List of Australian films of the 1910s

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This is a list of Australian films of the 1910s. For a complete alphabetical list, see Category:Australian films.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Moonlite John Gavin John Gavin, H.A. Forsyth, Ruby Butler Short 31 December IMDb
The Squatter's Daughter Bert Bailey Olive Wilton, Bert Bailey, Edmund Duggan 4 August – Based on play IMDb
Thunderbolt John Gavin John Gavin, Ruby Butler, H.A. Forsyth Short 12 November IMDb
All for Gold, or Jumping the Claim Franklyn Barrett Walter Bastin, Herbert Bentley, Ronald McLeod Short IMDb
The Assigned Servant John Gavin Agnes Gavin, John Gavin, Sid Harrison, Dore Kurtz Short IMDb
Assigned to his Wife John Gavin John Gavin, Agnes Gavin, Carr Austin Drama 9 October IMDb
Attack on the Gold Escort  ? Action drama 26 June IMDb
The Bells W. J. Lincoln Nellie Bramley, Miss Grist 7 October IMDb
Ben Hall and his Gang John Gavin John Gavin Short IMDb
Bushranger's Ransom, or A Ride for Life E.I. Cole E.I. Cole's Bohemian Dramatic Company 28 March IMDb
Called Back W. J. Lincoln Arthur Styan Short 15 April IMDb
Caloola, or The Adventures of a Jackeroo Alfred Rolfe Charles Villiers 20 November IMDb
Captain Midnight, the Bush King Alfred Rolfe Alfred Rolfe, Lily Dampier, Raymond Longford Drama 9 February IMDb
Captain Starlight, or Gentleman of the Road Alfred Rolfe Lily Dampier, Lottie Lyell, Augustus Neville, Alfred Rolfe, Raymond Longford 16 March – Based on novel IMDb
The Colleen Bawn Gaston Mervale Louise Lovely, James Martin 25 September IMDb
The Cup Winner Alfred Rolfe Charles Villiers Drama 7 November IMDb
Dan Morgan Charles Cozens Spencer  ? Drama 22 May IMDb
The Double Event W. J. Lincoln Martyn Hagan, The Bland Holt Company 21 October IMDb
The Drover's Sweetheart John Gavin John Gavin Drama / Thriller 9 May IMDb
The Fatal Wedding Raymond Longford Master Anson, Miss Clare, Tom Cosgrove, George D. Ellis 24 April IMDb
The Five of Hearts E.I. Cole E.I. Cole, E.I. Cole's Bohemian Dramatic Company 10 May IMDb
Frank Gardiner, the King of the Road John Gavin John Gavin 27 February IMDb
The Golden West George Young 27 March IMDb
In the Nick of Time Alfred Rolfe Drama 4 September IMDb
It Is Never Too Late to Mend W. J. Lincoln Stanley Walpole Drama 7 January (produced by J. and N. Tait) IMDb
The Lady Outlaw Alfred Rolfe Charles Villiers Drama 28 August IMDb
The Life of Rufus Dawes Alfred Rolfe Lily Dampier, Raymond Longford, Lottie Lyell 19 June – Based on novel IMDb
The Lost Chord W. J. Lincoln  ? Drama 13 May IMDb
The Luck of Roaring Camp W. J. Lincoln John Cosgrove Western 25 March IMDb
Mates of the Murrumbidgee Alfred Rolfe ? Drama 4 September IMDb
The Miner's Curse Alfred Rolfe  ? 7 December IMDb
The Miner's Daughter  ?  ? Drama 28 June IMDb
A Miner's Luck  ?  ? Drama 1911
Moora Neya, or The Message of the Spear Alfred Rolfe Ethel Phillips, Charles Villiers, Stanley Walpole 31 July IMDb
The Mystery of a Hansom Cab W. J. Lincoln 4 March – Based on novel IMDb
