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The following is a list of characters from the wuxia novel Baifa Monü Zhuan by Liang Yusheng. Some of these characters are based on historical figures, such as Wei Zhongxian, Xiong Tingbi and the Taichang Emperor. Some characters also appear in the sequels Saiwai Qixia Zhuan and Qijian Xia Tianshan.

Main characters[edit]

  • Lian Nichang, also called Lian Nishang (練霓裳; 练霓裳; Liàn Nícháng / Liàn Níshàng; Lin6 Ngai4-soeng4), nicknamed "Jade Rakshasa" (玉羅剎), is the titular protagonist of the novel. Raised by wolves as an infant, she was later adopted and trained in martial arts by Ling Muhua. Her prowess in swordplay and qinggong are legendary, and she uses her skills to deliver justice like a vigilante. Although she is beautiful in appearance, she is deadly, as her sword movements are extremely brutal and aggressive. She also metes out draconian punishments and torturous deaths to her enemies, projecting an image of herself as a menacing demoness in the jianghu. She becomes known as the "White Haired Demoness" (白髮魔女) after her hair turns white.
  • Zhuo Yihang (卓一航; Zhuó Yīháng; Zoek3 Jat1-hong4) is Zhuo Jixian's son. He comes from a family of scholars and grows up to become a cultured and refined gentleman. He learns swordplay from Taoist Ziyang and eventually succeeds his master as the leader of the Wudang Sect.
  • Yue Mingke (岳鳴珂; 岳鸣珂; Yuè Míngkē; Ngok6 Ming4-o1) is a military attaché serving under the general Xiong Tingbi. He was trained in martial arts by Huo Tiandu and becomes a formidable swordsman. He joins the protagonists in opposing Wei Zhongxian, and becomes a fugitive after Xiong Tingbi was wrongly put to death. He becomes disillusioned with human society after witnessing the tragic death of Tie Shanhu and becomes a monk, renaming himself "Reverend Huiming" (晦明禪師; 晦明禅师; Huìmíng Chánshī; Fui3-ming4 Sim4-si1). He travels to Mount Heaven and settles there, spending his time studying martial arts.

Wudang Sect[edit]

  • Five Elders of Wudang (武當五老; 武当五老; Wǔdāng Wú Lǎo; Mou5-dong1 Ng5 Lou5):
    • Taoist Ziyang (紫陽道長; 紫阳道长; Zǐyáng Dàozhǎng; Zi2-joeng4 Dou3-zoeng2) is Wudang's leader and Zhuo Yihang's master. He is highly respected by his contemporaries not only for his prowess in martial arts, but also for his humility. He is succeeded by Zhuo Yihang.
    • Taoist Huangye (黃葉道人; 黄叶道人; Huángyè Dàorén; Wong4-jip6 Dou3-jan4)
    • Taoist Baishi (白石道人; Báishí Dàorén; Baak6-sek6 Dou3-jan4) is an egoistic and arrogant individual. He sees Lian Nichang as inferior and unworthy of Zhuo Yihang's love. He intends to marry his elder daughter to Zhuo Yihang and often seeks to create opportunities for them to start a romance, but his daughter marries Li Shenshi eventually, much to his dismay. He is captured by the lamas of the Heaven Dragon Sect and brought to Fengsha Castle. Lian Nichang saves him but he is reluctant to thank her and simply agrees not to interfere in her relationship with Zhuo Yihang anymore.
    • Taoist Hongyun (紅雲道人; 红云道人; Hóngyún Dàorén; Hung4-wan4 Dou3-jan4)
    • Taoist Qingsuo (青蓑道人; Qīngsuō Dàorén; Cing1-so1 Dou3-jan4)
  • He Qixia (何綺霞; 何绮霞; Hé Qíxiá; Ho4 Ji2-haa4) is Taoist Baishi's younger sister. She became a nun on Mount Song and adopted the name "Abbess Cihui" (慈慧師太; 慈慧师太; Cíhuì Shītài; Ci4-wai3 Si1-taai3) after her husband Li Tianyang divorced her to purse his career. She hates Li Tianyang and refuses to leave with him when he attempts to persuade her to return to his side. She eventually reconciles with her husband with help from their son.
  • Taoist Baishi's daughters were raised by their aunt He Qixia, who taught them martial arts. They are:
    • He E'hua (何萼華; 何萼华; Hé È'huá; Ho4 Ngok6-waa4) is the older of the two. She is in love with her cousin Li Shenshi. Her father wants her to marry Zhuo Yihang, who comes from a more prestigious background, but he eventually agrees to let her marry Li Shenshi.
    • He Lühua (何綠華; 何绿华; Hé Lǜhuá; Ho4 Luk6-waa4) is the younger of the two. She joins Zhuo Yihang in his quest to rescue her father from Fengsha Castle.
  • Geng Shaonan (耿紹南; 耿绍南; Gěng Shàonán; Gang2 Siu6-naam4) specialises in using the slingshot. He views himself highly because of his affiliation with a famous orthodox sect and behaves rudely and arrogantly. He is defeated by Lian Nichang in a duel and has two fingers sliced off by her as punishment for his snobbishness. He instigates Zhuo Yihang to attack Lian Nichang when Lian was fighting with the four elders. Zhuo Yihang, in a confused state, takes the slingshot from Geng, and fires at Lian Nichang, causing Lian to wrong believe that Zhuo had betrayed her love and turned against her.
  • Yu Xincheng (虞新城; Yú Xīnchéng) is the oldest among the second-generation Wudang members.
  • Li Feng (李封; Lǐ Fēng) is the most senior of the Wudang members in Beijing.

