List of Atari XEGS games

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This cartridge reissue of Blue Max illustrates the standard "Atari XE Video Game Cartridge" box design. It is coloured blue with a pattern of criss-crossing lines[1] and features artwork from the original release superimposed on top.

The following is a list of Atari XEGS games, organized alphabetically by name. The list includes only games that were released during the XEGS' lifetime, in matching "Atari XE Video Game Cartridge" boxes. Some of these titles were re-releases of earlier Atari 8-bit games in cartridge form. All of the games could also work with other computers of the Atari 8-bit line. There is a total of 32 games for the Atari XEGS.

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Title(s) Developer(s) Publisher(s) Region(s) Year
Ace of Aces 1987
Airball 1988
Archon: The Light and the Dark 1987
Ballblazer 1987
Barnyard Blaster 1987
Battlezone 1987
Blue Max 1987
Bug Hunt 1987
Choplifter 1988
Crime Buster 1987
Crossbow 1987
Crystal Castles 1988
Dark Chambers 1987
David's Midnight Magic 1987
Desert Falcon 1987
Donkey Kong 1987
Eastern Front (1941) 1987
Fight Night 1987
Flight Simulator II 1987
Food Fight 1987
GATO 1987
HardBall! 1987
Into the Eagle's Nest 1988
Karateka 1987
Lode Runner 1987
Mario Bros. 1987
Necromancer 1987
One-on-One Basketball 1987
Rescue on Fractalus! 1987
Star Raiders II 1987
Summer Games 1987
Thunderfox 1987


  1. ^ "The Video Game Critic's XE Game System review". Retrieved 2016-07-10. XEGS game titles were packaged in blue boxes [..] featuring elaborate artwork over a pattern of crisscrossing lines.