List of BAe 146 operators

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Brussels Airlines Avro RJ85 on final Approach for Berlin Tempelhof Airport.
Blue1 Avro RJ85 at Turku Airport.

In 2016, 144 aircraft were in airline service, 46 BAe 146 and 98 Avro RJ : 40 in Asia, 72 in Europe, 22 in Americas and 18 in Africa ; the operators with eight or more aircraft were :[1]

Civil operators[edit]










 People's Republic of China


  • SAM - Former operator

 Democratic Republic of the Congo

 Faroe Islands














  • Heritage Air (Melaka) Operational 2010-2012



 New Zealand



 Republic of China


 South Africa





 United Kingdom

 United States



Military and government operators[edit]

Military operators[edit]

RAF BAE146 QC at Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan 2013



Libya Libyan Republic
 Saudi Arabia

 United Arab Emirates

  • Dubai Air Wing
  • United Arab Emirate Government

 United Kingdom

Corporate operators[edit]

The BAe 146 has also been flown by corporate operators.


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