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A list of British Basketball League seasons since inception of the league in 1987:

Season BBL Championship BBL Play-offs BBL Cup BBL Trophy MVP Coach of the Year
Carlsberg League Division One
1987–88 Portsmouth Livingston Kingston Kings Livingston Darryl Thomas (Hemel Royals) Gary Johnson (Calderdale Explorers)
1988–89 Glasgow Rangers Glasgow Rangers Bracknell Tigers Bracknell Tigers Alan Cunningham (Glasgow Rangers) Kevin Cadle (Glasgow Rangers)
1989–90 Kingston Kings Kingston Kings Kingston Kings Kingston Kings Clyde Vaughn (Sunderland Saints) Kevin Cadle (Kingston Kings)
1990–91 Kingston Kings Kingston Kings Sunderland Saints Kingston Kings Alton Byrd (Kingston Kings) Kevin Cadle (Kingston Kings)
1991–92 Kingston Kings Kingston Kings Kingston Kings Kingston Kings Alton Byrd (Kingston Kings) Kevin Cadle (Kingston Kings)
1992–93 Worthing Bears Worthing Bears Guildford Kings Thames Valley Tigers Colin Irish (Worthing Bears) Mick Bett (Thames Valley Tigers)
Budweiser Basketball League
1993–94 Thames Valley Tigers Worthing Bears Worthing Bears Thames Valley Tigers Nigel Lloyd (Thames Valley Tigers) Mick Bett (Thames Valley Tigers)
1994–95 Sheffield Sharks Worthing Bears Sheffield Sharks Thames Valley Tigers Roger Huggins (Sheffield Sharks) Jim Brandon (Sheffield Sharks)
1995–96 London Towers Birmingham Bullets London Towers London Towers Tony Dorsey (Birmingham Bullets) Kevin Cadle (London Towers)
1996–97 Leopards London Towers Leopards London Towers John White (Leopards) Mike Burton (Chester Jets)
1997–98 Greater London Leopards Birmingham Bullets Thames Valley Tigers Sheffield Sharks Eric Burks (Greater London Leopards) Billy Mims (Greater London Leopards)
1998–99 Sheffield Sharks London Towers Sheffield Sharks Manchester Giants Terrell Myers (Sheffield Sharks) Chris Finch (Sheffield Sharks)
Dairylea Dunkers Championship
1999–00 N: Manchester Giants
S: London Towers
Manchester Giants Sheffield Sharks London Towers Tony Dorsey (Manchester Giants) Nick Nurse (Manchester Giants)
British Basketball League
2000–01 N: Sheffield Sharks
S: London Towers
Leicester Riders Leicester Riders Chester Jets Loren Meyer (Chester Jets) Robbie Peers (London Towers)
2001–02 N: Chester Jets
S: London Towers
Chester Jets Chester Jets Chester Jets John Thomas (Chester Jets) Robbie Peers (London Towers)
2002–03 Sheffield Sharks Scottish Rocks Brighton Bears Chester Jets Kenny Gregory (Chester Jets) Chris Finch (Sheffield Sharks)
2003–04 Brighton Bears Sheffield Sharks Sheffield Sharks Chester Jets Jerry Williams (Scottish Rocks) Nick Nurse (Brighton Bears)
2004–05 Chester Jets Newcastle Eagles Brighton Bears Newcastle Eagles Trey Moore (Chester Jets) Fab Flournoy (Newcastle Eagles)
2005–06 Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Andrew Sullivan (Newcastle Eagles) Fab Flournoy (Newcastle Eagles)
2006–07 Guildford Heat Newcastle Eagles Guildford Heat Plymouth Raiders Jeff Bonds (Sheffield Sharks) and
Brian Dux (Guildford Heat)
Paul James (Guildford Heat)
2007–08 Newcastle Eagles Guildford Heat Milton Keynes Lions Guildford Heat Lynard Stewart (Newcastle Eagles) Vince Macaulay (MK Lions)
2008–09 Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Everton Tigers Newcastle Eagles Trey Moore (Newcastle Eagles) Rob Paternostro (Leicester Riders)
2009–10 Newcastle Eagles Everton Tigers Sheffield Sharks Newcastle Eagles Mike Cook (Sheffield Sharks) Fab Flournoy (Newcastle Eagles)
2010–11 Mersey Tigers Mersey Tigers Sheffield Sharks Mersey Tigers Jeremy Bell (Cheshire Jets) Tony Garbelotto (Mersey Tigers)
2011–12 Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Joe Chapman (Newcastle Eagles) Fab Flournoy (Newcastle Eagles)
2012–13 Leicester Riders Leicester Riders Leicester Riders Sheffield Sharks Andrew Sullivan (Leicester Riders) Rob Paternostro (Leicester Riders)
2013–14 Newcastle Eagles Worcester Wolves Leicester Riders Worcester Wolves Zaire Taylor (Worcester Wolves) Fab Flournoy (Newcastle Eagles)
2014–15 Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Newcastle Eagles Charles Smith (Newcastle Eagles) Andreas Kapoulas (Bristol Flyers)

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