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This is a list of AFL shows which have aired on Australian television, as of 2011.


AFL Game Day[edit]

Channel:  Seven Network
Years:  2008–present
Airs:  Sunday @ 10:00am
Duration:  60 minutes

Current Cast[edit]

AFL Game Day: Primetime[edit]

Seven Network
Hosted by Hamish McLachlan, with Tom Harley, Matthew Richardson, Ben Cousins and Jason Akermanis

AFL Lovematch[edit]

Fox Footy Channel

AFL Squadron[edit]

Seven Network
Hosted by Garry Lyon

AFL Teams[edit]

Fox Sports Australia

AFL Today[edit]

Seven Network, early 1990s
Hosted by Bruce McAvaney, with Scott Palmer

Any Given Sunday[edit]

Channel:  Nine Network
Years:  2005–2006
Aired:  Sunday @ 1:00pm
Duration:  60 minutes

Season 1 Cast[edit]

Season 2 Cast[edit]

Before the Bounce[edit]

(Fox Sports Australia)

Before the Game[edit]

Originally named After the Game in 2003

Channel:  Network Ten
Years:  2003–2013
Airs:  Thursday @ 8:30pm (Originally Saturday @ 6.30pm and 11:30pm)
Duration:  60 minutes / 30 minutes

Current Cast[edit]

Former Cast[edit]

Current Segments[edit]

  • Tool of the Week
  • Player of the Day
  • Newspaper Headlines
  • Inside 60

Former Segments[edit]

  • Diary of a Footballer
  • Jumping in Hot Water
  • "Strauchanie"
  • Lehmo's Footy Clinic
  • Make a Wish Foundation

Beyond the Boundary[edit]

(Network Ten)
Hosted by Christi Malthouse

The Big League[edit]

Hosted by Peter Landy

The Bounce[edit]

(Seven Network)

The Business End[edit]

Herald Sun web series
Years:  2011–present
Airs:  Saturday @ 7:00pm
Duration:  21 minutes (3 × 7 minutes)

Current Cast[edit]

  • Sam Edmund  (Host, 2011—present)
  • Paul Roos  (Panellist, 2011—present)
  • Mike Sheahan  (Panellist, 2011–present)
  • Mark Robinson  (Panellist, 2011—present)

Classic Quarters[edit]

(Fox Footy Channel)

The Club[edit]

(Seven Network, 2001)
Hosted by Craig Hutchison, with David Rhys-Jones (as the coach)

The Collectors[edit]

(Fox Footy Channel)

Cometti Live[edit]

Nine Network, 2002
Hosted by Dennis Cometti, with Ben Allan and Brad Hardie

The Crows Show[edit]

Seven Network
Featuring James Brayshaw and Nikki Visser

The Fifth Quarter[edit]

Network Ten, 2004–2011

The Final Siren[edit]

Channel:  One
Years:  2011
Airs:  Sunday @ 6:00pm
Duration:  60 minutes / 30 minutes



  • Cross to Herald Sun office  (With Jon Ralph)
  • Top Ten Plays of the Week
  • Performer of the Round  (Presented by Chris Grant)
  • Round Rewound

The Final Story[edit]

Channel:  Nine Network
Format:  Documentary
Years:  2011 (4 episodes)
Aired:  Sunday @ 12:00pm
Duration:  60 minutes

List of Episodes[edit]

Footy Flashbacks[edit]

Fox Footy Channel

Football Inquest[edit]

Seven Network, ?–1974
Hosted by Mike Williamson, with Reg Hickey

Footy Classified[edit]

Channel:  Nine Network
Years:  2007–present
Airs:  Monday @ 10:30pm
Duration:  60 minutes


Fill-in Cast[edit]

  • James Brayshaw  (Occasional guest host)
  • Damian Barrett  (Occasional guest panellist)

Former Cast[edit]

Current Segments[edit]

  • Power Analyser
  • Good Call? Bad Call?
  • Caro's Arrow
  • The Burning Question
  • Tomorrow's Headlines

Former Segments[edit]

  • Meet the Press

Footy Plus[edit]

Seven Network, 1997–2002
Hosted by Bruce Abernethy, with James Brayshaw and Nikki Visser

The Footy Show (AFL)[edit]

Channel:  Nine Network
Years:  1994–present
Airs:  Thursday, 8:30pm
Duration:  90 minutes

Regular Cast[edit]

  • Sam Newman  (Presenter, 1994—present)
  • James Brayshaw  (Co-Host, 2006—present)
  • Rebecca Maddern (Co-Host, 2016—present)

Semi-regular Cast[edit]

Former Cast[edit]

