Arthur (season 12)

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Arthur (season 12)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 10 (20 segments)
Original network PBS
Original release October 6, 2008 (2008-10-06) – April 24, 2009 (2009-04-24)
Season chronology
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Season 11
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Season 13

The 12th season of the television series Arthur was originally broadcast on PBS in the United States from October 6, 2008 to April 24, 2009 and contains 20 episodes. The 10 episodes listed below were broadcast as season 12, and the other 10 were broadcast as season 13. This resulted all of season 13 episodes airing in several countries such as Canada and United Kingdom for many months prior the U.S. broadcast. This season was created and originally aired in the 16:9 widescreen format though still in 480i; in the U.S., they were and continue to be aired in 4:3, with the left and right sides cropped out. The animation was produced by Animation Services HK Ltd. instead of by AKOM. This was also the first season where Michael Hirsh was credited as the executive producer.

Joan Rivers guest starred as Francine's grandmother and Camel on the season's premiere episode "Is That Kosher?". Lance Armstrong guest starred in the episode "Room to Ride" as himself. Dallas Jokic replaced Cameron Ansell as the voice of Arthur, and Lyle O'Donohoe replaced Paul-Stuart Brown as the voice of Brain.


No. in
Title Written by Storyboard by Original air date
146 1 "Is That Kosher? / Never, Never, Never" Allan Neuwirth
Dietrich Smith
Robert Yap
Gerry Capelle
October 6, 2008 (2008-10-06)
Is That Kosher?: Francine tries to go 25 hours without eating or drinking for Yom Kippur. When she finds out that Arthur is having a pizza party at his house on Yom Kippur, she tries to forget about it, but keeps on seeing words that describe food. To keep her mind off, she goes to Arthur's house thinking that the party is over, but when she sees the pizza, she accidentally eats a slice. It turns out that her grandmother is eating on Yom Kippur, too, and her grandmother helps her to understand that she does not have to fast until age 13 and that Jewish people are forbidden to fast if it hurts their health. Guest starring Joan Rivers as Bubby.
Never, Never, Never: D.W. has too many toys in her room and Mom wants to send some to charity. D.W. decides that she will give all of her toys to the people who love her most, forgetting that Mom said that she only needed to get rid of the ones she doesn't use. The Tibbles falsely say they love her more than ever, while Emily declines. It turns out that the Tibbles are shooting mudballs at the toys, and when D.W. wants them back, they reply the toys are theirs. D.W. believes that no one loves her, until Arthur comes by to pick her up from the Tibbles. He is able to get the toys that D.W. really loves, breaking his glasses along the way. D.W. decides to give some of her stuff away to get Arthur new glasses, and makes up with Emily.
147 2 "Room to Ride / The Frensky Family Fiasco" Martha Atwater, Ken Olshansky & Peter K. Hirsch
Peter K. Hirsch
Ivan Tankushev
Nick Vallinakis
October 13, 2008 (2008-10-13)
Room to Ride: Binky watches a tape of Lance Armstrong, and decides to bike. Unfortunately, he hits a pothole and gets injured. Arthur, Buster, Brain and Binky start a campaign to put in more bike lanes for the city. Lance Armstrong helps Binky with another injury and tells Binky that he doesn't need a celebrity to endorse the campaign.
The Frensky Family Fiasco: Francine realizes that her family isn't spending enough time together and makes every Tuesday family night. Unfortunately, things take a wrong turn as nobody can agree on what to do.
148 3 "D.W's Stray Netkitten / Bats in the Belfry" Matt Steinglass
Susan Kim
Gerry Capelle
Elise Benoît, Elie Klimos & Jeremy O'Neill
October 20, 2008 (2008-10-20)
D.W's Stray Netkitten: D.W. asks Arthur and Emily to babysit her Netkitten since a clown virus hacked their computer, demanding video game cheat codes.
Bats in the Belfry: Arthur, D.W., and Buster turn Grandma Thora's attic into a clubhouse until Arthur spots a bat. There's only one thing to do - find garlic! Instead, Arthur's dad builds a bat box.
149 4 "Ungifted / For The Birds" Joe Purdy
Susan Kim
Gerry Capelle & Michel Carbonneau
Ivan Tankushev
October 27, 2008 (2008-10-27)

Ungifted: Buster builds an old model harvester (called the Grain Reaper) bought by his Uncle Stu after he stumbled upon it in his closet. He hands it over to Arthur, who trades the Grain Reaper for Binky's Bionic Bunny poster, who then gives it to Brain, who donates it to Lakewood, who then puts it in the school sale. Arthur is upset when the Tibbles wreck it. So he rebuilds it incorrectly. Then, he brings it back to Buster, who was angry about the Grain Reaper being traded and donated. Buster buys a new harvester model with Arthur tagging along.