Tie Feilong and associates[edit]

  • Tie Feilong (鐵飛龍; 铁飞龙; Tiě Fēilóng; Tit3 Fei1-lung4) is the master of the Tie Family Manor. He is not placed in high regard by the orthodox sects because of his ugly appearance and eccentric personality. Despite this, he is an experienced and formidable martial artist, specialising in palm styles of martial arts. He accepts Lian Nichang as his goddaughter after resolving a misunderstanding with her, and accompanies her on most of her adventures.
  • Mu Jiuniang (穆九娘; Mù Jǐuniáng; Muk6 Gau2-noeng4) is Tie Feilong's second wife and Tie Shanhu's stepmother. She obtains Ling Muhua's swordplay manual by chance from the dying Taoist Zhenqian and keeps it for herself. She shows it to Tie Shanhu and they practise the skills detailed in the manual secretly behind Tie Feilong's back. She is expelled from the family after her husband finds out that she had stolen the manual. She meets Gongsun Lei later, marries him and bears him a child. She is severely wounded by Gongsun Lei's enemies and dies from her injuries. Before her death, she entrusts her child to Tie Feilong, begging him to adopt her child as his grandson.
  • Tie Shanhu (鐵珊瑚; 铁珊瑚; Tiě Shānhú; Tit3 Saan1-wu4) is Tie Feilong's daughter. She falls in love with Yue Mingke but Yue unknowingly hurts her when he expresses reluctance to marry her. She is taken hostage by Jin Duyi and Ying Xiuyang, who attempt to force Yue Mingke to surrender to them. She breaks free from Jin Duyi's clutches by attacking him, but is also mortally wounded in the process. She dies in peace after Yue Mingke finally admits his love for her.
  • Ke Pingting (客娉婷; Kè Pīngtíng; Haak3 Ping1-ting4) is the illegitimate daughter of Wei Zhongxian and Madam Ke, and an apprentice of Gongsun Daniang. She admires Lian Nichang and desires to become a wandering heroine too. She overhears a secret conversation between her parents and learns that Wei Zhongxian is actually her father. She becomes disappointed when she hears of her father's treacherous ways and decides to leave her parents for good. She joins the protagonists and becomes Tie Feilong's second goddaughter later.

