List of Australian Army brigades

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Australian troops from the 1st Brigade in a captured Ottoman trench at Lone Pine, 6 August 1915

This is a list of the brigades raised by the Australian Army. The list includes brigades that served in World War I, World War II, Vietnam and the present-day brigades.

Current active brigades[edit]

A soldier of the 5/7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, previously part of the 1st Brigade, conducts fire and movement during training in 2001.

World War I[edit]

Light horse[edit]

A trooper of the 15th Light Horse Regiment, part of the 5th Light Horse Brigade


Troops of the 5th Brigade at Picardie, France, 8 August 1918

World War II[edit]


4th Armoured Brigade Matilda II and M3 Grant tanks firing small calibre weapons during a demonstration


Support Group[edit]



An honour guard drawn from the 7th Brigade and 3rd Division in 1945


  • 1st Garrison Brigade
  • 2nd Garrison Brigade
  • 3rd Garrison Brigade
  • 5th Garrison Brigade


  • 1st Training Brigade
  • 2nd Division Infantry Training Brigade
  • 4th Training Brigade
  • 6th Training Brigade
  • 7th Training Brigade
  • 9th Training Brigade


The following artillery formations were all called brigades by the army but with three batteries assigned they were only the size of an artillery regiment.

Anti Aircraft Artillery[edit]

Field Artillery[edit]

Medium Artillery[edit]

Heavy Artillery[edit]

Occupation of Japan[edit]

Troops from the 34th Brigade march through Saijo, Japan, in 1946


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