lady Customer)
  • Bill Martin ("Cold Store", as the Customer with List); also appeared in "Founder's Day" (series 5)
  • Ann Sidney ("Cold Store", as the Blue Alteration); was Miss World 1964
  • Joy Allen ("Cold Store", as the Sister); also appeared in "Strong Stuff, This Insurance (series 7)
  • Pamela Cundell ("Cold Store", as the Revived 45"); last seen as Nora in EastEnders in 2006; died in 2015
  • Gordon Peters ("Cold Store", as the Fawn Trousers Customer); also appeared in "No Sale" (series 4)
  • Sandra Clark ("Wedding Bells", as Miss Robinson)
  • Jay Denyer ("Wedding Bells", as the Trousers Customer)
  • John Clegg ("Wedding Bells", as the Bald-Headed Sweater Customer); also appeared in "Hoorah for the Holidays" (series 2)
  • Ernst Ulman ("German Week", as the Male German Customer); died 1977
  • Joanna Lumley ("German Week", as the Female German Customer); also appeared as the His & Hers sales representative in "His and Hers" during series one
  • Anita Richardson ("German Week", as the Lady for the Ladies); also appeared in "Camping In" (series 1)
  • Kate Brown ("Shoulder to Shoulder", as the Returned Wig)
  • Hilary Pritchard ("Shoulder to Shoulder", as the Newlywed Female Customer); also appeared in "Diamonds Are A Man's Best Friend" (series 1) and "No Sale" (series 4), died 1996
  • Jonathan Cecil ("Shoulder to Shoulder", as the Newlywed Male Customer); son of Lord David Cecil, died 2011
  • Felix Bowness ("New Look", as Gent for the Gents); also appeared in "Do You Take This Man?" (series 6), died 2009

Series Four[edit]

  • Gordon Peters ("No Sale", as Henry); also appeared in "Cold Store" (series 3)
  • Anne Cunningham ("No Sale", as Henry's Wife)
  • Hilary Pritchard ("No Sale", as the Wedding Hat Customer); also appeared in "Diamonds Are A Man's Best Friend" (series 1) and "Shoulder to Shoulder" (series 3), died 1996
  • Reg Dixon ("No Sale", as the Raincoat in the Window); died 25 June 1984
  • John Bardon ("No Sale", as the Check Suit), died 2014
  • Stuart Sherwin ("No Sale", as the Large Gloves Customer); also appeared in "Hoorah for the Holidays" (series 2)
  • Peter Greene ("Top Hat and Tails", as Mr. Ludlow); died 2009
  • Ahmed Khalil ("Fire Practise", as the Emir's Chief Assistant)
  • Ahmed Osman ("Fire Practise", as the Emir)
  • Melody Urquhart ("Fire Practise", as the Head Wife)
  • Hamish Roughead ("Fire Practice", as the Fireman)
  • Ken Barker ("Fire Practice", as the Chief Fireman); died 24 June 1998
  • Tony Sympson ("Fifty Years On", as Claude); also appeared in "The Junior" (series 7) and "Conduct Unbecoming" (series 9), died 1983
  • Mavis Pugh ("Fifty Years On", as Mrs. Claude); also appeared in "Take-Over" (series 5) and "The Club" (series 6), died 2006
  • Diana Lambert ("Fifty Years On", as the Six-Pound Fox Customer); also appeared as Mrs. Peacock in two episodes, died 1994/5
  • Melita Manger ("Oh What a Tangled Web", as Miss Monica Hazlewood)
  • Michael Stainton ("Oh What a Tangled Web", as Mr. Hazlewood)
  • Jeanne Mockford ("The Father Christmas Affair", as the Umbrella Customer)
  • Donald Waugh ("The Father Christmas Affair", as the Little Boy)

Series Five[edit]