For the Birds: Brain eats breakfast when he hears talk on radio about sightings of a rare bird and he unsuccessfully attempts to spot it so he can win a prize after he signs up for a bird-watching club. He is angry when Buster talks about it at school and Buster disguises as a monster so he can scare away the remaining club members. Brain uses a tape recording of the bird he recorded when listening to the radio talk show in order to attract the bird but he plays a recording of a "Chickin' Lickin'" ad he accidentally recorded and doesn't get a chance to get evidence of the bird, but he and Buster are still glad they saw the bird and they walk off happily.
150 5 "On This Spot / The Chronicles of Buster" Dietrich Smith Ivan Tankushev & Jeremy O'Neill
Daniel Decelles
November 3, 2008 (2008-11-03)

On This Spot: After a lecture, Arthur prints out some images of the famous Native American Sitting Bull and a tree on the site where Sitting Bull performed in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Arthur's friends are not interested, and Buster starts making a tour called the "Derek Montaigne Tour" after Arthur asks what historic events were done in Elwood City. Arthur and Mr. Ratburn pay a visit to Seymour Turkel. Turkel hands a petition to Arthur to make the same tree shown above a memorial. When Buster continues the Montaigne Tour and finds out that Montaigne never was in Elwood City, he hands the tour over to Arthur, who then changes the subject of the tour. By then, he gets more signatures on the petition

The Chronicles of Buster: Buster watches a commercial for the 376-disc special edition DVD of The Chronicles of Amazia. One month later, Buster does bad and Arthur good when they train for a rock-climbing expedition. Buster keeps dreaming of being in Amazia when the Lord of Darkness is Arthro (the evil version of Arthur). Buster contacts Arthur and they rock-climb together..
151 6 "The Cherry Tree / Matchmaker Matchbreaker"[1]
"The Cherry Tree / Matchmaker Matchbreaker"[2]
Leah Ryan
Allan Neuwirth
Daniel Miodini, Nick Vallinakis & Sylvie Lafrance
Zhigang Wang
April 20, 2009 (2009-04-20)
The Cherry Tree: Muffy's insistence on having a huge Dream Bouncy Castle at her party results in her favorite cherry tree being cut down to make room for it.
Matchmaker Matchbreaker: Francine and Muffy play matchmaker for their older siblings Chip and Catherine, thinking if they marry the two of them will become sisters.
152 7 "War of the Worms / I Owe You One"[3] Gentry Menzel
Dietrich Smith
Elise Benoît, Elie Klimos, Zhigang Wang & Sylvie Lafrance
Daniel Decelles
April 21, 2009 (2009-04-21)
War of the Worms: Fern tricks Brain into believing that Elwood City is under attack from giant worms, leaving unmistakable evidence, while eventually leading Brain into a rampage against worms.
I Owe You One: Buster tries to repay all of the favors he owes Arthur by helping everyone whom Arthur owes favors to.
153 8 "The Blackout / Mei Lin Takes a Stand"[4] Cusi Cram
Peter K. Hirsch
Jeremy O'Neill, Daniel Miodini & Nadja Cozic
Nick Vallinakis
April 22, 2009 (2009-04-22)
The Blackout: Arthur and D.W. aren't sure they can survive without T.V. and A.C., when a blackout hits Elwood City on the hottest day of the year, until they learn about how Vicita and her family deal with the heat.
Mei Lin Takes a Stand: Binky's little sister, Mei-Lin, would rather crawl than walk until she hears a story from Pepe the flea (from "Flea To Be You and Me") and his brother.
154 9 "Home Sweet Home / Do You Believe in Magic"[5] Peter K. Hirsch
Jonathan Greenberg
Gerry Capelle
Daniel Decelles
April 23, 2009 (2009-04-23)
Home Sweet Home: Buster is fearful of attending summer camp, but discovers making new friends isn't as difficult as he thought.
Do You Believe in Magic: Arthur is jealous of Buster when his friend's magic talents outshine his own.
155 10 "The Perfect Game / D.W.'s Furry Freakout"[6] Elliot Thomson
David Steven Cohen
Jeremy O'Neill & Daniel Miodini
Elie Klimos & Élise Benoît
April 24, 2009 (2009-04-24)
The Perfect Game: Francine is excited about designing a model city for class until she starts the project and obsesses on the baseball stadium for her favorite team, the Grebes. Eventually she forgets about the whole project devoting everything to the stadium.
D.W.'s Furry Freakout: A cat finds its way to D.W., where she is accepted into her home. The cat causes much trouble with D.W., as they wait for its owner to claim it.


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