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Many sporting mascots used as mascots and characters by clubs and teams in Australia and New Zealand are similar to those used around the world. There are, however, quite a number that are unique to these two nations.

The following is a list of notable mascots and characters created specifically for advertising purposes in Australia and New Zealand, listed alphabetically by the club or team they represent.

Australian Football[edit]

Australian Football League[edit]

In 2003, the Australian Football League standardised the club mascots into the Mascot Manor theme.[1] Some, however, have since been replaced.[2]


Big Bash League[edit]

State teams[edit]


Rugby League[edit]

National Rugby League[edit]

Rugby Union[edit]

Super Rugby[edit]

National Rugby Championship[edit]


A League[edit]


Australian Baseball League[edit]


National Basketball League[edit]

Current Mascots

Former Mascots

Women's National Basketball League[edit]


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