List of Arrow Dynamics roller coasters

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The following is a list of roller coasters manufactured by the now-defunct Arrow Development and Arrow Dynamics.

Note that Arrow changed names and ownership four times between 1945 and 2002, operating as Arrow Development from 1945 to 1981, Arrow-Huss from 1981 to 1984, and as Arrow Dynamics from 1986 to 2001. The remaining assets were purchased by S&S on October 28, 2002. In November of 2012, Sansei Yusoki Co. Ltd, acquired controlling interest in S&S and renamed itself S&S Sansei Technologies.

Name Model Park Opened Status
Adventure Express Mine Train Kings Island 1991 Operating
Afterburner (formerly Zoomerang) Launched Loop Circus World 1977-1986, Boardwalk and Baseball 1987-1990 Fun Spot Amusement Park & Zoo 1991-present 1977 Relocated/SBNO
Anaconda Custom Looping Kings Dominion 1991 Operating
The Bat Suspended Kings Island 1981 Demolished
The Bat (formerly Top Gun and Flight Deck) Suspended Kings Island 1993 Operating
Big Bad Wolf Suspended Busch Gardens Williamsburg 1984 Demolished
Big One Hyper Coaster Pleasure Beach Blackpool 1994 Operating
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Mine Train Disneyland 1979 Operating
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Mine Train Walt Disney World 1980 Operating
Black Widow Launched Loop Six Flags New England 1977 Demolished
Boomerang Launched Loop LaQua 1980 Demolished
Canyon Blaster Loop & Corkscrew Adventuredome 1993 Operating
Carolina Cyclone Custom Looping Carowinds 1980 Operating
Carolina Goldrusher Mine Train Carowinds 1973 Operating
Cedar Creek Mine Ride Mine Train Cedar Point 1969 Operating
Chicago Loop (now Canobie Corkscrew) Corkscrew Old Chicago 1975-1982, Alabama State Fairgrounds 1982-1987, Canobie Lake Park 1987-present 1975 Relocated 2 times/Operating
Cork Screw Corkscrew Benyland 1979 Operating
Corkscrew Loop & Corkscrew Cedar Point 1976 Operating
Corkscrew (now Rolling Thunder) Corkscrew Geauga Lake 1978-1995, MGM Dizee World 1996-present 1978 Relocated/Operating
Corkscrew Corkscrew Knott's Berry Farm 1975-1990, Silverwood 1990-present 1975 Relocated/Operating
Corkscrew Corkscrew Magic Harbor 1975-1978, Myrtle Beach Pavilion 1978-1999, Salitre Magico 2000-present 1975 Relocated 2 times/Operating
Corkscrew Corkscrew Michigan's Adventure 1979 Operating
Corkscrew Corkscrew Nagashima Spa Land 1979 Operating
Corkscrew Corkscrew Toshimaen 1979 Operating
Corkscrew Loop & Corkscrew Valleyfair 1980 Operating
Corkscrew Coaster (formerly Coca Cola Roller Coaster) Corkscrew Rainbow's End 1986 Operating
Cyclone Custom Looping Dreamworld 2001 Operating
Dahlonega Mine Train Mine Train Six Flags Over Georgia 1967 Operating
Demon (formerly Turn Of The Century) Loop & Corkscrew California's Great America 1976 Operating
Demon (formerly Turn Of The Century) Loop & Corkscrew Six Flags Great America 1976 Operating
Desperado Hyper Coaster Buffalo Bill's 1994 Operating
Diablo Mine Train PortAventura 1995 Operating
Double Loop Custom Looping Geauga Lake 1977 Demolished
Drachen Fire Custom Looping Busch Gardens Williamsburg 1992 Demolished
Dragon Custom Looping Ocean Park 1984 Operating
Dragon Fire Custom Looping Canada's Wonderland 1981 Operating
Dragon Mountain Custom Looping Marineland 1983 Operating
Eagle Fortress Suspended Everland 1992 SBNO
Eejanaika Multi-dimensional Fuji-Q Highland 2006 Operating
Excalibur Mine Train Six Flags Astroworld 1972-1999, Frontier City 2000-unknown 1972 Relocated/Demolished
Excalibur Special Coaster Systems Valleyfair 1989 Operating
Extremeroller (later as Spiral ) Corkscrew Worlds of Fun 1976-1988, Formosa WonderWorld 1990-2006 1976 Relocated/unknown
Fantasia Special Custom Looping Fantasia 1993 Operating
Gemini Special Coaster Systems Cedar Point 1978 Operating
Goldrusher Mine Train Six Flags Magic Mountain 1971 Operating
Great American Scream Machine Custom Looping Six Flags Great Adventure 1989 Demolished
Halilintar Loop & Corkscrew Dunia Fantasi 1987 Operating
Hayabusa Suspended Tokyo Summerland 1992 SBNO
Iron Dragon Suspended Cedar Point 1987 Operating
Lightning Loops (later Python) Launched Loop Six Flags Great Adventure 1978-1992, Six Flags America 1993-1998 1978 Relocated/Demolished