Wang family and associates[edit]

  • Wang Jiayin (王嘉胤; Wáng Jiāyìn; Wong4 Gaa1-jan6) is the leader of the bandit community in northern Shanxi. He is killed in action during a battle against imperial forces.
  • Wang Zhaoxi (王照希; Wáng Zhàoxī; Wong4 Ziu3-hei1) is Wang Jiayin's son and a close friend of Zhuo Yihang.
  • Meng Can (孟燦; 孟灿; Mèng Càn; Maang6 Caan3) is Wang Jiayin's sworn brother. He serves as a martial arts instructor in the crown prince's residence. He is implicated in the Case of the Palace Assault and is arrested and tortured during interrogation. He is released after his name is cleared, but dies from his wounds.
  • Meng Qiuxia (孟秋霞; Mèng Qīuxiá; Maang6 Cau1-haa4) is Meng Can's daughter. She marries Wang Zhaoxi.
  • Bai Min (白敏; Bái Mǐn; Baak6 Man5) is one of Meng Can's apprentices. He joins Li Zicheng's rebel army later.
  • Liu Ximing (柳西銘; 柳西铭; Lǐu Xīmíng; Lau5 Sai1-ming4) is a martial arts instructor and an ally of the protagonists.
  • Wang Jiayin's followers:
    • Wang Zuogua (王左掛; Wáng Zuǒguà)
    • Flying Mountain Tiger (飛山虎; Fēi Shān Hǔ)
    • Great Red Wolf (大紅狼; 大红狼; Dà Hóng Láng)

Imperial family and nobles[edit]

  • The Wanli Emperor (萬厲皇帝; 万历皇帝; Wànlì Huángdì; Maan6-lai6 Wong4-dai3) is the ruler of the Ming Empire.
  • Zhu Changluo (朱常洛; Zhū Chángluò; Zyu1 Soeng4-lok3) is the crown prince during the Wanli Emperor's reign. He uncovers the truth behind the Case of the Palace Assault and helps to clear the names of innocent people who were implicated in the case. He ascends the throne later and becomes known as the Taichang Emperor (泰昌皇帝; Tàichāng Huángdì; Taai3-coeng1 Wong4-dai3). He suffers from poor health and eventually dies from poisoning after consuming the mysterious Red Pills.
  • Zhu Changxun (朱常洵; Zhū Chángxún; Zyu1 Soeng4-seon1) is another son of the Wanli Emperor. He plots with his mother and uncle to seize the position of crown prince from his elder half-brother, Zhu Changluo, by orchestrating the Case of the Palace Assault. Their plan fails when Wei Zhongxian betrays them. He is demoted to the status of a commoner and imprisoned for life.
  • Noble Consort Zheng (鄭貴妃; 郑贵妃; Zhèng Guìfēi) is a consort of the Wanli Emperor and Zhu Changxun's mother. She is imprisoned together with her son after their plot to seize the succession fails.
  • Imperial Uncle Zheng (鄭國舅; 郑国舅; Zhèng Guójìu) is Honoured Consort Zheng's elder brother. He is executed for plotting to help his nephew seize the succession.
  • Consort Li (李選侍; 李选侍; Lǐ Xuǎnshì) is the Taichang Emperor's favourite concubine.
  • The Tianqi Emperor (天啟皇帝; 天启皇帝; Tiānqǐ Huángdì; Tin1-kai2 Wong4-dai3) is the young, naive and inexperienced successor to the Taichang Emperor. He has a crush on Madame Ke and she uses his weakness to manipulate him and collaborate with Wei Zhongxian to monopolise state power. Like his father, the Tianqi Emperor also suffers from poor health and eventually dies from illness.
  • The Chongzhen Emperor (崇禎皇帝; 崇祯皇帝; Chóngzhēn Huángdì; Sung4-zing1 Wong4-dai3) is a son of the Taichang Emperor and the successor to his elder brother, the Tianqi Emperor. He is wiser and more ambitious than his predecessors. Before he ascended the throne, he was already rallying a group of loyalists to support him and help him save the Ming Empire from collapse. He eliminates Wei Zhongxian and Wei's clique after becoming the emperor.

