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The Atari Jaguar console
An Atari Jaguar CD attached to the Jaguar

This is a list of titles for the Atari Jaguar and its CD add-on developed and released by independent developers and publishers. Many of the games present here have been released long after the end of the console's official life span in 1996, with the last officially licensed title released in 1998. Consequently, these homebrew games are not endorsed or licensed by Atari. After the properties of Atari Corporation were bought out by Hasbro Interactive in 1998,[1] the rights and patents to the Jaguar were released into the public domain in 1999, declaring the console an open platform and opening the doors for homebrew development.[2][3][4] Thanks to this, a few developers and publishers such as AtariAge, B&C Computervisions, Piko Interactive, Songbird Productions and Video61 continue to release previously unfinished games from the Jaguar's past life cycle, as well as new titles, to satisfy the system's cult following as of date.

Homebrew games for the Atari Jaguar are released in either cartridge, CD or both formats to satisfy system owners. Titles released in the CD format are either glass mastered, or burned on regular CD-Rs however, since the add-on was released in very limited quantities, most homebrew developers publish their works either online on forums or on cartridge via independent publishers. Many of the cartridge releases are styled as retail Jaguar titles from the era. As both systems do not enforce regional locking all titles are region free but some titles, such as Gorf Classic[5] and the initial release of Black Out! do not work correctly on PAL systems. Some of the earliest CD releases were not encrypted, requiring either B&C's Jaguar CD Bypass Cartridge[6] or Reboot's Jagtopia (Freeboot) program burned into a CD in order to run unencrypted CD games,[7] however Curt Vendel of Atari Museum released the binaries and encryption keys for both cartridge and CD formats, making it possible to run games without the need for development hardware.[8] The first homebrew title programmed for the Jaguar dates back to 1995, which was a Jaguar version of Tetris called JSTetris (often referred as Jaguar Tetris or JagTris) developed using a hacked Jaguar (BJL, ROM replaced by custom software).[9]

The following list includes all of the post-release titles as of 2018, as well as homebrew games and demos made by the community. There has been an increase in the number of homebrew games being released for the Jaguar in recent years, which started in 2016 and 2017 saw the highest number of new titles released for the system since 1998.

Post-release homebrew games[edit]

