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The following broadcast stations in the Atlanta metropolitan area all have radio antennas on the named building or radio tower, or within 100 meters or 330 feet of the summit of the mountain, and are listed with call sign, frequency or channel, community of license, and licensee/owner.


Sweat Mountain[edit]

Antenna farm on Sweat Mountain

Sweat Mountain is a small antenna farm, located on the highest point in the core metro Atlanta not protected as a park, at a summit elevation of 1,640 feet (500 m). 34°4′1″N 84°27′20″W / 34.06694°N 84.45556°W / 34.06694; -84.45556 FM TV

There are also long-standing applications (potentially moot) for broadcast translators by Calvary Chapel on 94.5 and 103.7 to serve Woodstock. Another application for a translator on 102.1 by Community Public Radio to serve "Sweat Mountain" (which is not a community) is also listed by the FCC.

There was also a 50 kW transmitter on former TV channel 55 for MediaFLO, a pay TV service that was available on mobile TV. It was part of a single-frequency network across the metro area, all operated under callsign WPZA237 regionally. It was located 26 meters (85 ft) above ground level of approximately 1,620 feet (490 m), at 34°3′59″N 84°27′14″W / 34.06639°N 84.45389°W / 34.06639; -84.45389, a separate tower from those listed for the other stations above.[1]

Another transmitter on 56 is licensed to Manifest Wireless (EchoStar, like Dish Network) in the same manner: an SFN along with seven other locations in metro Atlanta that each have callsign WQJY980 (though this is different from other markets), and using a separate tower (at the same coordinates as MediaFLO) from the regular broadcast stations on the mountain. A strong ATSC signal is transmitted, but appears to carry only ATSC-M/H.

Stone Mountain[edit]

Located east of Atlanta in Stone Mountain, Georgia, it is owned by the state as part of the privately run Stone Mountain Park. 33°48′21.4″N 84°8′43.5″W / 33.805944°N 84.145417°W / 33.805944; -84.145417 FM TV

Kennesaw Mountain[edit]

The U.S. government and government of Georgia, as well as Cobb County government and Cobb EMC maintain non-broadcast facilities for internal communications. Its summit is 1808 feet or 550 meters AMSL, making it the highest point in the immediate metro area.

Bear Mountain[edit]

Located nearest Waleska, Georgia and Lake Arrowhead, and is the highest point in the expanded metro area at 2297 feet or 700 meters AMSL. 34°18′48″N 84°38′55″W / 34.31333°N 84.64861°W / 34.31333; -84.64861 FM TV

Blackjack Mountain[edit]

Sawnee Mountain[edit]

Located near Cumming, Georgia.


Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel[edit]

The tallest in Atlanta when it was built, it has always held multiple stations.33°45′34″N 84°23′19″W / 33.75944°N 84.38861°W / 33.75944; -84.38861 FMTV

  • original main transmitter for what is now WUPA TV 69, until lack of space for its digital TV forced it to move
  • original main transmitter and current allotment and backup for WZGC FM 92.9
  • original location and still the allotment for WSTR FM 94.1
  • WNNX FM 100.5 College Park, original/current location, previously WWWQ
  • WTHC-LD 42 (42.1) digital, original and current
  • WTBS-LP 26 analog, niw at North Druid Hills
  • XM Satellite Radio repeater

Bank of America Plaza[edit]

Replaced the Westin as Atlanta's tallest, and held LPTV stations and still an amateur radio repeater. 33°46′15″N 84°23′10″W / 33.77083°N 84.38611°W / 33.77083; -84.38611 FM TV

  • WDTA-LP 53 Fayetteville former analog license, off-air as of mid 2010
  • WANN-CA 32 Atlanta former analog license, WANN-LD 29 former digital permit (now at Druid Hills site)
  • WTBS-LP 26 Atlanta former analog license, WTBS-LD 30 former digital permit (now at Druid Hills site)
  • W4DOC 146.820, amateur radio repeater

SunTrust Plaza (One Peachtree Center)[edit]

Atlanta's second-tallest skyscraper. (33°45′45″N 84°23′14″W / 33.76250°N 84.38722°W / 33.76250; -84.38722 FM TV

  • WDTA-LD 35 (53.1) Atlanta, digital license, and former analog permit on 50, previous analog 53 at Bank of America Plaza

Perimeter Center[edit]

Located in Dunwoody (on the border with Sandy Springs), atop 1050 Crown Pointe [1], a mid-rise office building. 33°55′54″N 84°20′43″W / 33.93167°N 84.34528°W / 33.93167; -84.34528 (WAMJ FM 107.5 at 1050 Crown Pointe) FM


