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Many advertising characters used as mascots and characters by companies in Australia and New Zealand are similar to those used in the United States and the United Kingdom. There are, however, quite a number that are unique to these two nations.

Many advertisements shown on New Zealand television are made in Australia, and many Australian and New Zealand companies operate similar businesses on both sides of the Tasman Sea. As such, there is considerable overlap in advertising characters and mascots found in the two countries.

The following is a list of notable mascots and characters created specifically for advertising purposes in Australia and New Zealand, listed alphabetically by the product they represent.

Product Character Years used Notes
ASB Bank (NZ) Ira Goldstein 2000–2010  
Bundaberg Rum (Aus) Bundy R. Bear 1980s on radio  [1]
Campbell's Cash & Carry supermarkets (Aus) Delilah 1980s–1990s  
Chesdale Cheese (NZ) Ches and Dale 1960s–1980s  
Colgate Toothpaste (Aus & NZ) Mrs Marsh 1970s–1980s  
Commission for Financial Capability (NZ) Sorted Mouse 2001–present  
Cookie Time Cookies (NZ) Cookie Muncher at least the 1980s–present  
Creamoata (cereal, NZ) Sergeant Dan 1920s–1950s  
Eta margarine & peanut butter (Aus) Rita the Eta Eater 1970s–1980s  
Eta peanut butter (NZ) Eta Nut 1001 1960s–1980s  
Expol Insulation (NZ) Polly the Penguin 2000s  
Four Square (grocery stores, NZ) Mr. Four Square since at least the 1960s  
Frosty Boy ice cream (Aus & NZ) Frosty Boy since at least the 1960s  
Griffins biscuits (NZ) Cookie Bear since at least the 1970s  
Home Ice Cream (Aus) Delivery Dan 1999–present  
Home Timber and Hardware (Aus) Rusty and Sandy 1993–present  
Instant Kiwi (lottery scratch card, NZ) Doug and Mexi-Doug 2008–present  
Life. Be in it. (health campaign, Aus) Norm 1975 Also aired in the United States
Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works (Aus) Wally 1980s  
Mitre 10 Mega stores (NZ) The Big Guy 2004–present  
Mortein (insect spray, Aus) Louie the Fly 1957–present also in New Zealand since the 1980s
Nestlé Milky Bar chocolate (Aus & NZ) The Milky Bar Kid 1969–1990s "Live action" until the 1980s, animated in the 1990s
New Zealand Electoral Commission The Orange Guy ante 2000  
Nine Network Australia The Smiling Dot 1975 Used during the "Living Color" campaign
NRMA Insurance (Aus) Wallace Fairweather Mid-1990s Radio in NSW & Victoria
Pak'nSave (NZ) Stick Man[2] since 2000s Voiced by comedian Paul Ego[3]
Palmolive dishwashing liquid (Aus & NZ) Madge 1971–1980s Australian version based on US commercials, with Robina Beard playing Jan Miner's role
Pizza Hut delivery (Aus) Dougie the Pizza Delivery Boy 1994–1997, 2002–present  
Progressive Insurance (Australia) Kitty, the Progressive Insurance Girl 2011–present Australian counterpart of Progressive's Flo in the United States, with Holly Austin playing Stephanie Courtney's role
SKY Network Television (NZ) Bert Badger 2000s  
Slip-Slop-Slap (health campaign, Aus) Sid the Seagull Debuted 1981  
Smith's Chips (Aus) Gobbledok late 1980s–early 1990s  
Super Cheap Auto (Aus) Steve Lenda 2003–present Also used in NZ
Streets (ice cream) (Aus) Paddle pop lion and Bubble O' Bill 2003–present Also used in NZ
Telecom New Zealand Spot 1991–1998[4]  
Television New Zealand The Goodnight Kiwi 1981–1994  
The Comedy Channel (Aus) C'fer c.1996–2003  
Tiger Tea (NZ) Tony the Tiger 1950s–1970s  
Tip Top ice cream (NZ) Moggy Man 1960s  
Toyota Masterclass cars (NZ) Ernie c.2002–2007  
Toyworld (Toy retailers) (Aus & NZ) TW, The Toyworld Bear since at least the 1980s   Last spotted at the Toyworld 40th birthday gala
Tuckerbag supermarkets (Aus) Tucker Bag 1980s  
Yellow Pages (Aus) Jan 2000–present "Not happy, Jan!" led to 'Not happy John!' campaign
Mr Whippy (Aus) Mr Whippy 1962–present  
Castlemaine XXXX (Aus) Mr Fourex 1924–present

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