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This is a list in progress of world famous or important Aromanians and people having Aromanian ancestry.




Clergy and missionaries[edit]

Commerce and business[edit]

  • Sotirios Bulgaris, from Kalarrytes, Epirus, founder of the Bulgari jewelry house[citation needed]
  • Mocioni family, also spelled as Mocsony (Hung.), were Barons, famous philanthropists and Austrian Imperial bankers[citation needed]. One branch established in Romania, one in Belgrade, Serbia and another in Pest, Hungary.
  • Emanoil Gojdu, Romanian-Hungarian lawyer and philanthropist[citation needed]
  • Nicolae Malaxa, was a Romanian engineer and industrialist.
  • Arghir, merchant family and philanthropists, established in Pest (Budapest)
  • Derra, merchant family established in Pest (Budapest)
  • Grabovsky, merchant family established in Pest (Budapest)
  • Lyka, merchant family established in Pest (Budapest)
  • Manno, merchant family and philanthropists, established in Pest (Budapest)
  • Naco or Nacu, also spelled as Nako (Hung.), merchant family established in Pest (Budapest)
  • Karamata, merchant family established in Zemun, now-day Serbia
  • Zoe Cruz, former co-president of Morgan Stanley, USA.
  • Jamie Dimon, CEO, Chairman and President at JP MORGAN Chase, USA.
  • Naum Krnar (d. 1817), leather and fur merchant, associate of Karađorđe
  • James Milleew, insurance executive, NY



Science and Engineering[edit]







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