List of Australian films of the 1920s

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This is a list of Australian films of the 1920s. For a complete alphabetical list, see Category:Australian films.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The Breaking of the Drought Franklyn Barrett Charles Beetham, Rawdon Blandford Drama IMDb
Ginger Mick
The Hordern Mystery
The Jackeroo of Coolabong E.J. Carroll, Snowy Baker Snowy Baker
The Kelly Gang
The Man from Snowy River Beaumont Smith
On Our Selection Raymond Longford Percy Walshe, Tal Ordell, Beatrice Esmond, Arthur Greenaway, Evelyn Johnson, Fred Coleman, Charlotte Beaumont, Arthur Wilson, Olga Willard-Turton (credited as Olga Willard), Nellie Bisellas, Carmen Coleman, David Edelsten IMDb
Robbery Under Arms
The Betrayer Beaumont Smith Stella Southern, Cyril Mackay, John Cosgrove, Marie D'Alton, Mita, Agnes Vernon, Maggie Papakura, Herbert Lee, Raymond Hatton, Dunstan Webb Drama IMDb
The Blue Mountains Mystery Raymond Longford, Lottie Lyell Marjorie Osborne, John Faulkner, Vivian Edwards, Agnes Vernon, Billy Williams, Redmond Barry, John De Lacey, Ivy Shilling Mystery IMDb
The Gentleman Bushranger
A Girl of the Bush
The Guyra Ghost Mystery
Jasamine Freckel's Love Affair
Know Thy Child
The Life Story of John Lee, or The Man They Could Not Hang
Mated in the Wilds
Pearls and Savages Frank Hurley
Possum Paddock
The Ross Smith Flight
Rudd's New Selection Raymond Longford
Silks and Saddles
While the Billy Boils Beaumont Smith Tal Ordell, John Cosgrove, Robert MacKinnon, Ernest T. Hearne, Gilbert Emery, J.P. O'Neill, Charles Beetham, Alf Scarlett, Elsie McCormack, Loma Lantaur, Rita Aslim, May Renne, James Ward, Charles Villiers, Henry Lawson
A Daughter of Australia
Circumstance Lawson Harris
East Lynne
The Lust for Gold
A Rough Passage
Sunshine Sally
The Tale of a Shirt
The Triumph of Love
Why Men Go Wrong ? Short/Comedy IMDb
The Dingo
The Dinkum Bloke
Prehistoric Hayseeds Beaumont Smith
Should a Doctor Tell?
Townies and Hayseeds Beaumont Smith
The Twins
When the Kellys Were Out Harry Southwell Godfrey Cass, William Ellison, Rose Rooney, Harry Southwell, Charles Villiers Drama/Thriller IMDb
With the Headhunters in Papua
Australia Calls Raymond Longford Docudrama IMDb
Daughter of the East
The Digger Earl
Fisher's Ghost
How McDougall Topped the Score
Hullo Marmaduke Beaumont Smith
The Price
The Rev. Dell's Secret
The Adventures of Algy Beaumont Smith Claude Dampier, Bathie Stuart, Eric Harrison, Billie Carlisle, George Chalmers Comedy/Drama IMDb
Annette Kellerman Performing Water Ballet Short/Documentary IMDb
Around the Boree Log Phil Walsh IMDb
The Bushwhackers
Jewelled Nights
Le Juif polonais
The Mystery of a Hansom Cab
Painted Daughters
The Rancher's Daughter
Those Terrible Twins
Hills of Hate
Jungle Woman
The Moth of Moonbi Charles Chauvel
Peter Vernon's Silence
The Pioneers
The Sealed Room
Should a Girl Propose?
Sydney's Darlings
Tall Timber
The Tenth Straw
Those Who Love Paulette McDonagh
P.J. Ramster
Marie Lorraine
William Carter
Drama IMDb
Down Under
For the Term of His Natural Life Norman Dawn George Fisher, Eva Novak Adventure IMDb
The Kid Stakes Tal Ordell Frank Boyd Comedy
The Man Who Forgot
The Miner's Daughter
The Northbound Limited
The Rushing Tide
The Adorable Outcast Norman Dawn Edith Roberts, Edmund Burns, Walter Long, Jessica Harcourt, Jack Gavin, Katherine Dawn, Arthur McLaglen, Arthur Tauchert, Fred Twitcham, Compton Coutts, William O'Hanlon, Claude Turton, Charles Weatherby, Tom Dalton, Walter Hunt IMDb
The Birth of White Australia Phil Walsh IMDb
Caught in the Net
The Devil's Playground
The Exploits of the Emden
The Far Paradise Paulette McDonagh Marie Lorraine, Gaston Mervale Drama IMDb
The Grey Glove
The Menace
Odds On
The Romance of Runnibede
The Russell Affair
The Shattered Illusion
The Spirit of Gallipoli
Trooper O'Brien
The Unsleeping Eye Alexander MacDonald Wendy Osborne, Len Norman Drama
The Kingdom of Twilight

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