List of Ashraf tribes in Libya

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Libyan society is composed of several Ashraf tribes. Ashraf (Arabic: أشرف‎) refers to someone claiming descent from Muhammad by way of his daughter Fatimah. The word is the plural of sharīf "noble", from sharafa "to be highborn". Ashraf, if pronounced with long ā in the second syllable (أشراف /ašrāf/) is the plural of Sharif, but with short a (أشرف /ašraf/) is the intensive of sharīf meaning "very noble", "nobler", "noblest".

List of Libyan Ashraf Tribes[1][edit]

  • Al-Zayadeen (الزيادين) - Descendants of Sidi Zaydan and Sidi Ahmed of the Moroccan Alaouites.
  • Al-Mazawgha (المزاوغة) - Descendants of Sidi Amer Al-Mezoghi (buried in the Sidi Amer Zawiya in Susah, Tunis); Al-Mezoghi is considered the grandfather of the Mezoghi tribe in both Libya and Tunisia.
  • Al-Ghrariyun (الغراريون) - Descendants of Sidi Salem.
  • Awlad Slayman (أولاد سليمان) - Descendants of the Seven Fawatir.
  • Gumata (قماطه) - Descendants of Muslim.
  • Al-Awasij (العواسج) - Descendants of Sidi Bou-Hmayra.
  • Shurafa Waddan (شرفاء ودان) - Descendants of Sidi Kolan.
  • Qadhadhfa (القذاذفة) - Descendants of Sidi Mousa.
  • Al-Hmaydat and Al-S'afaat (الحميدات والسعفات) - Descendants of Sidi Bou-Hmayda Al-Seqfi.
  • Al-'Ajaylat (العجيلات) - Descendants of Sidi Mohammed Harakat.
  • Al-Taboul (الطبول) - Descendants of Sidi Mohammed Abi Tabl.
  • Al-Serara (السرارة) - Descendants of Sidi Ibrahim Ben-Sarar.
  • Tribe honest Ouled Sidi Aburad Buzedion {البوزيديون}
  • Tribe honest Ouled Sidi Abdel Rahman Alepeshty Olobashat {لأبشات}
  • Tribe honest Ouled Sidi spears Alrmohh {الرمحة}
  • Tribe honest Ouled Sidi Ahmed Al Murr sang Alemragna {المراغنة}
  • Tribe honest Ouled Sidi Mohammed Faqih jurists {الفقهاء}
  • Tribe honest Ouled Sidi Sayeh tourists Alawneh {سياح العلاونة}
  • Tribe honest Ouled Sidi Abu safety Salamat Pegrean {السلامات بغريان}
  • Tribe honest Ouled Sidi Faraj Bin Hamdan Al Furjan {الفرجان}
  • Tribe honest Ouled Sidi Abdallah pole rhetorical Khatatba Alamranjon {}
  • Tribe honest Ouled Sidi Dawadi Building corner} {Amour
  • Tribe honest Ouled Sidi Hamid Aldhari Lhouderat {}
  • Tribe honest Alfoakhar tribe honest Ouled Sidi Abdel Wahed Dokali Aldoaklah Bmslath {}
  • Tribe honest Ouled Sidi Bnulec Bnonyel {and} Ahmed Bani, as well as Alhawwaosh and Afassion and Alsoadeneih ..
  • They are honest epiphyseal tribe of Dhirat Moulay Abdessalam Msheec They tribes as follows ..

[A] boys Sharif Sidi Haji Abdul Salam bin Hassan bin Omar Mashini tribe Alahbun {} [B] the children of Mr. Sharif Haj Yahia bin Fakhruddin Nabeul tribe Albrasp {} [C] Mr. Sharif boys nail bin Abdel Mawla {tribe nails} [D] Boys Sharif Sidi Haji Mohammad Abdul Nabi yellow bird, nicknamed Bclem and Abu Seif {a grandfather tribe children swordfish} [E] the children of Mr. Sharif guardian Almkashv Abdul Rahman aka Baldray {a very pan-epiphyseal tribe} [And] the children of Al-Wali Sidi Mohamed Messaoudi fishing hunting Yahyaoui, a grandfather {boys fishing and Masoudi} coast of Tripoli ..

  • Tribe honest Ouled Sidi Abdel Rahman Abu Zubaydah, a pole Dhirat Moulay Sidi Abdul-Qadir Gilani, a grandfather and brothers Zubaydat tribe tribe Al Zarqan Petrhonh and Alaqrapolly and Ifrane and grandfather of them all, a mosque of Sidi Omar Sharif alias {} Paljzar and brothers Alkmichat.
  • Tribe honest Chiaan {They Ouled Sidi M'hamed Abossaa} Devin city Sbiba west of Kairouan in Tunisia, a very honorable tribe Chiaan Libyan Balqatrin and Tunisian who is the brother-Sharif sir peace Ibograrh grandfather tribe Algrrat and buried in the town of Marth between Medenine and mandate plug Tunisian diameter brother ...
  • Tribe honest boys pole Sidi Ibrahim Mahjoub {Devin angle Mahjoub Misurata} a grandfather tribe Mahajip Misurata and Surman diameter Libyan and Tunisian palaces Sava diameter.
  • Tribe honest Azwaip tribe honest Brakna
  • Comparison and honest and honorable tribe Zayaanh and combined them seriously tribe is Mr. Sharif / Sidi Ahmed volcanic buried in the Kabylie region of Algeria confronted Milyana diameter and are the sons of Moulay Idriss son Imran.