Turner Broadcasting tower[edit]

Located adjacent to the Downtown Connector, and owned by Turner Broadcasting System, this was a three-leg self-supporting radio tower, on land owned by Comcast. Its city block is bounded by Spring Street on its west, West Peachtree Street on the east, 10th Street on the south, and former 11th Street (now part of the Turner campus) on the north. The adjacent building was gutted (except for the transmitter room), and the tower was to come down within 120 days (October 10) after the analog shutdown (June 12). By August 2010 however, the tower was just beginning to be disassembled, and the WNNX and WWWQ backups had permits to move to the Inman Park tower. Dismantling was finally completed by November 2010.

33°46′57″N 84°23′20″W / 33.78250°N 84.38889°W / 33.78250; -84.38889 (Turner Broadcasting tower)FM TV

  • former WPCH-TV 17 Atlanta main (DTV 20 and analog backup are at North Druid Hills), owned by Turner
  • former WNNX FM 100.5 backup at 5 kW
  • former WLTA/WRMM/WARM/WAPW/WNNX FM 99.7 main, now WWWQ FM 99.7 backup (62 kW) and allotment

A previous four-leg tower on the same spot was completed in 1949 for then-new WAGA-TV 5, and was later topped with a time-and-temperature sign after WAGA moved and before WJRJ TV 17 came on-air in 1967. Storer Broadcasting owned WAGA, and Storer Cable in Atlanta changed hands to eventually become part of Comcast, which is in turn how the Time Warner station ended-up on its competitor's land.

North Druid Hills[edit]

These are actually two guyed towers immediately west-northwest of where Clifton Road ends at Briarcliff Road, near Emory University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is sometimes known as the Richland tower site, for the company that owns it. WAGA-TV 27 (5.1) is located just to the south on Briarcliff, on the other side of South Fork Peachtree Creek.

East tower

33°48′26″N 84°20′22″W / 33.80722°N 84.33944°W / 33.80722; -84.33944 (North Druid Hills radio/TV tower east) FM TV

  • WUVM-LP 4 Atlanta, analog license
  • W45DX-D 45 Atlanta and former W24AL-D digital permit, Ventana Television (Home Shopping Network)
  • WIRE-CD 40 Atlanta, former analog license and construction permits, former digital permit on 29
  • WANN-CD 29 (32.x) Atlanta, digital license, Prism Broadcasting
  • WTBS-LD 30 (26.x) Atlanta, on-air digital since 2011, Prism Broadcasting
  • WDWW-LD 28 Cleveland, digital permit, analog nearly 100 miles away
  • WLVO-LD 26 Cumming
  • WAGC-LD 14 Atlanta, since 2013
  • WTBS-LP 6 Atlanta, on-air analog permit, abusing channel as a way to get its analog audio on 87.75 FM
  • WPCH-TV 20 (17.1) Atlanta, digital 20, former analog backup 17, analog main was on Turner tower
  • WATL TV 25 (36.1) Atlanta, and former analog 36
  • WUVG-DT 48 (34.x) Athens, digital only, analog 34 was closer to Athens
  • WHSG-TV 44 (63.x) Monroe, licensed here on 2011
  • WGCL-TV 19 (46.x) Atlanta, licensed here in 2006
  • WUPA 43 (69.x) Atlanta, since 2011, formerly at Reynoldstown
  • WRFG FM 89.3 Atlanta
  • WCLK FM 91.9 Atlanta, since 2013
  • Diplexed antenna at 340m since 2000s:
    • WZGC FM 92.9 Atlanta, originally on Westin Peachtree Plaza
    • WWWQ FM 99.7 Atlanta, originally on Turner tower as WNNX
  • Diplexed antenna at 330m:
WUBL/WWPW moved to WKHX antenna in 2013
  • Diplexed antenna at 303m:
    • W250BC 97.9 Riverdale, a "translator" to relay WNNX FM 100.5 entirely within its own service area, Cumulus Media
    • W255CJ 98.9 Atlanta, a "translator" to relay WWWQ FM 99.7 entirely within its own service area, Cumulus Media
    • W229AG 93.7 Atlanta, a "translator" to relay WCNN AM 680 entirely within its own service area, Dickey Broadcasting
  • former long-standing application for a broadcast translator from Immanuel Broadcasting Network on 101.9
  • Diplexed antenna at 268m:
    • W290AS FM 93.3 Bainbridge, about 400 km away in extreme SW Georgia, abandoning that city on 105.9 to retranmit WCFO AM 1160 East Point
    • W266BW FM 101.1 Winder, moving antenna from atop Stone Mountain to share it with W290AS, same slight null toward NNW
West tower

