List of Art Deco buildings in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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This is a list of Art Deco buildings and structures in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Zigzag Style[edit]

Zigzag Style
Image Building Date Architect Notes
Eleventh Street Arkansas River Bridge, U.S. Highway 66 over the Arkansas River 1916-17, Modified 1929 Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Co., Harrington, Howard & Ash[1] Listed on National Register of Historic Places[1]
SWBMainDialBuildingTulsa.jpg Southwestern Bell Main Dial Building, 424 South Detroit Avenue 1924, Modified 1930 I. M. Timlin Listed on National Register of Historic Places
Day Building (Nelson's Buffeteria), 512 South Boston Avenue[2] 1926 Bruce Goff
Fawcett Building (Stanolind/Amoco), 515 South Boston Avenue[2] 1926 Leon Senter
Tulsa Club, 115 East 5th Street 1927 Rush, Endacott and Rush, Bruce Goff
Medical and Dental Arts Building, 108 West 6th Street 1927 Arthur M. Atkinson, Joseph R Koberling Demolished
Pagewarehouse.jpg Page Warehouse, 2036 East 11th Street 1927 Rush, Endacott and Rush, Bruce Goff
AdahRobinsonHouse2.jpg Adah Robinson Residence, 1119 South Owasso Avenue 1927–1929 Bruce Goff
ONGBuildingTulsa.jpg Oklahoma Natural Gas Building, 624 South Boston Avenue 1928 Arthur M. Atkinson, Frederick V. Kershner Listed on National Register of Historic Places
Christ the King Church, 1530 South Rockford Avenue 1928 Byrne & Byrne, Francis Barry Byrne
Guaranty Laundry, 2036 East 11th Street 1928 Bruce Goff
Skelly Building Addition, 23 West 4th Street 1928 Bruce Goff Demolished
Bliss Hotel, 123 South Boston Avenue[2] 1929 L. I. Shumway Demolished 1973
BostonAvenueMethodist.jpg Boston Avenue Methodist Church, 1301 South Boston Avenue 1929 Disputed, Adah Robinson and Bruce Goff credited National Historic Landmark
PSOBuildingTulsa2.jpg Public Service of Oklahoma, 600 South Main Street 1929 Joseph R. Koberling Listed on National Register of Historic Places
Riverside Studio-38.jpg Riverside Studio, 1381 Riverside Drive 1929 Bruce Goff Listed on National Register of Historic Places
Westhope in sunlight.jpg Westhope, 3704 South Birmingham Avenue 1929 Frank Lloyd Wright Listed on National Register of Historic Places
Midwest Equitable Meter, 3130 Charles Page Boulevard 1929
Halliburton-Abbott Clothing Company Building (Sears/Skaggs), 500 South Boulder Avenue 1929 Frank C. Walter Demolished and replaced by OneOK Building.
Genet Building (American Airline Building) 1930 Noble, Fleming, Joseph R. Koberling Demolished, 1969
WarehouseMarket.jpg Warehouse Market, 925 South Elgin Avenue 1930 B. Gaylord Noftsger
Gillette-Tyrell Building Tulsa Oklahoma.jpg Gillette-Tyrell Building, 423 South Boulder Avenue 1930 Edward W. Saunders Listed on National Register of Historic Places
MiladysCleaners.jpg Milady's Cleaners, 1736-38 East 11th Street 1930
Merchant's Exhibit Building, Tulsa State Fairgrounds 1930 Bruce Goff Demolished (collapsed into abandoned coal mine)
National Supply Company (U-Haul), 504 East Archer street[2] 1930
Rachel Shoemaker TFD13.jpg Fire Station #13, 3924 Charles Page Boulevard[2] 1931 Albert Joseph Love
Philcade in downtown Tulsa.jpg Philcade, 511 South Boston Avenue 1931 Leon B. Senter Listed on National Register of Historic Places
Marquette School, 1519 South Quincy Avenue 1932
Tulsa Municipal Airport Administration Building, 6600 East Apache Avenue 1932 Demolished
State Theater (400 seats), 118 South Main Street 1935 Zigzag remodel of 1907 Wonderland Theater Joseph R. Koberling Demolished, 1973
Shakespeare Monument, Woodward Park[2] Adah Robinson, Eugene Shonnard /Users/steve/Desktop/Living Arts on Brady Again.JPG
Westinghouse Warehouse (Bedcheck) (Living Arts in 2009)

