List of B-1 units of the United States Air Force

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This is a List of B-1 Units of the United States Air Force by wing, squadron, location, features, variant, and service dates. During the 1980s, squadrons were transferred regularly to different wings and bases temporarily, and sometimes permanently.

Active duty[edit]

Active duty
Wing Shield Squadron Location Variants Service dates Notes
7th Bomb Wing
7th Bomb Wing.png
9 BS
13 BS
28 BS
Dyess AFB, TX B-1B 1992–present
28th Bomb Wing
28th Bomb Wing.png
34 BS
37 BS
77 BS
Ellsworth AFB, SD B-1B 2002–present
1986-1995; 1986-2002
319th Bomb Wing
319th Air Refueling Wing.png
46 BS Grand Forks AFB, ND B-1B 1986-1994
366th Wing
366th Fighter Wing.png
34 BS Ellsworth AFB, SD/Mountain Home AFB, ID B-1B 1994-1997
Redesignated 366th Fighter Wing
384th Bomb Wing
384th Bombardment Wing.PNG
28 BS McConnell Air Force Base, KS B-1B 1987-1994
412th Test Wing
412th Test Wing.png
419 FTS Edwards AFB, CA B-1B 1992–present
96th Bombardment Wing
96th Air Base Wing.png
337 BS
338th Combat Crew Training Squadron
4018 CCTS
Dyess AFB, TX B-1B 1985-1992
6510th Test Wing 6519 FTS Edwards AFB, CA B-1B 1974-1989 Redesignated 412th Test Wing
Air National Guard
Wing Shield Squadron Location Variants Service dates Notes
116th Bomb Wing 128 BS Robins AFB, GA B-1B 1996-2002 Redesignated 116th Air Control Wing
184th Bomb Wing
184th Air Refueling Wing.png
127 BS McConnell AFB, KS B-1B 1994-2002 Redesignated 184th Intelligence Wing


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