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Australian Idol is an Australian talent reality television series that first aired in 2003. As of December 2008, there have been six seasons. During every season, the final round of competition features twelve singers, except for season three when it had thirteen finalists. A total of 73 contestants have reached the finals of their season. The show's age requirements only allow people to enter if they are between 16 and 29 years of age. Out of the 73 contestants listed, 19 of them were under the age of 20, including two winners and two runners-up. Season one winner Guy Sebastian currently holds the record for the highest-selling Australian Idol album, with more than four hundred thousand copies sold in Australia.[1]


Name Age[1] Hometown Season Finished
Chadwick, MathewMathew Chadwick 20 Gold Coast, Queensland 1 12th
Ryan, PeterPeter Ryan 27 Tabulam, New South Wales 1 11th
Wootton, CleCle Wootton 22 Perth, Western Australia 1 10th
Buckley, LaurenLauren Buckley 17 East Gosford, New South Wales 1 9th
Cavuoto, KellyKelly Cavuoto 22 Adelaide, South Australia 1 8th
LaVauney, RebekahRebekah LaVauney 25 Liverpool, New South Wales 1 7th
Kereama, LeviLevi Kereama 19 Brisbane, Queensland 1 6th
Mills, RobRob Mills 21 Melbourne, Victoria 1 6th
Curuenavuli, PauliniPaulini Curuenavuli 20 Wiley Park, New South Wales 1 4th
De Vito, CosimaCosima De Vito 26 Perth, Western Australia 1 3rd
Noll, ShannonShannon Noll 27 Condobolin, New South Wales 1 Runner-up
Sebastian, GuyGuy Sebastian 21 Paradise, South Australia 1 Winner
Narayan, AngieAngie Narayan 26 Brisbane, Queensland 2 12th
O'Connor, DanDan O'Connor 25 Mount Annan, New South Wales 2 11th
Ward, AmaliAmali Ward 16 New Town, Tasmania 2 10th
Rusciano, EmeliaEmelia Rusciano 25 Adelaide, South Australia 2 9th
Belle, DanielDaniel Belle 21 Sydney, New South Wales 2 8th
Coulter, Ricki-LeeRicki-Lee Coulter 18 Gold Coast, Queensland 2 7th
Worrall, MartyMarty Worrall 26 Kerang, Victoria 2 6th
Cole, ChanelChanel Cole 26 Bega, New South Wales 2 5th
Jensen, HayleyHayley Jensen 21 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2 4th
Murphy, CourtneyCourtney Murphy 24 Perth, Western Australia 2 3rd
Callea, AnthonyAnthony Callea 21 Point Cook, Victoria 2 Runner-up
Donovan, CaseyCasey Donovan 16 Bankstown, New South Wales 2 Winner
Stephens, TarniTarni Stephens 27 Brisbane, Queensland 3 13th
Luder, ChrisChris Luder 26 Brisbane, Queensland 3 12th
Zahra, NatalieNatalie Zahra 17 Innisfail, Queensland 3 11th
Gissara, LauraLaura Gissara 21 Melbourne, Victoria 3 10th
LeBrasse, RoxaneRoxane LeBrasse 22 Sydney, New South Wales 3 9th
Edwards, MillyMilly Edwards 17 Mount Eliza, Victoria 3 8th
Kannis, JamesJames Kannis 19 Sydney, New South Wales 3 7th
Robertson, AnneAnne Robertson 22 Sydney, New South Wales 3 6th
Spillane, DanielDaniel Spillane 25 Brisbane, Queensland 3 5th
England, DanDan England 21 Queensland 3 4th
Harding, LeeLee Harding 22 Frankston North, Victoria 3 3rd
Williams, EmilyEmily Williams 20 Inala, Queensland 3 Runner-up