PWA Style[edit]

PWA Style
Image Building Date Architect Notes
Eleventh Street Arkansas River Bridge, U.S. Highway 66 over the Arkansas River 1916-17, Modified 1929 Listed on National Register of Historic Places
Oak Lawn Cemetery Entrance Gates, 11th and Peoria[2] c. 1930
Tulsa union Depot Modern pict 2009.jpg Tulsa Union Depot, 3 South Boston Avenue 1931 New Home of the Oklahoma Jazz Hall Of Fame, circa 2007. Often referred to as "Jazz Depot".
Animal Detention Center (Tulsa SPCA), 2910 Mohawk Boulevard[2] 1931
Fairgrounds Pavilion, Tulsa State Fairgrounds, now known as Expo Square Pavilion 1932 Leland I. Shumway
TulsaFireAlarmBuilding.jpg Tulsa Fire Alarm Building, 1010 East 8th Street 1934 Frederick V. Kershner Listed on National Register of Historic Places Current home to American Cancer Society
Union Bus Depot, 319 South Cincinnati Avenue 1935 Demolished
Webster High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma.jpg Daniel Webster High School, 1919 West 40th Street 1938 Arthur M. Atkinson, John Duncan Forsyth, Raymond Kerr, and William H. Wolaver.[3]
Will Rogers High School Tower.jpg Will Rogers High School, 3909 East 5th Place 1938 Joseph R. Koberling
Oklahoma Department of Transportation (Empire Roofing), 1709 East King Place[2] 1940
National Guard Armory, 3902 East 15th Street[2] 1942
Hawks Ice Cream Co., 2415 E. 11th Street[2] 1948
Service Pipeline Building (ARCO Building), 520 S. Cincinnati[2] 1949 Leon B. Senter and Associates[4]

Streamline Style[edit]

Streamline Style
Image Building Date Architect Notes
Holland Hall School Building (Boulder on the Park )[2] 1923, remodeled 1947 Listed on National Register of Historic Places
Uptown Theater (800 seats), 18 South Main Street 1928 Demolished, 1975
Tower Theater (800 seats), 1105 South Denver Avenue 1930 W. Scott Dunne Demolished, 1977
Mid Continent Oil Co. Station, 2102 South Utica 1931 Demolished
Marathon Oil Co. Station, 201 North Boston Avenue 1931 Demolished
Lerner Shop, 419 South Main Street remodeled ca. 1931
KVOO Transmitter Station, 15050 East 11th Street 1932 Demolished
Cities Service Oil Co. Station, 1502 East 11th Street 1932
WilliamWhenthoffResidence.jpg William D. Whenthoff Residence, 1142 South College Avenue 1933 Joseph R. Koberling
T. N. Law Residence, 1841 East 27th Street 1935 Demolished
G. C. Pride Residence, 2103 E. 3rd St. Remodeled 1935 Joseph R. Koberling Demolished
Texas Oil Co. Service Station, 2501 Southwest Boulevard 1936 Demolished
Jesse D. Davis Residence, 3231 South Utica Avenue 1936
J. B. McGay Residence, 1551 South Yorktown Place 1936 Joseph R. Koberling
TulsaMonumentCo.jpg Tulsa Monument Company, 1735 East 11th Street 1936 Harry H. Mahler
Silver Castle Restaurants, 15th & Peoria, Admiral & Lewis, 6th & Main, 113 E. 10th, 11th & Indianapolis, 3rd & Denver, 5600 E. 11th, 2341 S. Quannah, 3240 E. Admiral Pl. 1936-40 Ora Overholzer Art Deco Streamline Demolished
Burtner N. Fleeger Residence, 2827 South Birmingham Place 1937
John Duncan Forsyth Residence, 2424 East 29th Street 1937
Security Federal (Court of Three Sisters), 120 West 4th Street remodeled 1937 Harry H. Mahler[5] Demolished
Whitlock's Grocery, 2623 East 11th Street 1937 Demolished
John Leroy Shakley Residence, 7219 South Evanston Avenue 1937 Demolished
Howard J. Sherman Residence, 7228 South Evanston Avenue 1937
Loew's Delman Theater (1400 seats), 2335 East 15th Street 1938 W. Scott Dunne Demolished, 1989
Skelly Oil Company Station, 829 S. Denver Ave. 1938 Demolished
Arnold Ungerman Residence, 1718 East 37th Street remodeled 1941
People's State Bank, 2408 East Admiral Boulevard 1941 Demolished
City Veterinary Clinic, 3550 South Peoria Avenue 1942 Joseph R. Koberling
Midwest Marble and Tile, 507 South Quaker Avenue 1945
Century Geophysical Corp., 6650 East Apache Avenue 1946
DayAndNightCleaners.jpg Day and Nite Cleaners, 1012 S. Elgin Ave 1946 William Wolaver
Town and Country Restaurant, 3301 S Peoria[2] 1946
Phoenix Cleaners, 125 East 18th Street 1947
Newspaper Printing Corp. Office, 317 South Boulder Avenue 1947 John Cushing[6]
Morrow Geophysical Building, 3345 South Harvard Avenue 1948 Architecturally lost. Remodeling has removed Art Deco elements.
Parkcade Parking Garage, 2nd Street and Boston 1949 Henry R. Lohman Construction Company Demolished, 1973
Mayo Motor Inn, 416 South Cheyenne Avenue 1950 Leon B. Senter and Associates[7]
Baehler Brothers Service Station, 3702 South Peoria Avenue[2] 1950 Demolished, 2015
Big Ten Ballroom (American Beauty), 1632 East Apache Street[2] 1950
Southwestern Bell Branch Office (The Browns School), 1333 N. Utica[2]

