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This article is about software that acted as bulletin board systems themselves. For external BBS software, see BBS door.
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This is a list of notable bulletin board system (BBS) software packages.[1]


Altos 68000[edit]

Amiga based[edit]

  • Ami-Express – aka "/X", very popular in the crackers/warez software scene.
  • M A X's BBS
  • Paragon BBS system, one of the first software products created by Jon Radoff.[2]

Apple II series[edit]

  • Diversi-Dial (DDial) – Chat-room atmosphere supporting up to 7 incoming lines allowing links to other DDial boards.
  • GBBS – Applesoft and assembler-based BBS program by Greg Schaeffer.
  • GBBS Pro – based on the ACOS or MACOS (modified ACOS) language.
  • HBBS – a hi-resolution graphical dial-up BBS and client package for the Apple II, supported threaded, rich media messages including graphics, shapes, sound, fonts, sprites and animation via its desktop client entitled Pixterm.
  • Networks II – by Nick Naimo.
  • SBBS – Sonic BBS by Patrick Sonnek.

Apple Macintosh[edit]

Atari 8-bit computer[edit]

Commodore computers[edit]


Many of these needed BYE and KMD to handle modem interactions and file transfers.

  • MikroKom
  • RBBS – written in Microsoft Basic, really slow login with more than a few users.
  • TBBS

Microsoft Windows[edit]

MS-DOS and compatible[edit]


Tandy TRS-80[edit]

Unix and compatible[edit]