  • Raymond Bowers ("Mrs. Slocombe Expects", as the Sweater Customer); also appeared in "It Pays to Advertise", "The Club" and "The Hero"
  • Geoffrey Adams ("Mrs. Slocombe Expects", as the Trousers Customer); appeared in Dixon of Dock Green
  • Jeffrey Gardiner (Mrs. Slocombe Expects", as the Gloves Customer); also appeared in "The Junior" (series 7)
  • Jennifer Lonsdale ("Mrs. Slocombe Expects", as the Bra Customer); appeared in That's My Boy
  • Elizabeth Morgan ("Mrs. Slocombe Expects", as Sandra)
  • Terry Duggan ("A Change is as Good as a Rest", as the Red Indian Father); married to actress Anna Karen; appeared in On the Buses; died 1 May 2008
  • Jacqui Cook ("A Change is as Good as a Rest", as the Bridal Doll)
  • Tim Barrett ("Founder's Day", as the Two Fur Coats Customer); appeared as Malcolm Harris in Terry and June; died 20 August 1990
  • Carolle Rousseau ("Founder's Day", as the French Underwear Customer)
  • Bill Martin ("Founder's Day", as the Top-Pocket Handkerchief Customer); also appeared in "Cold Store" (series 3)
  • Jenny Kenna ("Founder's Day", as the Fake Secretary/Miss 38-22-36)
  • Jeffrey Holland ("The Old Order Changes", as the Afro Pants Customer); also appeared in "The Apartment" (series 7)
  • Bernice Adams ("The Old Order Changes", as Cynthia); also appeared in "A Bliss Girl" (series 6)
  • Donald Bisset ("Take-Over", as Henry Grant Hopkins); died 10 August 1995
  • Mavis Pugh ("Take-Over", as Lady Weeble-Able Smith); also appeared in "Fifty Years On" (series 4) and "The Club" (series 6)
  • Peggy Ashby ("Goodbye Mr. Grainger", as the Corset Customer)
  • Raymond Bowers ("It Pays to Advertise", as Mr. Crawford); also appeared in "Mrs. Slocombe Expects", "The Club" and "The Hero"
  • Ferdy Mayne ("It Pays to Advertise", as the Ten-Pound Perfume Customer); died 30 January 1998

Series Six[edit]

  • Joy Harington ("By Appointment", as the Lady Customer); died 1991
  • Colin Ward-Lewis ("By Appointment", as the Radio Voice); former BBC announcer
  • Raymond Bowers ("The Club", as Roger's Master); also appeared in "Mrs. Slocombe Expects", "It Pays to Advertise" and "The Hero"
  • Dominique Don ("The Club", as the Female Flexibra Customer)
  • Tony Brothers ("The Club", as the Male Flexibra Customer)
  • Mavis Pugh ("The Club", as Roger's Mistress); also appeared in "Fifty Years On" (series 4) and "Take-Over" (series 5)
  • Lee Richards ("The Club", unknown); also appeared in "Heir Apparent", "The Sweet Smell of Success" and "Friends and Neighbours"; died 2013
  • Felix Bowness ("Do You Take This Man?", as the Matching Pantaloons Customer); also appeared in "New Look" (series 3)
  • Gorden Kaye ("Do You Take This Man?", as Mr. Tomaides); also appeared in "Mrs. Slocombe, Senior Person" (series 7) and "Closed Circuit" (series 8)
  • Norman Mitchell ("Do You Take This Man?", as Wendel P. Clark); also appeared in "Lost and Found" (series 9), died 2001
  • Stellios Chiotis ("Do You Take This Man?", as the Greek Band Leader)
  • Jan Holden ("A Bliss Girl", as the Lady Customer); died 11 October 2005
  • Bernice Adams ("A Bliss Girl"; as the Typist); also appeared in "The Old Order Changes" (series 5)
  • Michael Halsey ("Happy Returns", as the Fairy Prince)

Series Seven[edit]

  • Tony Sympson ("The Junior", as Mr. Webster); also appeared in "Fifty Years On" (series 4) and "Conduct Unbecoming" (series 9)
  • Harold Berens ("The Junior": Customer); died 1995
  • Morris Barry ("The Junior": Customer); died 2000
  • Jeffrey Gardiner ("The Junior", as Mr. Beauchamp); also appeared in "Mrs. Slocombe Expects" (series 5)
  • Bernard Stone ("The Junior": Customer)
  • Francis Botsoni ("The Junior", as Customer); also appeared in "The Hero" (series 7); died 2001
  • Amanda Barrie ("Strong Stuff, This Insurance": Ballet Mistress)
  • Jennifer Guy ("Strong Stuff, This Insurance", as Disco Dancing Clothes Customer); also appeared in "Front Page Story" (series 8)
  • Imogen Bickford-Smith ("Strong Stuff, This Insurance", as the Doctor)
  • Joy Allen ("Strong Stuff, This Insurance", as the Staff Nurse); also appeared in "Cold Store" (series 3)
  • Geraldine Gardner ("Strong Stuff, This Insurance", as the Dressing Gown); born 1950, died 1987
  • Jeffrey Holland ("The Apartment", as the Blazer); also appeared in "The Old Order Changes" (series 5)
  • Gorden Kaye ("Mrs. Slocombe, Senior Person", as the Plastic Mac Customer); also appeared in "Do You Take This Man?" (series 6) and "Closed Circuit" (series 8)
  • Derrie Powell ("Mrs. Slocombe, Senior Person", as the Lady Customer)
  • Raymond Bowers ("The Hero", as the Shrunken Sock Customer); also appeared in "Mrs. Slocombe Expects", "It Pays to Advertise" and "The Club"
  • Jackie Pallo ("The Hero", as Mr. Franco); died 2006
  • Francis Botsoni ("The Hero", as Mr. Goldberg's Friend); also appeared in "The Junior (series 7)
  • Ronnie Brody ("Anything You Can Do", as Signor Balli); also appeared in "The Night Club" (series 10)
  • Mohammad Shamsi ("Anything You Can Do", as Mohammad)
  • Sue Bishop ("Anything You Can Do", as the Shop Girl)
  • Belinda Lee ("Anything You Can Do", as the Lift Girl)
  • Peggy Ann Clifford ("The Agent", as Mrs. Maxwell)
  • Marella Oppenheim ("The Agent", as Amanda)
  • Jeffrey Segal ("The Agent", as the Long Sweater Customer); also appeared in "Up Captain Peacock" (series 3); died 2015