Title[10] Genre Developer(s) Publisher(s) Release dates
3D ZYX Action, Arcade Wave 1 Games Wave 1 Games October 26, 2022
ABSORBIERER Action, Arcade Der Luchs Luchs Soft July 30, 2015
A Frogz 64 Christmas Action, Arcade Wave 1 Games Wave 1 Games December 13, 2017 (CD-ROM)
December 7, 2018 (Cartridge)
Alice's Mom's Rescue Platform Orion Orionsoft March 26, 2015
American Hero Interactive movie Inter-Active Productions B&C Computervisions April, 2003
Another World Action-Adventure The Removers Retro-Gaming Connexion (RGC) November 25, 2013
ANTS Action, Arcade atari2600land
Wave 1 Games
Wave 1 Games November 15, 2018
Arena Football '95 Sports V-Real Interactive B&C Computervisions
Jaguar Sector II
July 15, 2006
ARNE - Jäger des Jags Platform, Arcade Der Luchs Luchs Soft August 8, 2015
AstroStorm Shoot 'em up SporadicSoft AtariAge October 20, 2017
AUSWEICHMANÖVER Arcade Der Luchs Luchs Soft December 20, 2014
Barkley Shut Up and Jam! Sports Ringler Studios B&C Computervisions July, 2002
BattleSphere Space combat 4Play ScatoLOGIC, Inc. February 29, 2000
BattleSphere Gold Space combat 4Play/ScatoLOGIC, Inc. 4Play/ScatoLOGIC, Inc. March 15, 2002
BattleSphere Trio Space combat 4Play/ScatoLOGIC, Inc. 4Play/ScatoLOGIC, Inc. June 9, 2006
Beebris Special Edition Puzzle Reboot Jagware
January 17, 2010
Black ICE\White Noise Action-Adventure Atari Corporation Ambient Distortions
Kelp Entertainment
March, 2003
Black Out! Puzzle Stormworks Interactive Stormworks Interactive July 9, 2012
Brett Hull NHL Hockey Sports Ringler Studios B&C Computervisions (Cartridge)
Jaguar Sector II (CD-ROM)
January 9, 2004 (Cartridge)
May 14, 2009 (CD-ROM)
Caves of Fear Interactive movie Atari Corporation B&C Computervisions 2002
CGE 5th Non-game Songbird Productions Songbird Productions 2002
Custodian Action, Platform Realms Software Concepts Piko Interactive January 30, 2017
Defender of the Crown Strategy Cinemaware AtariAge September 18, 2018
Double Feature #1 Strategy Duranik
MD Games
MD Games October 31, 2006
Downfall Arcade Reboot Jagware April 16, 2011
Downfall+ Arcade Reboot Jagware March 2, 2014
The Early Years CD Collection Compilation Songbird Productions
MD Games
Starcat Devocean
Songbird Productions September 6, 2019
Eerievale Graphic adventure Starcat Developments Starcat Developments 2004
Elansar Graphic adventure Orion Orionsoft July 29, 2013
Escape 2042: The Truth Defenders Platform Orion AtariAge October 20, 2017
Fast Food 64 Arcade Wave 1 Games Wave 1 Games June 23, 2017
Fast Food 64: Holiday Snacks Arcade Wave 1 Games Wave 1 Games December 7, 2018
Flappy McFur Arcade BitJag BitJag October 19, 2016
Frogz 64 Action, Arcade Wave 1 Games Wave 1 Games September 14, 2017
Frog Feast Action, Arcade RasterSoft OlderGames
Songbird Productions
August 20, 2005
Full Circle: Rocketeer Shooter Reboot RGDC June 7, 2013
Gorf Classic Shoot 'em up 3D Stooges Software Studios LLC 3D Stooges Software Studios LLC February 1, 2006
Head Over Heels Action Ocean Software Piko Interactive April 15, 2019
Hyper Force Action-adventure Visual Impact Productions Songbird Productions April 10, 2000
Impulse X Arcade, Breakout Duranik
MD Games
MD Games 2011 (CD-ROM)
2013 (Cartridge)
Impossamole Platform Core Design Piko Interactive April 15, 2019
JaguarMIND: Bomb Squad Puzzle Starcat Developments Starcat Developments November 12, 2005
JagZombies Arcade, Shooter Wave 1 Games Wave 1 Games August 15, 2018
JAGZOMBIES 2 Arcade, Shooter WAVE 1 GAMES WAVE 1 GAMES November 29, 2020
Jaguar Hockey Legends '15 Sports Fredifredo Gaztee July 27, 2015
Jagware Collection 1.0 Compilation Cerebral Vortex Software Development
The Removers
April 6, 2013
Jeff Minter Classics Compilation Llamasoft AtariAge October 20, 2017
Kobayashi Maru: Final Shoot 'em up Reboot AtariAge
December 4, 2012
Lost Treasures Compilation Starcat Developments Starcat Developments 2006
Mad Bodies Breakout, Shoot 'em up FORCE Design FORCE Design May 2, 2009
Native Demo Shoot 'em up Duranik B&C Computervisions
Songbird Productions
Ocean Depths Compilation Starcat Developments Starcat Developments 2004
Orion's Jaguar Collection Compilation Orion Orionsoft May 4, 2009
Painter Arcade, Maze Sinister Developments Sinister Developments August 9, 2003
Painter Special Edition Arcade, Maze Sinister Developments OMF 2008
Phase Zero Action, Shooter Hyper Image Productions B&C Computervisions
Songbird Productions
June 5, 2002
Philia: The Sequel to Elansar Graphic adventure Orion Orionsoft June 20, 2014
Protector Scrolling shooter Bethesda Softworks Songbird Productions December 20, 1999
Protector: Special Edition Scrolling shooter Songbird Productions Songbird Productions April 30, 2002
Protector: Resurgence Scrolling shooter Songbird Productions Songbird Productions September 12, 2014
Rebooteroids Arcade, Shoot 'em up Reboot AtariAge November 26, 2016
Robinson's Requiem Simulator Silmarils Songbird Productions May, 2011
Saucer Wars Arcade, Shoot 'em up Wave 1 Games Wave 1 Games August 31, 2019
Sea Battle Strategy Sergi Raregame RareGame April 7, 2017
SIMONE 64-Bit Memory Game Arcade, Strategy RISC Games RISC Games June 4, 2021 (CD-ROM)
Skyhammer Shooter Rebellion Developments Songbird Productions May 22, 2000
Soccer Kid Platform Krisalis Software Ltd. Songbird Productions February 7, 2000
Space War 2000 Shooter Atari Corporation B&C Computervisions September, 2001
SpideX Shoot 'em up Alexander von Knorring Alexander von Knorring November 17, 2020
SuperFly DX Arcade Reboot Reboot April 29, 2010
Switchblade Action, Platform Core Design Piko Interactive September 7, 2017
Total Carnage Shooter Hand Made Software Ltd. Songbird Productions September, 2005
Treasure Island Dizzy Puzzle Codemasters AtariAge September 18, 2018
Uwol: Quest for Money Plateforme Oceo Peleiades December, 2019
Varuna's Forces Action, Strategy Accent Media Productions B&C Computervisions 2009
Wormhole 2000 Shoot 'em up Alexander von Knorring Alexander von Knorring November 17, 2020
Xenon 2 Megablast Shoot 'em up The Assembly Line Peleiades May 27, 2016
Yopaz IceStar Puzzle Orion Orionsoft November 13, 2015

Homebrew games and demos[edit]

These are small games and demos made by multiple members and groups of the Jaguar homebrew community:[11][12]

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