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Every Asian Games since 1982 has its own mascot. Appu, the mascot for the 1982 Asian Games, was the first mascot.

Event Host city Mascot(s) Description
1982 Asian Games India New Delhi Appu An Indian elephant.
1986 Asian Games South Korea Seoul Hodori The mascot is the same for the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Summer Olympics.
1990 Asian Games China Beijing PanPan A panda.
1990 Asian Winter Games Japan Sapporo Unnamed mascot A squirrel.
1994 Asian Games Japan Hiroshima Poppo and Cuccu a pair of white doves.[1]
1996 Asian Winter Games China Harbin Doudou a character inspired by the pea plant.[2]
1998 Asian Games Thailand Bangkok Chai-yo

(Thai: ไชโย)

A Thai elephant.[3]
1999 Winter Asian Games South Korea Kangwon Gomdori a half-moon black bear cub.[2]
2002 Asian Games South Korea Busan Duria A seagull
2003 Asian Winter Games Japan Aomori Winta a black woodpecker.[2]
2005 Asian Indoor Games Thailand Bangkok Hey - Ha
(Thai: เฮ - ฮา)
a couple of elephants.
2006 Asian Games Qatar Doha Orry a Qatari oryx.[4]
2007 Asian Winter Games China Changchun Lulu a deer seen around Changchun commonly. It is a species of the sika deer, a native of East Asia.[5]
2007 Asian Indoor Games Macau Macau Mei Mei a black-faced spoonbill.[6]
2008 Asian Beach Games Indonesia Bali Jalak bali a Bali starling.[7]
2009 Asian Youth Games Singapore Singapore Frasia a young lion.[8]
2009 Asian Indoor Games Vietnam Hanoi Gà Hồ the Ho chicken (Gà Hồ), a distinctly Vietnamese rare breed of chicken, familiar as a symbol in Vietnam.
2009 Asian Martial Arts Games Thailand Bangkok Hanuman Yindee
(Thai: หนุมานยินดี)
Hanuman is a white – creamy super monkey from Ramakien (a Thai version of Ramayana).
2010 Asian Games China Guangzhou A Xiang (祥), A He (和), A Ru (如), A Yi (意) and Le Yangyang (樂洋洋). the five sporty rams.[9]
2010 Asian Beach Games Oman Muscat Al Jebel, Al Reeh, and Al Med three local animals, there are Al Jebel (a tahr), Al Reeh (a houbara bustard), and Al Med (a green turtle).[10]
2011 Asian Winter Games Kazakhstan Astana and Almaty Irby a snow leopard.[11]
2012 Asian Beach Games China Haiyang Sha Sha, Yang Yang, and Hai Hai a cartoon that inspired from dragon and phoenix.[12]
2013 Asian Youth Games China Nanjing Yuan Yuan based on the image of Eosimias sinensis, the earliest higher primate to date found in Jiangsu. [13]
2013 Asian Indoor-Martial Arts Games South Korea Incheon Barame, Chumuro, and Vichuan The three mascots are the same for AIMAG 2013 and the 2014 Asian Games.
2014 Asian Games South Korea Incheon Barame, Chumuro, and Vichuan Three seal siblings.[14]
2014 Asian Beach Games Thailand Phuket Sin, Sakorn, and Samut
(Thai: สินธุ์, สาคร,สมุทร)
Three green sea turtles.[15]
2016 Asian Beach Games Vietnam Da Nang Chim Yen a swallow.
2017 Asian Winter Games Japan Sapporo Ezomon a flying squirrel.
2017 Asian Youth Games Indonesia Jakarta TBA
2017 Asian Indoor-Martial Arts Games Turkmenistan Ashgabat TBA
2018 Asian Games Indonesia Jakarta and Palembang TBA
2021 Asian Youth Games Indonesia Surabaya TBA

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