Deco Moderne Style[edit]

Deco Moderne
Image Building Date Architect Notes
Tulsa Theater (1400 seats), 215 South Main Street 1941 Corgan & Moore Demolished, 1973
Will Rogers Theater (1000 seats), 4502 East 11th Street 1941 Jack Corgan Demolished, 1976
Pines Theater (1200 seats), 1515 North Cincinnati Avenue 1944 Corgan & Moore Demolished, 1966
Loew's Brook Theater (800 seats), 3307 South Peoria Avenue 1945 William Henry Cameron Calderwood
KVOO Radio Station, 3701 S. Peoria (KJRH)[2] 1946
RachelShoemakerTFD7.JPG Fire Station #7, 601 South Lewis Avenue[2] 1947 Joseph R. Koberling
Cove Theater (600 seats), 2321 West 41st Street 1947 Demolished, 1955
Fire Station #3, 1339 East 1st Street 1948 John Wesley Robb Demolished 1966 for I-244
RachelShoemakerTFD16.JPG Fire Station #16, 1401 North Lewis Avenue[2] 1948 John Wesley Robb
RachelShoemakerTFD15.JPG Fire Station #15, 4162 East Admiral Street[2] 1948 Hanton and Wilson
Peoria Theater (800 seats), 2541 North Peoria Avenue 1948 Demolished, 1985
Rex Theater (600 seats), 2545 East Admiral Place 1948 Deco Moderne remodel due to extensive fire and water damage closed
Rialto Theater (1200 seats), 17 West 3rd Street 1948 Deco remodel of 1905 Empress Theater Leon B. Senter Demolished, 1972
Royal Theater (800 seats), 2637 East 11th Street 1948, (converted to ballroom in the mid '50s) Hill, Sorey, & Hill Demolished, 1991
RachelShoemakerTFD14.jpg Fire Station #14, 3602 South Lewis Avenue 1950 Joseph R. Koberling
RachelShoemakerTFD17.JPG Fire Station # 17, 1351 North Sheridan[2] 1953 Hanton and Wilson
RachelShoemakerTFD3.JPG Fire Station #3, 1013 East 3rd Street[2] 1909 remodeled 1948
Home Federal Savings (BOK), 31st and Harvard[2] 1956 Koberling and Brandberg
KVOO Television Studio (KJRH), 3701 S. Peoria 1956 Koberling and Brandberg

Art Deco Revival[edit]

Image Building Date Architect Notes
Metro Diner, 3001 East 11th Street, Rt 66 1980
Downtown Tulsa Bus Stop.jpg MTTA Downtown Transfer Center, 4th and Denver 1999
Myers-Duren Harley Davidson, 4848 S. Peoria 1999


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