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Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in Australia lease wireless telephone and data services from major carriers such as Optus, Telstra and Vodafone for resale.

Voice and data service operators[edit]

Company Host network Wireless technology[1] Website Notes
AAPT Vodafone UMTS Subsidiary of TPG.
ACN Vodafone UMTS
LTE ACN's mobile division has operated as a reseller of Vodafone plans on the Vodafone network since 2017[2]
ALDImobile Telstra UMTS, DC-HSPA+
LTE Owned by Medion.
amaysim Optus UMTS
Barefoot Telecom Telstra Previously used the Optus network, no longer sells mobile services.
Bendigo Telco Optus UMTS
Better Life Mobile Telstra UMTS, DC-HSPA+
Belong Mobile Telstra UMTS. DC-HSPA+, LTE Wholly owned by Telstra, uses the Telstra wholesale network.
Boost Mobile Telstra UMTS, DC-HSPA+
LTE Mostly operated by Telstra on behalf of Boost Mobile, uses the Telstra retail network[3]
Catch Connect Optus UMTS
ClubTelco Optus UMTS Previously used the Optus network, no longer sells mobile services.
Coles Mobile Optus UMTS
Commander Optus UMTS
Dodo Services Optus UMTS
Exetel Optus UMTS
Fibre2air Optus UMTS
Global Gossip Vodafone UMTS Defunct
gotalk Vodafone UMTS
Hello Mobile Vodafone UMTS
iiNet Optus UMTS
innoTel Optus UMTS
innoTel Vodafone UMTS
Internode Optus UMTS
iPrimus Optus UMTS
Jeenee Mobile Optus UMTS
LTE [5]
KISA Phone Vodafone GSM
Kiss Mobile Vodafone
Kogan Mobile Vodafone UMTS Relaunched on the Vodafone Network on 19 October 2015[6]
Lebara Vodafone UMTS Vodafone purchased Lebara in September 2016. Now operates as a full subsidiary.
Live Connected Optus UMTS
LTE Subsidiary of Vaya Mobile. Plans no longer sold[7]
Loop Optus UMTS
None Apart of the Loop Group.
LYFmobile Telstra [8]
Lycamobile Telstra UMTS, DC-HSPA+
MeU mobile Optus www.meumobi[permanent dead link] Defunct
Moose Mobile Optus UMTS
ONEmobile Optus UMTS ONEmobile is no longer taking new customers.
Existing customers can continue to use the website to manage their accounts.
OVO Mobile Optus OVO Mobile customers connect through the Optus network.
Revolution Telecom Vodafone UMTS Currently, they are not accepting new customers.
Reward Mobile Vodafone UMTS
SlimTel Vodafone UMTS [9] Currently on Vodafone. In the future customers can choose
to be connected to either the Optus or Vodafone networks.
Southern Phone Optus
SpinTel Optus UMTS
Startel Optus UMTS
TeleChoice Telstra UMTS, DC-HSPA+
Think Mobile Telstra UMTS, DC-HSPA+ [10] Think Mobile Classic customers connect through the Telstra network.
Think Mobile Vodafone UMTS, LTE [11] Think Mobile Swift customers connect through the Vodafone network.
TPG Vodafone UMTS
Truphone Optus UMTS International SIM that operates as a local MVNO in some countries. Based in the United Kingdom.
Ugly BiLL Optus UMTS
Vaya Mobile Optus UMTS
Virgin Mobile Australia Optus UMTS
LTE Subsidiary of Optus.
Woolworths Mobile Telstra UMTS, LTE Woolworths Mobile was relaunched in 2015 on the Telstra network
Yomojo Optus UMTS

Defunct, merged and acquired operators[edit]

Company Host network Wireless technology Website End date Notes
GT Mobile Telstra GSM 7 July 2016 [12] Merged into Lycamobile.
Crazy John's Mobile Vodafone GSM
UMTS 2014 [13] Crazy John's is no longer taking new customers through stores or through the website.
Existing customers can continue to use the website to manage their accounts. Crazy John's service has now closed, Crazy John's having been absorbed into Vodafone.
Red Bull Mobile Vodafone GSM
UMTS 2013 [14] All plans are closed to new customers.
As of 1 September 2013, customers will no longer be able to recharge their account.
Red Bull MOBILE will continue to service existing customers until the customer's current recharge or contract expires.
Yatango Optus GSM
UMTS Nov 2015 Went into administration then merged with Yomojo.
Savvytel Optus GSM
UMTS Nov 2013 Lost large amounts of money and got bought by Yatango.
meumobil Telstra 2016 Suddenly went dark
Bendigo Bank Telco Optus UMTS
LTE Mar 2018 Closed by parent company, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. Existing customers were migrated to Bendigo Telco in March 2018.


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