Current Segments[edit]

  • Sam's Mailbag  (by Sam Newman, 1994—present)
  • Street Talk  (by Sam Newman, 1994—present)
  • Almost Football Legends  (Originally by Trevor Marmalade, now by Shane Crawford/Billy Brownless, 1994—present)
  • That's What I'm Talkin' About  (By Shane Crawford and Chris Sheedy, 2009—present)
  • Charlie Sheen Medal  (2011—present)
  • Hot Seat  (2011—present)
  • Old Man Crawf  (2015 - present)

Former Segments[edit]

  • Fyfe's Footy Flicks  (Cartoonist Andrew Fyfe's satiric animations)
  • Bill's Wheel  (Billy Brownless travelled to local footy clubs for a competition)
  • House of Bulger  (Parody of daytime soap operas starring Shane Crawford)
  • Bulger, MD  (The sequel to House of Bulger)
  • Hatchet Jobs  (Chopped footage from coach interviews, 2006)
  • Marstermind  (Based on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, presented by Eddie McGuire)
  • Pillow Talk  (James Brayshaw or Garry Lyon interview partners of AFL footballers)
  • Under the pump  (A member of the panel is questions by the cast)

Four Quarters[edit]

Seven Network, 1995
Hosted by Sandy Roberts

The Fox Footy Archive[edit]

Fox Footy Channel

Fox Footy Feature[edit]

Fox Footy Channel

Fox League Teams[edit]

Fox Footy Channel

From The FOX Footy Vault[edit]

Fox Footy Channel

The Game[edit]

Seven Network

The Game Plan (AFL)[edit]


The Gospel[edit]

Fox Footy Channel

Grumpy Old Men[edit]

Fox Footy Channel
With Bob Davis, Kevin Bartlett and Stan Alves

The Hey Jimmy! AFL Variety Hour[edit]

Channel:  SBS
Years:  2002 (4 episodes)
Aired:  Wednesday, 10:30pm
Duration:  60 minutes


  • Jim Stynes  (Host, 2002)
  • Anthony Eales  (Co-Host, 2002)
  • Chris Hawthorne  (Co-Host, 2002)
  • Jim Krakouer  (Panellist, 2002)
  • Bianca Peters  (Panellist, 2002)


  • Jimmy on a Mission
  • Scoreboard Pressure
  • A Week's a Long Time in Football
  • Auskick Future Star
  • Hey Jimmy! Sitcom Sketch
  • The Lesser Man
  • High View in the Stands

Just Footy / Just AFL[edit]

Seven Network, 1997
Hosted by Wayne Carey, with Wayne Campbell, Aussie Jones and Anthony Hudson

Kellogg's Junior Supporters' Club[edit]

Hosted by Kevin Bartlett

League Teams[edit]

Seven Network, early 1960s–1986
Hosted by Bob Davis, with Jack Dyer and Lou Richards

Live and Kicking[edit]

Seven Network, 1998–1999 Hosted by Jason Dunstall, with Doug Hawkins and James Hird

Living With Footballers[edit]

Fox Footy Channel

On the Couch[edit]

Fox Footy Channel

One Week at a Time[edit]

Channel:  One
Years:  2009–2011
Airs:  Monday 9:30pm
Duration:  60 minutes

Current Cast[edit]

Former Cast[edit]

Current Segments[edit]

  • Top 10 Plays of the Week
  • Mark of the Year
  • Goal of the Year
  • Hard Questions
  • Hero of the Week
  • Villain of the Week

Rex Hunt's Footy Panel[edit]

Seven Network

Saturday Central[edit]

Fox Footy Channel

Seven's Match of the Round[edit]

Seven Network, 2002
Hosted by Rex Hunt

The Sunday Footy Show (AFL)[edit]

Nine Network Hosted by James Brayshaw, with Shane Crawford, Nathan Brown,Damian Barrett, Billy Brownless and Dr. Peter Larkins

Totally Footy[edit]

Network Ten, 2002

Talking Footy[edit]

Seven Network, 1995–2002 Hosted by Bruce McAvaney (1990s) and Tim Lane, with Mike Sheahan, Malcolm Blight, Leigh Matthews, David Parkin, Terry Wallace, Gary Ayres, Robert Walls ==and Caroline Wilson

Seven Network, 2014-present Hosted by Luke Darcy with Tim Watson, Wayne Carey and Sam McClure.

White Line Fever[edit]

Fox Footy Channel

The Winners[edit]

ABC, 1978–1987 Hosted by Drew Morphett

The Winners (Fox Show)[edit]

Fox Footy Channel, 2002–2006 Hosted by Clinton Grybas

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