List of Avro Lancaster operators

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List of Avro Lancaster operators
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The following are operators of the Avro Lancaster:

Military operators[edit]


Argentine Air Force

From May 1948 to August 1949 the Argentine Air Force received 15 Lancasters (registered B-031 to B-045) previously operated by RAF.[1]


Royal Australian Air Force[2]


Royal Canadian Air Force[2]


Royal Egyptian Air Force


Aeronavale – 54 transferred from the Royal Australian Air Force beginning in 1952


Polish Air Forces on exile in Great Britain


Swedish Air Force
  • Försökscentralen (Swedish Test Establishment) at Malmen near Linköping received one Lancaster I (ex-RAF RA805) designated Tp 80 and the SwAF/n 80001. Aircraft was modified by Avro company for jet engine testbed duties and delivered from UK in May 1951. The only Swedish Lancaster crashed in 1956.[5]

 United Kingdom[edit]

Royal Air Force[2][6]
Fleet Air Arm

 Soviet Union[edit]

Soviet Naval Aviation

Soviets were able to repair two of six Avro Lancasters which made forced landings near Yagodnik airfield, near Arkhangelsk during attacks on the German battleship Tirpitz. Both ex-617 Squadron Avro Lancasters were operated briefly as transports and long range reconnaissance aircraft before being retired due to lack of spare parts.[8]

Civil operators[edit]



 United Kingdom[edit]

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