Series Eight[edit]

  • John D. Collins ("Is It Catching?", as the Doctor; also appeared in "Closed Circuit" (series 8) and "Monkey Business" (series 9)
  • Pat Keen ("A Personal Problem", as the Mohair Jumper)
  • Jack Haig ("A Personal Problem", as the Tramp); also appeared in "The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe" (series 8); died 1989
  • Michael Sharvell-Martin ("Front Page Story" as the Man with Moustache); also appeared in "Sweet Smell of Success" (series 9)
  • Dawn Perllman ("Front Page Story", as Miss Hepburn)
  • Denise Distel ("Front Page Story", as Miss Coleman)
  • Jennifer Guy ("Front Page Story", as Miss Hurst of Novelty Candles); also appeared in "Strong Stuff, This Insurance" (series 7)
  • Martin Cochrane ("Sit-Out", as Fireman)
  • Lee Richards ("Heir Apparent", unknown); also appeared in "The Club", "The Sweet Smell of Success" and "Friends and Neighbours"
  • Gorden Kaye ("Closed Circuit", as Mr. Fortesque); also appeared in "Do You Take This Man?" (series 6) and "Mrs. Slocombe, Senior Person" (series 7)
  • Nicholas McArdle ("Closed Circuit", as the Head Waiter)
  • John D. Collins ("Closed Circult", as the Second Waiter; also appeared in "Is It Catching?" (series 8) and "Monkey Business" (series 9)
  • John Oxley ("Closed Circuit", as Lord Hirly)
  • Brenda Cowling ("The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe", as the Lady Customer)
  • Jack Haig ("Mrs. Slocombe Expects", as Old Gentleman Suitor); also appeared on "A Personal Problem" (series 8)
  • Rusty Goffe ("The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe", as Second Suitor); also appeared in "Monkey Business" (series 9)
  • Bob Murphy ("Roots": Piper)
  • Willie Budge ("Roots": Drummer)

Series Nine[edit]

  • Michael Sharvell-Martin ("The Sweet Smell of Success", as Handsome Customer); also appeared in "Front Page Story" (series 8)
  • Lee Richards ("The Sweet Smell of Success", unknown); also appeared in "The Club", "Heir Apparent" and "Friends and Neighbours"
  • Rex Robinson ("The Sweet Smell of Success", as Military Customer)
  • Tony Sympson ("Conduct Unbecoming", as Mr. Wagstaff); also appeared in "Fifty Years On" (series 4) and "The Junior" (series 7)
  • Frances Bennett ("Conduct Unbecoming", as the Tights Customer)
  • Jess Conrad ("Memories Are Made Of This", as Mr. Walpole)
  • Ballard Berkeley ("Memories Are Made Of This", as Fisherman Customer)
  • Nosher Powell ("Calling All Customers", as Truck Driver); died 2013
  • Ron Tarr ("Calling All Customers", as Truck Driver); died 1997
  • Vicki Michelle ("Calling All Customers", as CB Voice)
  • Robbie Coltrane ("Calling All Customers", as CB Voice)
  • Rusty Goffe ("Monkey Business", as the Monkey); also appeared in "The Erotic Dreams of Mrs. Slocombe" (series 8)
  • Kristopher Kum ("Monkey Business", as Mr. Yamoto); died 2013
  • Eiji Kusuhara ("Monkey Business", as Mr. Kayoto)
  • Lisa Anselmi ("Monkey Business", as Miss Percival)
  • John Biggerstaff ("Monkey Business", as the Fur Coat Customer)
  • John D. Collins ("Monkey Business", as the Secretary at Number Ten); also appeared in "Is It Catching?" and "Closed Circuit" (both series 8)
  • Jan Ravens ("Monkey Business", as the Voice of Mrs. Thatcher)
  • Norman Mitchell ("Lost and Found", as the Customer); also appeared in "Do You Take This Man?" (series 6)
  • Shirley English ("Lost and Found", unknown)
  • Peter Cleall ("Lost and Found", as Mr. Winston)

Series Ten[edit]

  • Taryn Kay ("Gambling Fever", as the Lift Girl)
  • Ronnie Brody ("The Night Club", as Man in Cinema); also appeared in "Anything You Can Do" (series 7)
  • Carol Cleveland ("Friends and Neighbours", as Lady Customer)


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