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Brisbane radio station B105 has featured a number of presenters during its history since 1990.

Former B105 announcers[edit]

Jamie Angel[edit]

Formally Program Director at 2DayFM, now PD Triple M Sydney

Robyn Bailey[edit]

is now on triple m 104.5fm in Brisbane after being terminated from 97.3fm and is doing a really great job and having fun

Chris 'Becko' Beckhouse[edit]

Former panel operator for Hamish & Andy before returning to B105. Becko has gone to Sydney to be a part of Triple M.

Paul 'Browny' Brown[edit]

Announcer, now on 104.5 Triple M and Owner/Editorial Manager/Podcast Host at Wall of Sound

Craig Bruce[edit]

Former Head of Programming for the Hit Network

Stephen "Buggy" Bugg[edit]

Was becoming a Tasmanian Police officer

Paul "Campo" Campion[edit]

Previously at 97.3 FM Brisbane. Paul is currently at River 94.9.

Penny Cooper[edit]

Joined Morning Crew in 2002, was made redundant in December 2005.

Ben Dark[edit]

Joined in 1994 for two-and-a-half years conducting on-air stunts under the pseudonym The Bush Pig. These stunts included ambushing press conferences and asking stupid questions on behalf the B105 breakfast show Jamie Dunn and the Morning Crew.

Cathy Dinn[edit]

Now Operations Manager/Floater on smoothfm 91.5 in Melbourne and smoothfm 95.3 in Sydney. Formally, on Mix 1011 in Melbourne & Triple M in Adelaide.

Al Dobie[edit]

Floater then moved to Triple M in 1999.In 2005 became PD of Hot 91 on the Sunshine Coast before taking up the role of MD/APD of 'Hot Tomato', Gold Coast. Was ACD at KOFM Newcastle for 3 years and is now ACD at 92.5 Gold FM on the Gold Coast.

Sharyn Doolan[edit]

Now a voice over specialist.

Jamie Dunn[edit]

After three years with Sunshine Coast station Zinc FM, Dunn returned to Brisbane to host breakfast on 4BC.

Gregg Easton[edit]

Moved across to FM 104 Triple M in 1995.

Jason "Labby" Hawkins[edit]

Former co-host of Labby, Stav and Abby. In 2004, Labby hosted the Hot 30 Countdown before moving to 2DayFM Drive slot in 2005. In 2015, he moved to New Zealand.

Michael "Jordo" Jordan[edit]

Left B105, returned for a short stint at the beginning of 2005 and left again. Also worked for Triple M. Jordan died in a car accident in June 2008.[1]

Dean Kesby[edit]

Drive time, moved to Morning Crew in 2005. Joined NXFM and KOFM in 2006 as Program Director, before moving to Triple M Adelaide as Program Director and Breakfast Anchor.

Craig Lawson[edit]

Station floater, 1991-93

Craig "Lowie" Low[edit]

Moved to host the Today Network's "Lowie's Hot 30 Countdown" in 2005. Low was sacked in 2007, and he has hosted "Lowie VS America" for the Macquarie Network. In 2011, Low joined Nova FM for 'Lowie's Super Mega Mega Awesome Show' and finished up in May 2011. Low is currently based in Los Angeles.

Donna Lynch[edit]

Inaugural member of the B105 Morning Crew. Now with Magic 882 Nights

Mickey Maher[edit]

Former B105 Black Thunder drive who later went on to be an announcer and Music Director. Mickey spent several years at other Austereo radio stations (Triple M Sydney, 92.9 Perth, Group Program Director NX/KO FM, Newcastle). Currently back at HIT 105 as Content Director

Rod Maldon "The Love Rod aka iRod"[edit]

Joined B105 in 2005 to anchor workday from SAFM. Moved to Fox FM in January 2006. Resigned from Fox FM in October 2009. He finished up doing the drive shift on Dubai 92 in 2010. He began doing casual shifts in 2011 on 92.9 Perth, SAFM and on Triple M Sydney

Rob McCasker[edit]

Moved to Triple M. Former Program Director at 'Hot Tomato', Gold Coast.

Gabby Millgate[edit]

Moved to SEA FM in Cairns to host breakfast. She has since resigned.

Stuey Paton[edit]

Co-hosted the local version of the Hot 30 Countdown from 1995 until it was replaced by the networked Ugly Phil's Hot 30 in 1998. Moved to Nova 100 in Melbourne.

Bob Peters[edit]

Last announcer heard on 4BK before the switch to B105FM. Now professional voice over artist having worked at Channel 9, Channel Ten, Fox Sports, One HD and now NBN Television. Casual announcing on 2GO and WSFM.

David Rymer[edit]

Inaugural Night Announcer. Now PD at Hot Tomato.

Zoe Sheridan[edit]

Co hosted the local version of the Hot 30 Countdown from 1995 until it was replaced by the networked Ugly Phil's Hot 30 in 1998.

Ian Skippen[edit]

Inaugural member of the B105 Morning Crew. Left for Triple M in 2005

Ben Wasley[edit]

Former breakfast anchor on Gabby, Mike & Stav in 2006 can now be heard as panel op on the Hamish & Andy show on FOX FM in Melbourne.

Matty White[edit]

Started his second stint in 2006 as Morning announcer and Assistant Music Director. Left B105 and Austereo in August 2007. Then moved to Mix 106.5 as Music Director, since resigned. Now with Triple M Sydney. Married to Carla 'Biggzy' Bigsnasca formerly on the Hot30 Countdown.

Other announcers[edit]

  • Kieron Atkinson
  • Clare Blake
  • Steve Fitton
  • Kez
  • Tony Mac
  • Jo and Scott McDonald
  • Nat Wust

Former Blackthunder Pilots[edit]

Andrew G[edit]

Known on-air as "Spiderman". Was co-host and host of Australian Idol. Was on Take40 Australia and is now a part of The Hothits Live From LA.

The Labrat[edit]

Hosted Austereo's Hot30 before moving to 2DayFMs Drive slot in 2005. Returned to head B105s Breakfast show in 2007. He left the show at the end of 2014 and is now on air in New Zealand.

Tony Mac[edit]

Known on-air as "The Backstreet Boy"

Kyle Sandilands[edit]

Now co-hosts The Kyle and Jackie O Show, which is broadcast on KIIS 106.5 and other Australian Radio Network stations. Sandilands previously worked at 2DAYFM in Sydney.

Derek Squire[edit]

Known on-air as "The Bladerunner" from 1992-1995. Also worked as stand-by station receptionist, Morning Crew researcher and Outside Broadcast Technical Assistant, Community Switchboard Co-ordinator (for both MMM and B105), Panel-Operator for many live shows (Morning Crew, Martin and Molloy) and other network syndicated pre-recorded shows, Personal Assistant to the Direct Sales Manager and, as a Sales Co-ordinator.

Former newsreaders[edit]

Ange Anderson[edit]

Now Breakfast Newsreader and Weekend announcer at Nova 106.9 Brisbane

Natalie Bohenski[edit]

Now with Brisbane station 1116 4BC

Monique Dews[edit]

Now Breakfast Newsreader at 97.3 Brisbane