DeAraugo, KateKate DeAraugo 19 Bendigo, Victoria 3 Winner
Gatehau, JosephJoseph Gatehau 18 Ashcroft, New South Wales 4 12th
Derry, ReiganReigan Derry 17 Maida Vale, Western Australia 4 11th
Keough, KlancieKlancie Keough 24 Richmond, Queensland 4 10th
Mutton, GuyGuy Mutton 29 Gold Coast, Queensland 4 9th
Williams, LavinaLavina Williams 27 New South Wales 4 8th
Flynn, BobbyBobby Flynn 25 Byron Bay, New South Wales 4 7th
Mitchell, LisaLisa Mitchell 16 Albury, New South Wales 4 6th
Muscat, RickyRicky Muscat 22 Werribee, Victoria 4 5th
Murphy, ChrisChris Murphy 30 Perth, Western Australia 4 4th
Geyer, DeanDean Geyer 20 Melbourne, Victoria 4 3rd
Mauboy, JessicaJessica Mauboy 17 Darwin, Northern Territory 4 Runner-up
Leith, DamienDamien Leith 30 County Kildare, Ireland 4 Winner
Weinert, HollyHolly Weinert 20 Mildura, Victoria 5 12th
Carpenter, BriannaBrianna Carpenter 21 Brisbane, Queensland 5 11th
Krost, LanaLana Krost 17 Perth, Western Australia 5 10th
Da Costa, MarkMark Da Costa 28 Petersham, New South Wales 5 9th
Butler, JacobJacob Butler 25 Mount Gambier, South Australia 5 8th
McKenzie, BenBen McKenzie 16 Gosford, New South Wales 5 7th
Mifsud, DanielDaniel Mifsud 23 Mortdale, New South Wales 5 6th
Vushe, TarisaiTarisai Vushe 20 Sydney, New South Wales 5 5th
Simpson, MartyMarty Simpson 20 Forresters Beach, New South Wales 5 4th
Riseley, CarlCarl Riseley 24 Sydney, New South Wales 5 3rd
Corby, MattMatt Corby 16 Cronulla, New South Wales 5 Runner-up
Gauci, NatalieNatalie Gauci 25 Melbourne, Victoria 5 Winner
Taylor, JonnyJonny Taylor 22 Perth, Western Australia 6 12th
Addamo, BrookeBrooke Addamo 17 Werribee, Victoria 6 11th
Williams, TomTom Williams 16 Adelaide, South Australia 6 10th
Parker, MadamMadam Parker 23 Beverly Hills, New South Wales 6 9th
Bui, ThanhThanh Bui 25 Abbotsford, Victoria 6 8th
Paterson, SophieSophie Paterson 23 London, England 6 7th
Priddis, RoshaniRoshani Priddis 21 Ashfield, New South Wales 6 6th
Hamilton, ChrislynChrislyn Hamilton 17 Scarborough, Queensland 6 6th
Jakubenko, TealeTeale Jakubenko 22 Yatala, Queensland 6 4th
Spano, MarkMark Spano 26 Brighton, Victoria 6 3rd
Dickens, LukeLuke Dickens 25 Young, New South Wales 6 Runner-up
Carr, WesWes Carr 26 Bondi, New South Wales 6 Winner
Toole, AshleighAshleigh Toole 18 Central Coast, New South Wales 7 12th
Barnes, CaseyCasey Barnes 30 Tasmania 7 11th
Batshon, SabrinaSabrina Batshon 24 Rhodes, Sydney 7 10th
Johnston, TimTim Johnston 28 Newcastle, New South Wales 7 9th
Newnham, ScottScott Newnham 20 Melbourne, Victoria 7 8th
Cooper, KimKim Cooper 21 Melbourne, Victoria 7 7th
Cook, KateKate Cook 26 Lowood, Queensland 7 6th
Moulton, TobyToby Moulton 30 Melrose, South Australia 7 5th
Brake, NathanNathan Brake 17 Guildford, Sydney 7 4th
Johnston, JamesJames Johnston 19 Wingham, Sydney 7 3rd
Warner, HayleyHayley Warner 18 Sydney, New South Wales 7 Runner-Up
Walker, StanStan Walker 19 Melbourne, Victoria 7 Winner


  • ^ Contestant's age at the time the season's final round began.



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