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This is a list of currently active treaties that the Government of Australia has entered into since the federation of Australia in 1901. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in conjunction with the Australasian Legal Information Institute, has published an online Australian Treaties Database from where this list is obtained and updated.

Treaties with Indigenous peoples of Australia[edit]

No substantial treaty has been entered into between the government of Australia and the Indigenous people of Australia. As of 2017 Australia is the only Commonwealth country that does not have such a treaty.[1][2] Some prior treaties exist in pockets, such as Batman's Treaty, but these are not substantial government treaties, i.e. treaties between the Government of the day and the traditional custodians of the land.[further explanation needed]

International bilateral treaties[edit]

Main article: List of Australian bilateral treaties

Bilateral treaties on extradition and criminal matters[edit]

Bilateral treaties on postal services and money orders[edit]

Bilateral treaties on commerce, trade and arbitration[edit]

Bilateral treaties on intellectual property[edit]

Bilateral treaties by country[edit]

Country Bilateral treaty link
 Albania Albania–Australia bilateral treaties
 Argentina Argentina–Australia bilateral treaties
 Austria Australia–Austria bilateral treaties
 Belgium Australia–Belgium bilateral treaties
 Bolivia Australia–Bolivia bilateral treaties
 Brazil Australia–Brazil bilateral treaties
 Canada Australia–Canada bilateral treaties
 Chile Australia–Chile bilateral treaties
 Colombia Australia–Colombia bilateral treaties
 Cuba Australia–Cuba bilateral treaties
 Czech Republic Australia–Czech Republic bilateral treaties
 Denmark Australia–Denmark bilateral treaties
 Ecuador Australia–Ecuador bilateral treaties
 El Salvador Australia–El Salvador bilateral treaties
 Estonia Australia–Estonia bilateral treaties
 Finland Australia–Finland bilateral treaties
 France Australia–France bilateral treaties
 Germany Australia–Germany bilateral treaties
 Greece Australia–Greece bilateral treaties
 Guatemala Australia–Guatemala bilateral treaties

Multilateral treaties[edit]

List of Australian multilateral treaties


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