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This is a list of games for the Atari Jaguar video game system, as well as Atari Jaguar CD games, organized alphabetically by name. 67 games were for the Atari Jaguar itself, 15 were for the Atari Jaguar CD, which gives a total of 82 games. See Lists of video games for related lists.

Title(s) Developer(s) Publisher(s) Region(s) Year
AirCars 94
AirCars Midnight Entertainment Group ICD, Inc. World 1997
Alien vs. Predator Rebellion Atari World 1994
Arena Football '95 (Beta) V-Real Interactive Atari, Jaguar Sector II, B&C ComputerVisions World 2006
Atari Karts Miracle Designs Ltd. Atari World 1995
Attack of the Mutant Penguins Sunrise Games Atari World 1995
American Hero Atari Atari World Unreleased
Another World Delphine Software/Sébastien Briais Retro-gaming Connexion World 2013
Barkley Shut Up and Jam (Beta) Accolade Accolade World unreleased
BattleSphere 4 Play/ScatoLOGIC inc. 4 Play/ScatoLOGIC inc. World 2000
BattleSphere Gold 4 Play/ScatoLOGIC inc. 4 Play/ScatoLOGIC inc. World 2002
Beebris Reboot Reboot World 2009
Black Out! Stormworks Interactive Stormworks Interactive World 2012
Breakout 2000 MP Games Telegames World 1996
Brett Hull Hockey (Beta)
Brutal Sports Football Millenium Interactive,Teque Telegames World 1994
Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales Imagitec Design Atari, Accolade NA 1994
Cannon Fodder Sensible Software Virgin Interactive World 1994
Checkered Flag Rebellion Atari World 1994
Club Drive Atari Atari NA 1994
Cybermorph Attention To Detail Atari Corporation NA 1993
Defender 2000 Llamasoft Atari, Williams Entertainment World 1995
Degz Reboot Reboot World 2012
Doom Id Software Atari NA 1994
Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls Williams Entertainment Williams NA 1995
Downfall Reboot Reboot World 2011
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Midway Virgin Interactive World 1994
Elansar Orion Orion World 2013
Evolution: Dino Dudes Imagitec Design Atari World 1993
Fever Pitch Soccer U.S. Gold Atari Games World 1995
Fight For Life Atari Atari World 1996
Flashback Tiertex U.S. Gold World 1995
Flip Out! Gorilla Systems Atari World 1995
Full Circle: Rocketeer Reboot RGCD World 2013
GORF Classic Arcade game 3-D Stooges World 2005
HMS RaptoR Reboot Reboot World 2011
Highlander: The Last of the MacLeods Lore Design Limited Atari World 1995
Hover Strike Atari Atari World 1995
Hyper Force Visual Impact Songbird Productions World 2000
Impulse X MD Games,Duranik MD Games World 2012,2013
International Sensible Soccer Sensible Software Telegames World 1995
Iron Soldier Eclipse Software Atari NA 1994
Iron Solder Beta
Iron Soldier 2 Eclipse Software Telegames World 1997
I-War Imagitec Design Atari World 1995
Kasumi Ninja Hand Made Software Atari Games NA 1994
Kobayashi Maru Reboot Reboot World 2011
Kobayashi Maru: Final Reboot RGCD World 2012
Mad Bodies Force Design Force Design World 2008
Missile Command 3D Atari, Virtuality Atari World 1995
NBA Jam: Tournament Edition High Voltage Software Acclaim World 1996
Phase Zero
Pinball Fantasies Spidersoft 21st Century Entertainment World 1995
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Imagitec Design Activision,Atari World 1995
Power Drive Rally Atari Games,Time-Warner Interactive Time-Warner Interactive World 1995
Primal Rage Probe Time-Warner Interactive World 1995
Project One (level 1 demo) Reboot Reboot World 2009
Protector Bethesda Softworks Songbird Productions World 1999
Protector SE Songbird Productions World 2002
Raiden Imagitec Design Atari World 1994
Rayman Ubisoft Ubisoft NA 1995
River Riders Argonaut Games Jaleco, Fox Interactive NA, PAL, JP 1994
Skycopter Carousel Entertainment World 1996
Skyhammer Rebellion Developments Songbird Productions World 2000
Soccer Kid Krisalis Songbird Productions World 2000
SpaceWar 2000 2001
Super Burnout Shen Atari,Virtual Xperience World 1995
SuperFly DX Reboot Reboot World 2010
SuperCross 3D Tiertex Atari World 1995
Syndicate Bullfrog Productions Ocean World 1995
Speedster II Carousel Entertainment World 1996
Tempest 2000 Atari Atari NA 1994
Theme Park Bullfrog Productions Electronic Arts NA 1995
Tiny Toon Adventures (DEMO) 1994
Total Carnage Midway Games Hand Made Software World 2005
Towers II: Plight of the Stargazer JV Games Telegames World 1996
Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy Atari Atari NA 1993
Troy Aikman NFL Football Telegames Atari,Williams Entertainment NA 1995
Ultra Vortek Beyond Games Atari World 1995
Val D'isére Skiing and Snowboarding Virtual Studio Atari World 1994
White Men Can't Jump High Voltage Software Atari, Trimark Interactive NA 1995
Wolfenstein 3D Id Software Atari World 1994
World Tour Racing
Worms Team17 Ocean Software NA 1998
Zero 5 Caspian Software Telegames World 1997
Zool 2 Gremlin Graphics Gremlin Graphics World 1994
Zoop Hookstone Productions Viacom New Media World 1995