List of Australian films of 1970

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Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Adam's Woman Philip Leacock Beau Bridges, Jane Merrow, John Mills, James Booth, Andrew Keir, Tracy Reed Drama IMDb
Beyond Reason Giorgio Mangiamele George Dixon, Maggie Copeland, Ray Fellows, Louise Hall, Ollie Vens-Kevics Action/ Drama/ Thriller IMDb
Boobs a Lot Aggy Read Short / Comedy IMDb
Dead Easy
The Journey
The Naked Bunyip John B. Murray Graeme Blundell, Barry Humphries Comedy IMDb
Nothing Like Experience
Old Man and Dog
Part One: 806
Part Two: The Beginning
The Phallic Forest
The Set
Three to Go Brian Hannant, Oliver Howes, Peter Weir Segment 'Michael' is AFI winner for Best Film
Squeeze a Flower Marc Daniels IMDb
Toula IMDb

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