Lightnin' Loops (now Diamond Back ) Launched Loop Six Flags Great Adventure 1978-1986, Frontier City 1993-present 1978 Relocated/Operating
Loch Ness Monster Custom Looping Busch Gardens Williamsburg 1978 Operating
Loop Corkscrew (now Wild Thing ) Loop & Corkscrew Rocky Point Park 1984-1992, Wild Waves Theme Park 1997-present 1984 Relocated/Operating
Mad Mouse Mad Mouse Michigan's Adventure 1999 Operating
Mad Mouse Mad Mouse Myrtle Beach Pavilion 1998 Demolished
Mad Mouse Mad Mouse Valleyfair 1999 Operating
Magnum XL-200 Hyper Coaster Cedar Point 1989 Operating
Marche du Mille-pattes Mini Mine Train La Ronde 1967 Operating
Matterhorn Bobsleds Custom Disneyland 1959 Operating
Mini Mine Train Mini Mine Train Six Flags Over Georgia 1967 Demolished
Mini Mine Train Mini Mine Train Six Flags Over Texas 1969 Operating
Ninja Suspended Six Flags Magic Mountain 1988 Operating
Orient Express Custom Looping Worlds of Fun 1980 Demolished
Phantom's Revenge Hyper Coaster Kennywood 1991 Operating
Psycho Mouse Mad Mouse California's Great America 2001 Operating
Python Corkscrew Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 1977 Demolished
Ragin' Cajun (now Steamin' Demon ) Loop & Corkscrew Pontchartrain Beach 1978-1983, The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom 1984-present 1978 Relocated/Operating
Revolution (now Corkscrew Coaster) Loop & Corkscrew Libertyland 1979-2005, Gloria's Fantasyland 2014-present 1979 Relocated/Operating
Revolution Launched Loop Pleasure Beach Blackpool 1979 Operating
River King Mine Train Track 1 Mine Train Six Flags St. Louis 1971 Operating
River King Mine Train Track 2 (later Thunder Express ) (now Big Bad John ) Mine Train Six Flags St. Louis 1971-1987, Dollywood 1989-1998, Magic Springs and Crystal Falls 2002-present 1971 Relocated 2 times/Operating
Road Runner Express Mine Train Six Flags Fiesta Texas 1997 Operating
Roaring Tornado (now Sidewinder ) Launched Loop Magic Springs and Crystal Falls 1980-1989, Elitch Gardens 1990/present 1980 Relocated/Operating
Rock n' Roller Coaster (now Canyon Blaster ) Mine Train Opryland USA 1972-1997, Great Escape 2003-present 1972 Relocated/Operating
Roller Coaster Custom Loop Al-Sha'ab Leisure Park 1996 SBNO
Rolling X-Train Custom Looping Everland 1988 Operating
Runaway Mine Train Mine Train Six Flags Great Adventure 1974 Operating
Runaway Mine Train Mine Train Six Flags Over Texas 1966 Operating
Screamin' Demon (later Thunderbolt Express ) Launched Loop Kings Island 1977-1987, Camden Park 1988-1999 1977 Relocated/Demolished
Screw Coaster Corkscrew Nara Dreamland 1979 SBNO
Sea Viper Loop & Corkscrew Sea World 1982 Demolished
Serpent Mini Mine Train Six Flags Astroworld 1969 Demolished
Shockwave Custom Looping Six Flags Great America 1988 Demolished
Space Mountain Custom Indoor Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort 1975 Operating
Space Salamander Loop & Corkscrew Expoland 1980 Demolished
Steeplechase Special Coaster Systems Blackpool Pleasure Beach 1977 Operating
Tennessee Tornado Custom Looping Dollywood 1999 Operating
Thunderation Mine Train Silver Dollar City 1993 Operating
Titan Hypercoaster Space World 1994 Operating
Trailblazer Mine Train Hersheypark 1974 Operating
Corkscrew Double Corkscrew Yatsu-Yuenchi Park 1977 Relocated
Vampire Suspended Chessington World of Adventures 1990 Operating
Viper Custom Looping Darien Lake 1982 Operating
Viper Custom Looping Six Flags Magic Mountain 1990 Operating
Vortex Corkscrew Calaway Park 1982 Operating
Vortex Suspended Canada's Wonderland 1991 Operating
Vortex Custom Looping Kings Island 1987 Operating
Wabash Cannonball Corkscrew Opryland USA 1975-1997, Old Indiana Fun Park 1998-2003 1975 Relocated/Demolished
Wacky Soap Box Racers Special Coaster Systems Knott's Berry Farm 1976 Demolished
X2 Multi-dimensional Six Flags Magic Mountain 2002 Operating
XLR-8 Suspended Six Flags Astroworld 1984 Demolished
Yagiyama Cyclone Mine Train Benyland 1988 Operating
  • SBNO: Standing But Not Operating
  • Relocated/Operating: This coaster was relocated here and continues to operate
  • Eejanaika: this roller coaster was built by S&S-Arrow, since it was designed and constructed after the Arrow bankruptcy and merge with S&S Power.