List of Austrian women's soccer teams

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The following is a list of Austrian women's soccer teams:

First division[edit]

Season Team Notes
2010/11 FC Südburgenland
2010/11 SV Neulengbach Champion and cup-holder of the 2009/10 season
2010/11 SK Kärnten Frauen
2010/11 FC Wacker Innsbrück
2010/11 FC Stattegg
2010/11 USK Hof
2010/11 LUV Graz
2010/11 Union Kleinmünchen Promoted
2010/11 USC Landhaus
2010/11 USG Ardagger/Neustadtl

Second Division[edit]

Season Region Team
2010/11 Central/West HSV Wals
2010/11 Central/West FC Wacker Innsbruck 1b
2010/11 Central/West FC Lustenau
2010/11 Central/West FC Wels
2010/11 Central/West Union Geretsberg
2010/11 Central/West SV Garsten
2010/11 Central/West Union Kleinmünchen 1b
2010/11 Central West Lask Ladies
2010/11 Central/West ASKÖ Dionysen
2010/11 East ASV Spratzern
2010/11 East SKV Altenmarkt Frauen
2010/11 East SV Neulengbach Juniors
2010/11 East SV Gloggnitz
2010/11 East SV Horn
2010/11 East ASK Erlaa
2010/11 East USC Landhaus 1b
2010/11 East ASV Hornstein
2010/11 East SV Groß-Schweinbarth
2010/11 East SV Furth
2010/11 East SV Guntramsdorf
2010/11 South DFC Leoben
2010/11 South FC Südburgenland 1b
2010/11 South St. Ruprecht/R.
2010/11 South SC/ESV Parndorf
2010/11 South LUV/Mariatrost Frauen II
2010/11 South FC Feldkirchen
2010/11 South Spittal/Drau

Other Divisions[edit]

The 3rd, 4th and 5th divisions are organized by the local football associations from the various federal states.


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