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This is a list of notable bulletin board system (BBS) software packages.[1]


  • Citadel – originally written for the CP/M operating system, had many forks for different systems under different names.
  • CONFER – CONFER II[citation needed] on the MTS, CONFER U on Unix and CONFER V on VAX/VMS, written by Robert Parnes starting in 1975.
  • Mystic BBS – written by James Coyle with versions for Windows/Linux/ARM Linux/OSX. Past versions: MS-DOS and OS/2.
  • Synchronet – Windows/Linux/BSD, past versions: MS-DOS and OS/2.
  • WWIV – WWIV v5.x is supported on both Windows 7+ 32bit as well as Linux 32bit and 64bit.[2] Written by Wayne Bell, included WWIVNet. Past versions: MS-DOS and OS/2.

Altos 68000[edit]

Amiga based[edit]

Apple II series[edit]

  • Diversi-Dial (DDial) – Chat-room atmosphere supporting up to 7 incoming lines allowing links to other DDial boards.
  • GBBS – Applesoft and assembler-based BBS program by Greg Schaeffer.
  • GBBS Pro – based on the ACOS or MACOS (modified ACOS) language.
  • Net-Works II – by Nick Naimo.
  • SBBS – Sonic BBS by Patrick Sonnek.

Apple Macintosh[edit]

Atari 8-bit computer[edit]

Commodore computers[edit]


Microsoft Windows[edit]

MS-DOS and compatible[edit]


Tandy TRS-80[edit]

Unix and compatible[edit]


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