One Hundred Years Ago Gaston Mervale Louise Lovely, Harrie Ireland, A.J. Patrick, Godfrey Cass Drama / Thriller 8 May IMDb
Only a Factory Girl  ?  ? Drama 14 August IMDb
The Romantic Story of Margaret Catchpole Raymond Longford William Coulter, J. Eldridge, Jack Goodall, Fred Hardy 7 August IMDb
Sentenced for Life E.I. Cole E.I. Cole's Bohemian Dramatic Company 10 June IMDb
The Squatter and the Clown  ? ? Drama 16 August IMDb
The Squatter's Son E.I. Cole E.I. Cole's Bohemian Dramatic Company 22 April IMDb
The Sundowner E.I. Cole Vera Remée, Frank Mills 21 August IMDb
Sweet Nell of Old Drury Raymond Longford Walter Bastin, Dorothy Clarke, Stewart Clyde, W. Edgeworth 2 December IMDb
A Tale of the Australian Bush
(a.k.a. Ben Hall, the Notorious Bushranger)
Gaston Mervale A.J. Patrick, Godfrey Cass, Harry Beaumont 3 October IMDb
Three Strings to Her Bow George Young ? Comedy 10 April IMDb
A Ticket in Tatts Gaston Mervale A.J. Patrick, Alf Scarlett Comedy 19 June IMDb
Way Outback Alfred Rolfe Charles Villiers Romance 25 September IMDb
What Women Suffer Alfred Rolfe Alfred Rolfe, Ethel Phillips, Stanley Walpole, Charles Villiers Drama / Thriller 2 October IMDb
Angel of his Dreams George Marlow Ada Guilford, J. Stanford, H. Twitcham Drama IMDb
Breaking the News W. J. Lincoln Harrie Ireland, Arthur Styan Drama
The Bushman's Bride
Call of the Bush Charles Woods Drama
The Cheat Alfred Rolfe Charles Villiers
Conn, the Shaughraun Gaston Mervale Louise Lovely Drama
Cooee and the Echo Alfred Rolfe Charles Villiers Drama
Crime and the Criminal
A Daughter of Australia
Do Men Love Women?
The Eleventh Hour
Gambler's Gold
Hands Across the Sea
King of the Coiners
The Life Story of John Lee, or The Man They Could Not Hang
The Love Tyrant
The Midnight Wedding
The Moira, or Mystery of the Bush
The Mystery of the Black Pearl
The Octoroon
Percy Gets a Job
Rip Van Winkle
A Silent Witness
The Sin of a Woman
The Strangler's Grip
The Ticket of Leave Man
The Tide of Death
Whose Was the Hand? Alfred Rolfe Charles Villiers, Stanley Walpole Short/Drama/Thiller IMDb
Won on the Post
The Wreck of the Dunbar or The Yeoman's Wedding
Australia Calls Raymond Longford William E. Hart, Lottie Lyell, Alfred O'Shea, Frank Philips, Andrew Warr, George Wilkins IMDb
A Blue Gum Romance Franklyn Barrett Tien Hogue, Douglas Lotherington, Tom Middleton Drama / Thriller IMDb
The Bondage of the Bush Charles Woods Alfred Bristow, Wilton Power, D.R. Rivenall, Charles Woods Short/ Drama /Thriller IMDb
The Crisis
Dr. Mawson in the Antarctic
The Life of a Jackeroo
A Melbourne Mystery
Moondyne W.J Lincoln George Bryant, Roy Redgrave, Godfrey Cass Drama 1 September 1913 IMDb
'Neath Austral Skies
Pommy Arrives in Australia
The Remittance Man
The Reprieve
The Road to Ruin
Sea Dogs of Australia
The Sick Stockrider
Transported W. J. Lincoln George Bryant, Godfrey Cass, Roy Redgrave
The Day
A Long, Long Way to Tipperary
The Silence of Dean Maitland
The Swagman's Story
Taking His Chance
Trooper Campbell
For Australia
The Hero of the Dardanelles Alfred Rolfe Guy Hastings, Loma Rossmore Short 20 per cent of the film survives.
