List of Arts et Métiers ParisTech alumni

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This is a list of notable people affiliated with the Arts et Métiers ParisTech. Alumni of the Arts et Métiers ParisTech are traditionally called Gadzarts.

Famous Gadzarts by field[edit]

"NH Prize" means that the person was awarded the Nessim Habif Prize. [1]

Armament industry[edit]

Automotive industry[edit]


  • Alexandre Goupil - Angers, 1859: first helix for airplanes
  • Lucien Chauvière - Angers, 1891: known for aircraft propeller designs
  • Charles Cormont - Angers, 1895: built 40 dirigible balloons
  • Louis Béchereau - Angers, 1896: first airplane to reaches a speed of 200 km/h; creator of the famous World War I SPAD air fighter (Guynemer's Vieux Charles), 13,000 of which were built
  • Léon Lemartin - Aix-en-Provence, 1902: co-designer of the Gnome Omega rotary aero-engine, pioneer aviator for Bleriot, world record holder
  • Antoine Odier - Aix, 1909: created the Odier Vendôme biplane and constructed a twin-engined seaplane with ballcocks
  • René Couzinet - Angers, 1921: built his famous Arc-en-Ciel, which flew Paris to Buenos-Aires in 2 days and 15 hours
  • Pierre Nadot - Paris, 1924: first flight of the Caravelle
  • Georges Gutman - Cluny, 1943: creator of the EROS oxygen mask for civil aviation; inventor of a pneumatic harness for the fast use of the mask in flight; NH prize


Printing Industry[edit]

  • Charles Catala - Châlons, 1839: Manufacture of straw paper mass
  • Joseph Heusse - Châlons, 1842: enhancements of printing machines
  • Abel Boisseau - Angers, 1856: with Marioni, he created the rotary presses
  • Louis Moyroud - Cluny, 1933: NH Prize; with René Higonet, he invented the automatic photocomposition, in 1944; member of the American National Inventor Hall of Fame


Mechanics - electricity[edit]

Textile industry[edit]

Public infrastructures industry[edit]

Miscellaneous (sorted by center of origin)[edit]


  • Joseph Meifred - Compiègne-Châlons-en-Champagne, 1801: cornist, pedagogue, horn designer; studied at the Paris Conservatory; based the Society of Arts et Métiers alumni in 1846


  • Henri Jus - Aix, 1847: geologist, master in the art of probing the ground; dedicated 44 years of his life to transforming the Sahara desert; doing this, he saves the Oued Rihr oasis and created around 500 water sources, yielding a total of 250 000 m3/min; created many oases; named"ßou el Ma » (the father of water) by the Saharan people
  • Henri Verneuil - Aix, 1940: NH Prize; French film maker


  • Jacques Bonsergent - Angers, 1930: accidentally involved in a scuffle with German soldiers in 1940; arrested by mistake, he refused to denounce his companions; sentenced to death by a German military tribunal and became the first shot person in Paris, on December 23, 1940 at age 28; his name was given to a subway station in Paris in 1946


  • Eugène Houdry - Châlons, 1908: dedicated his life to the development of oil processing techniques; invented several new processes and created 14 big catalytic cracking units; files more than 600 patents; thanks to the higher energetic power of his gasoline, Allied war planes proved superior to their opponents during World War II