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This is a list of musicians who have contributed to Arjen Anthony Lucassen's rock opera project Ayreon.


Vocalist Band(s) Ayreon's album(s) performed on
Andi Deris Helloween Flight of the Migrator
Anneke van Giersbergen ex-The Gathering, Agua de Annique Into the Electric Castle, 01011001
Astrid van der Veen The Endorphins, Ambeon The Final Experiment (Bonus disc), Ayreonauts Only
Barry Hay Golden Earring The Final Experiment
Bob Catley Magnum, ex-Hard Rain 01011001
Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden, ex-Samson Flight of the Migrator
Cristina Scabbia Lacuna Coil The Theory of Everything
Damian Wilson ex-Rick Wakeman, Threshold (UK), Landmarq Into the Electric Castle, The Dream Sequencer, Flight of the Migrator, Ayreonauts Only
Daniel Gildenlöw Pain of Salvation 01011001
Debby Schreuder The Final Experiment
Devin Townsend Strapping Young Lad, The Devin Townsend Band The Human Equation
Devon Graves Dead Soul Tribe, ex-Psychotic Waltz The Human Equation
Edward Reekers ex-Kayak The Final Experiment, Actual Fantasy, Into the Electric Castle, The Dream Sequencer
Edwin Balogh ex-Omega Into the Electric Castle
Eric Clayton Saviour Machine The Human Equation
Esther Ladiges The Final Experiment (Bonus disc)
Fabio Lione Rhapsody of Fire Flight of the Migrator
Fish ex-Marillion Into the Electric Castle
Floor Jansen After Forever The Dream Sequencer, 01011001
Gary Hughes Ten Ayreonauts Only
George Oosthoek Orphanage, Kutschurft Into the Electric Castle
Hansi Kürsch Blind Guardian 01011001
Heather Findlay Mostly Autumn The Human Equation
Ian Parry Elegy The Final Experiment, Flight of the Migrator, Ayreonauts Only
Irene Jansen ex-Karma The Final Experiment (Bonus disc), The Human Equation
Jacqueline Govaert Krezip The Dream Sequencer
James LaBrie Dream Theater The Human Equation
Janne JB Christoffersson Grand Magus The Theory of Everything
Jan-Chris de Koeijer Gorefest The Final Experiment
Jasper Steverlinck Arid Timeline
Jay van Feggelen ex-Bodine The Final Experiment, Into the Electric Castle
Johan Edlund Tiamat, Lucyfire The Dream Sequencer
John JayCee Cuijpers Parris The Final Experiment (Bonus disc)
John Wetton Asia, ex-King Crimson The Theory of Everything
Jørn Lande Masterplan, Jorn, ex-Ark, Vagabond, etc. 01011001
Jonas Renkse Katatonia 01011001
Lana Lane The Dream Sequencer, Flight of the Migrator, Ayreonauts Only
Leon Goewie Vengeance The Final Experiment, Ayreonauts Only
Lenny Wolf Kingdom Come The Final Experiment
Liselotte Hegt Dial (band) 01011001
Lucie Hillen The Final Experiment
Marco Hietala Nightwish, Tarot The Theory of Everything
Magali Luyten Beautiful Sin, Virus IV 01011001
Magnus Ekwall The Quill The Human Equation
Marcela Bovio ex-Hydra, Elfonía, Stream of Passion The Final Experiment (Bonus disc), The Human Equation
Mark McCrite Rocket Scientists The Dream Sequencer
Marjan Welman Elister, Autumn 01011001
Michael Mills Toehider The Theory of Everything
Mikael Åkerfeldt Opeth, Bloodbath (Swe) The Human Equation
Mike Baker Shadow Gallery The Human Equation
Mirjam van Doorn The Final Experiment
Mouse Tuesday Child The Dream Sequencer, Ayreonauts Only
Neal Morse ex-Spock's Beard, Transatlantic The Dream Sequencer
Okkie Huysdens Actual Fantasy
Peter Daltrey ex-Kaleidoscope The Final Experiment (Bonus disc), Into the Electric Castle
Phideaux Xavier 01011001
Ralf Scheepers Primal Fear Flight of the Migrator
Robby Valentine Valentine The Final Experiment (Bonus disc)
Robert Soeterboek Wicked Sensation The Final Experiment, Actual Fantasy, Flight of the Migrator, Ayreonauts Only
Robert Westerholt Within Temptation Into the Electric Castle
Rodney Blaze The Final Experiment (Bonus disc)
Russell Allen Symphony X Flight of the Migrator
Ruud Houweling Cloudmachine The Final Experiment, The Final Experiment (Bonus disc)
Sara Squadrani Ancient Bards The Theory of Everything
Sharon den Adel Within Temptation Into the Electric Castle
Simone Simons Epica 01011001
Steve Lee Gotthard 01011001
Timo Kotipelto Stratovarius Flight of the Migrator
Tobias Sammet Edguy, Avantasia Elected
Tom S. Englund Evergrey 01011001
Tommy Karevik Kamelot, Seventh Wonder The Theory of Everything
Ty Tabor King's X, ex-Platypus, Jelly Jam 01011001
Wilmer Waarbroek The Theory of Everything
Wudstik 01011001



  • Armand van der Hoff (ex-Bodine)
  • Jan Bijlsma (ex-Vengeance)
  • Jolanda Verduijn
  • Peter Vink (ex-Finch)
  • Rheno Xeros (ex-Bodine)
  • Walter Latupeirissa (Snowy White)


Didgeridoo, Treble recorder[edit]

  • Jeroen Goossens

Keyboard / Harpsichord / Piano / Synths / Hammond[edit]


  • Jack Pisters


  • Dewi Kerstens
  • Marieke van der Heyden
  • Taco Kooistra
  • Maaike Peterse (Kingfisher Sky)



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