33°48′27″N 84°20′27″W / 33.80750°N 84.34083°W / 33.80750; -84.34083 (North Druid Hills radio/TV tower west) FM TV

  • WGCL-TV 19 (46.1) Atlanta
  • WKHX-FM 101.5 Marietta, backup and allotment, indicating it probably used the site before
  • Diplexed antenna (moved to east tower):
    • WUBL FM 94.9 Atlanta, allotment and backup (former main) license, Citicasters
    • WWPW FM 96.1 Atlanta, allotment and backup (former main) license, Citicasters
  • Diplexed antenna at 303m (moved to east tower):
    • WYAY FM 106.7 Atlanta, backup facility, Cumulus
    • WWPW FM 96.1 Atlanta, backup facility, Citicasters
  • W222AF 92.3 Marietta, a "translator" to relay WWPW FM 96.1 HD-3 entirely within its own service area, Immanuel Broadcasting
  • former applications for translators on 89.7 and 88.9 from WAY-FM Media Group

One tower also has an XM Satellite Radio repeater.


Located just south of DeKalb Avenue, east of Moreland Avenue (U.S. Route 23 and Georgia 42). Three towers are in the area, with two next to each other at the east end of New Street (a cul-de-sac or roundabout) nearer Edgewood, and one at the south end of Arizona Avenue (a dead end) nearer Kirkwood.

New Street, northeast (painted) tower

33°45′33″N 84°20′5″W / 33.75917°N 84.33472°W / 33.75917; -84.33472 (New Street radio/TV tower) FM TV

WSTR, WSB, and WVEE may share the same antenna through a diplexer, because they are listed as having nearly the same height.

New Street, southwest (unpainted) tower
Arizona Avenue tower

33°45′24″N 84°19′55″W / 33.75667°N 84.33194°W / 33.75667; -84.33194 (WXIA-TV tower) TV

Inman Park[edit]

Located between Interstate 20 and Memorial Drive east of Boulevard, at south end of Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta, and west of Peoplestown. 33°44′41″N 84°21′36″W / 33.74472°N 84.36000°W / 33.74472; -84.36000 (Inman Park radio/TV tower) FM TV

  • WUPA TV 43 (69.1) Atlanta, for which the tower was constructed, and former analog 69, now moved to North Druid Hills
  • WHSG-TV 44 (63.x) Monroe, digital 44 only, analog was closer to Monroe
  • WIRE-CD 40 (40.x) Atlanta, former analog license flash-cut to digital
  • W06CM-D 6 Atlanta, expired digital permit for W45DX-D which is at North Druid Hills
  • WYGA-CD 16 (16.x) Atlanta, on-air, digital permit for 18
  • WYGA-CA 45 Atlanta, previously on-air but now-silent analog permit, previous analog 55 was elsewhere
  • W275BK FM 102.9 Decatur, permit issued in January 2010 to move from Edgewood
  • single backup antenna for both WUBL FM 94.9 and WWPW FM 96.1
  • WWWQ (and formerly also WNNX) permits to move backup facilities from Turner tower, one for WUBL/WWPW antenna and another lower down, filed same day in 2009
  • WQJY980, ATSC-M/H transmitter for Manifest Wireless mobile DTV on former TV channel 56
  • W233BF FM 94.5 Social Circle, application made in March 2012 to moved from north of Conyers, possibly to retransmit WQXI AM

Freedom Parkway[edit]

This tower is so close to Freedom Parkway that one of its three sets of guy-wires goes over the road. To prevent falling ice in winter, the roadway is covered by a "tunnel" of sorts. 33°45′51″N 84°21′42″W / 33.76417°N 84.36167°W / 33.76417; -84.36167 (WSB-TV tower) FM TV

  • WSB-TV 39 (2.x) Atlanta, and former analog 2
  • W296BB FM 107.1, circumventing translator restrictions by retransmitting out-of-market WTSH FM 107.1 via local WSB-FM 98.5 HD-3.

Holly Springs[edit]

Bounded by Interstate 575 on the west, old Georgia 5 on the east, and Rabbit Hill Road on the south. 34°9′14″N 84°30′44″W / 34.15389°N 84.51222°W / 34.15389; -84.51222 (Rabbit Hill Road radio tower)

  • former WGST/WMXV 105.7 Canton, after Bear Mountain and before Sweat Mountain
  • Mobile phone base stations (these antennas are halfway up)