How We Beat the Emden
Into Australia's Unknown
The Loyal Rebel
Ma Hogan's New Boarder
My Partner
The Rebel
The Shepherd of the Southern Cross
The Sunny South or The Whirlwind of Fate
We'll Take Her Children in Amongst Our Own IMDb
Within Our Gates
Charlie at the Sydney Show
Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford Fred Niblo Fred Niblo, Enid Bennett Comedy
If the Huns Came to Melbourne
In the Last Stride
An Interrupted Divorce
The Joan of Arc of Loos
The Life of Adam Lindsay Gordon
A Maori Maid's Love
The Martyrdom of Nurse Cavell Jack Gavin, Charles Post Mason Jack Gavin Rel. 31 January 1916 IMDb
Murphy of Anzac
Nurse Cavell
Officer 666 Fred Niblo Fred Niblo, Enid Bennett Comedy
The Pioneers
La Revanche
Seven Keys to Baldpate
Within the Law
The Woman in the Case
Australia's Peril Franklyn Barrett Maie Baird, Roland Conway, John De Lacey, P.G. Sadler, Olga Willard-Turton (credited as Olga Willard), Rock Phillips, Charles Villiers, Lily Rochefort, Maud Styan, Claude Turton, Charles Beetham War 19 May, believed to be a lost film IMDb
The Church and the Woman Raymond Longford George K. Chesterton Bonar, Nada Conrade, Boyd Irwin Drama 13 October IMDb
The Hayseeds Come to Sydney
(a. k. a. The Hayseeds Come to Town)
Beaumont Smith Tal Ordell, Fred MacDonald, Harry McDonna 9 July IMDb
The Hayseeds' Backblocks Show
The Monk and the Woman
The Murder of Captain Fryatt John Gavin Harrington Reynolds, John Gavin, Olive Proctor Short 26 February IMDb
Our Friends the Hayseeds
(a. k. a. The Hayseeds)
Beaumont Smith Roy Redgrave, Walter Cornock, Pearl Hellmrich, Margaret Gordon, J. Plumpton Wilson, H.H. Wallace, Vera Spaull, Cecil Haines, Jack Radford, Peter Ward, Tom Cannam, Percy Mackay, Nan Taylor, Crosbie Ward, Fred Carlton, Olga Agnew, Gerald Kay Souper, Esther Mitchell 19 March IMDb
Remorse, a Story of the Red Plague J. E. Mathews Cyril Mackay, Ida Gresham, Marie D'Alton Drama 3 January IMDb
500 Pounds Reward
Algie's Romance Leonard Doogood Leonard Doogood Comedy IMDb
A Coo-ee from Home
Cupid Camouflaged
The Enemy Within Snowy Baker
The Hayseeds' Melbourne Cup Beaumont Smith
His Convict Bride
His Only Chance
Just Peggy
The Laugh on Dad
The Lure of the Bush Snowy Baker
A Romance of Burke and Wills Expedition of 1860
Satan in Sydney Beaumont Smith
Scars of Love
The Waybacks Arthur W. Sterry Vincent White, Gladys Leigh, Lucy Adair, Louis Machilaton, Rose Rooney, Harry Hodson, William Turner, George Hewlitt, Lance Vance IMDb
What Happened to Jean Herbert Walsh James Anderson, Edith Crowe, Mrs. Ernest Good, Herbert Walsh, Price Weir Drama / Thriller IMDb
The Woman Suffers Raymond Longford Lottie Lyell, Boyd Irwin Drama IMDb
Yachts and Hearts, or The Opium Smugglers Charles Byers Coates Drama IMDb
Australia's Own J.E. Ward Garry Gordon, Nellie Romer Action / Adventure 20 January IMDb
Australians in Palestine Frank Hurley Documentary IMDb
Barry Butts In Beaumont Smith Barry Lupino, John Cosgrove, Agnes Dobson 9 August IMDb
Desert Gold Beaumont Smith Bryce Rowe, Marie Ney, John Cosgrove 24 March IMDb
Does the Jazz Lead to Destruction? Fred Ward Ethel Bennetto, George Irving Comedy 4 August IMDb
The Face at the Window
The Man From Kangaroo E.J. Carroll, Snowy Baker Snowy Baker
The Sentimental Bloke Raymond Longford Arthur Tauchert, Lottie Lyell, Gilbert Emery Drama / Romance 4 October IMDb
The Shadow of Lightning Ridge E.J. Carroll, Snowy Baker Snowy Baker
Struck Oil Franklyn Barrett Harry Roberts, Percy Walshe Drama 20 October IMDb
Why Jessie Learned to Jazz Fred Ward Olga Willard-Turton (credited as Olga Willard) Short 4 August IMDb

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