List of Australian films of the 1930s

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This is a list of Australian films of the 1930s. For a complete alphabetical list, see Category:Australian films.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The Cheaters Paulette McDonagh Drama IMDb
Southward Ho with Mawson
Tiger Island
A Co-respondent's Course
Diggers Pat Hanna
Haunted Barn
Isle of Intrigue
Showgirl's Luck
Siege of the South
Spur of the Moment
His Royal Highness
On Our Selection
The Sentimental Bloke
Symphony in Steel
Annette Kellerman Returns to Australia Short IMDb
Diggers in Blighty Pat Hanna
Harmony Row F.W. Thring
The Hayseeds
In the Wake of the Bounty Charles Chauvel Arthur Greenaway, Mayne Lynton, Errol Flynn, Victor Gouriet, John Warwick
The Squatter's Daughter Ken G. Hall Constance Worth, Grant Lyndsay, John Warwick Drama IMDb
Two Minutes Silence
Waltzing Matilda Pat Hanna Coral Browne, Norman French, Pat Hanna, Joan Lang, Nellie Mortyne, Dorothy Parnham, Joe Valli Comedy IMDb
Cinesound Varieties
Clara Gibbings
Here Is Paradise
The Man They Could Not Hang
Secret of the Skies
The Silence of Dean Maitland
Splendid Fellows
The Streets of London
Strike Me Lucky
A Ticket in Tatts
Treasures of Katoomba Frank Hurley short subject
When the Kellys Rode Harry Southwell Jack Appleton, George Doran, Robert Ingles, George Randall, Harry Simpson, Regina Somerville, Norman Waite Drama/Western IMDb
The Burgomeister
Grandad Rudd
Among the Hardwoods Lyn T. Maplestone Documentary Shot by Bert Ive. Re-release of the original 1926 film with a soundtrack made up of natural sounds. BFI
The Flying Doctor
It Isn't Done
Orphan of the Wilderness
Rangle River Clarence G. Badger Victor Jory, Margaret Dare Western
Uncivilised Charles Chauvel Margot Rhys, Dennis Hoey, Ashton Jarry, Marcelle Marnay, Kenneth Brampton, Victor Fitzherbert, E. Gilbert Howell, Edward Sylveni, P. Dwyer, Rita Aslim, John Fernside, Jessica Malone, Richard Mazar, Z. Gee, David McNiven, Norman Rutledge Adventure IMDb
White Death Edwin G. Bowen James Coleman, Harold Colonna, Alfred Frith, Zane Grey, Nola Warren, John Weston Adventure IMDb
The Avenger A.R. Harwood Douglas Stuart, John Fernside, Karen Greyson, Marcia Nelville, Marshall Crosby, George Lloyd, Raymond Longford, Pat Twohill, Jim Max, Albert Callanan, Reg King, Jack Couver, Val Atkinson, Fay Revel, Wyn Edgerton, Rae Maurice, Jeanne Battye, Mardy Harwood, Tich Irvine, Midge Harwood IMDb
The Broken Melody Ken G. Hall Lloyd Hughes, Diana Du Cane Drama
Lovers and Luggers
Mystery Island
A Nation Is Built
Phantom Gold
Below the Surface Rupert Kathner Neil Carlton, Reg King, Jimmy McMahon, Phyllis Reilly, Lawrence Taylor, Stan Tolhurst Drama IMDb
Dad and Dave Come to Town Ken G. Hall Bert Bailey, Fred MacDonald Comedy IMDb
Let George Do It! Marcel Varnel George Formby, Phyllis Calvert, Garry Marsh, Romney Brent, Bernard Lee, Coral Browne, Helena Pickard, Percy Walsh, Diana Beaumont, Torin Thatcher, Donald Calthrop, Hal Gordon, Johnnie Schofield, Albert Lieven, Bill Shine, Ronald Shiner
Show Business
Typhoon Treasure
Gone to the Dogs
Mr. Chedworth Steps Out Ken G. Hall Cecil Kellaway Comedy IMDb
Seven Little Australians

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