Issa tribe honorable sons {West} corner Libyan diameter and includes them honorable Amour Aldoaudh Libyan brothers who are in the south as well as the tribe Furjan sons Sharif, Mr. Faraj bin Hamdan. [align = center] tribe honorable Taiaarh They are the sons of Al-Wali, Mr. Abdul Karim aka the pilot {} They Mtoajdon area Sabratha and Surman, Libya and Tunisia Shaker home and Oran in Algeria, as well as the children of Sharif Sidi Slimane pilot Libyan south. [/ align

  • Tribe honorable Alhamalh They are the sons of Sharif Sheikh Sidi Muammar Devin Tarhuna and Sir Ben negligence Devin Sirte

. Aldjaafarh honorable tribe and their grandfather Jafar Sharif, who hails from atomic boys Moulay Abdullah bin Idris and reside Pegrean and the Bedouins and Tripoli.

  • Tribe honorable sons of Sidi Moulay Cherif guardian Abu Kassim Abu Shusha Devin Azeltn and harbor tribe sons Khuwailed Balnsfir they are the offspring of Moulay Abdallah ibn Idris.

Honorable tribe built Badr and honor their grandfather Sidi Mohamed Ben Ali Devin Ghadames diameter Libyan {children} Badr.

  • Tribe honorable sons Sharif, Sir, on the coast of Tripoli Thana Btajurae Tchacna {}. Tribe honorable sons Moulay Sidi Sheikh Abdul Karim Nafati Alinvavch {}.

Tribe honorable Almnfah sons Sharif Manaf and reside Balbtnan and Tobruk, as well as Western Sahara Egyptian diameter and martyrs whom Sheikh Sidi Omar Mukhtar {}. Tribe honest

  • Tribe honest Almhachc green mountain and Batnan. Tribe honest Ouled Sidi Abu Roik and staying green mountain.

Sons, Sir Wazzani Btabriq. Tribe honest sons of Sir pots they secretly Nasality of atomic sons Moulay al-Qasim ibn Moulay Idriss and reside Bdrna who are few in number have settled their grandfather tuber in the middle of the second century of the Islamic History Sharif. They are honest tribe Almatik Zawh and Fassi boys Annan and Zakria children and the children and the children of the slaves Aoun They are scattered in the western region of the country of Libya.

  • Tribe honest Almkhalev and grandfather guardian Sharif Sidi Abdallah Abu pellicle Devin Ttaiwin Tunisian diameter brother.
  • Tribe honest Almkhayev and grandfather guardian Sharif Sidi Makhlouf Devin Marth state plug Tunisian diameter brother whom Alaqraredh Besrman.
  • Tribe honest Alnameon and their grandfather, Sir Sharif Ali bin ostrich They Lamamra sons of Abdul Nabi Alfrujan boys on


  • Tribe honest Alanaaash and grandfather guardian Sharif Sidi Abdel Rahman drowsiness and reside Btajurae and Tarhuna and Tripoli. Tribe honest Alhqarna and grandfather guardian Sharif Sidi Mohamed Abu pin Chkhkuk Pegrean.
  • Tribe honest Alamarion and grandfather Wali al-Sharif, Sir, on Imari Devin Rodth option Palace area.

[align = center] tribe honest young Pegrean and Rahiban and Ifrane and Fassato grandfather and guardian Sharif Sidi Mohamed Ben Salem {aka Papi gray hair and a black tongue} Devin town atmosphere Libya u. [/ align

  • Tribe honest Alrajaban grandfather and guardian, Mr. Sharif Ahmed Alrajaban Devin town Alrajaban.
  • Tribe Cdaadh and Ouled Sidi Youssef corner and mil and Tuibih and grandfather guardian Sharif Sidi Sidi Bin Mahfouz Abbas Alumblyly Moroccan.

Honorable tribe insisted D and the children and their grandfather Haj Wali al-Sharif, Mr. Alhaji Sidi Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Haj refused Jtalh Devin Rodth Palace boys Haj .

  • Tribe Ouled Sidi Abu happy and grandfather Sharif Sidi Ahmed Wali Dad ovens} {Devin mil.
  • Tribe Ouled Sidi star Devin Rodth east of Benghazi.
  • Tribe scarabs and Aljdua grandfather and guardian Sharif Sidi Youssef Aldjarany world famous and they Za'afarana Msallata honorable tribe Awassi they Petrhona grandfather and guardian, Mr. Sharif Abdel Mawla bin Isa Al patient whom were known.
  • Tribe honest Alkuanin Alknonion {} and grandfather guardian Sharif Sidi Ibrahim Alharf they Petrhona and Ahwaz Tripoli


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