Wei Zhongxian and associates[edit]

  • Wei Zhongxian (魏忠賢; 魏忠贤; Wèi Zhōngxián; Ngai6 Zung1-jin4) is the chief palace eunuch and the primary nemesis of the protagonists. He monopolises state power after the death of the Taichang Emperor and starts persecuting loyalists and his political opponents. He is put to death after the Chongzhen Emperor comes to the throne.
  • Madam Ke (客氏; Kè Shì; Haak3 Si6) is Wei Zhongxian's secret lover and Ke Pingting's mother. Wei Zhongxian became a palace eunuch later while she became the young Tianqi Emperor's wet nurse. She is expelled from the palace after the Chongzhen Emperor comes to the throne.

Jin Duyi and associates[edit]

  • Jin Duyi (金獨異; 金独异; Jīn Dúyì; Gam1 Duk6-ji6) is Gongsun Daniang's morally bankrupt husband. He collaborates with Wei Zhongxian's men to harm the protagonists and attempts to trick his wife into joining him. He specialises in using the 'Yin Wind Venomous Gravel Palm' (陰風毒砂掌), which allows him to discreetly infect a victim with a slow-acting venom that will kill the victim within seven days. He is slain by Yue Mingke after murdering Tie Shanhu.
  • Gongsun Daniang (公孫大娘; 公孙大娘; Gōngsūn Dàniáng; Gung1-syun1 Daai6-noeng4), nicknamed "Honghua Guimu" (紅花鬼母; 红花鬼母; Hónghuā Guímǔ; Hung4-faa1 Gwai2-mou5; "Red Flower Devil Mother"), is Jin Duyi's wife. She was seduced by Jin Duyi and she stole her father's martial arts manual after being instigated by him. She married Jin later and once helped him defeat a group of 13 rival martial artists. She decided to leave him after he refuses to mend his ways, and led a reclusive life for three decades. Tie Feilong and Lian Nichang defeated her in a martial arts contest by a narrow margin after careful planning. She commits suicide in shame when Yue Mingke, after avenging Tie Shanhu, publicly reveals her husband's evil deeds.
  • Gongsun Lei (公孫雷; 公孙雷; Gōngsūn Léi; Gung1-syun1 Leoi4) is Jin Duyi and Gongsun Daniang's son. He marries Mu Jiuniang. He follows in his evil father's footsteps after his mother dies. He rapes an escort soldier's wife, causing her to hang herself in shame. He is forced to commit suicide by Huo Yuanzhong and company.
  • Gongsun Yiyang (公孫一陽; 公孙一阳; Gōngsūn Yīyáng) was Gongsun Daniang's father. He was a reclusive master of martial arts and toxicology. He died in anger after discovering that his daughter and Jin Duyi had betrayed him and stolen his martial arts manual.
  • Jin Qianyan (金千岩; Jīn Dàyán; Gam1 Daai6-ngaam4) is an imperial guard and Jin Duyi's nephew. He learns the 'Yin Wind Venomous Gravel Palm' from his uncle, but is less skilful in using it. He murders Taoist Zhenqian and steals the swordplay manual left behind by Ling Muhua. He is killed by Shen Dayuan.
  • Hao Jianchang (郝建昌; Hǎo Jiànchāng) is Jin Duyi's eldest apprentice. He makes a surprise attack on Taoist Baishi and injures him severely.

Jianghu figures[edit]

  • Yun Yanping (雲燕平; 云燕平; Yún Yànpíng) is an imperial guard. He specialises in using a Tibetan style of "soft" attack.
  • Changqin (昌欽; 昌钦; Chāngqīn) is a Tibetan lama hired by Wei Zhongxian to be the Tianqi Emperor's bodyguard. He uses a pair of cymbals as weapons. He joins Mengsasi's tribe after Wei Zhongxian's downfall.
  • Rong Yidong (容一東; 容一东; Róng Yīdōng) is Ying Xiuyang's accomplice. He appears to help Ying Xiuyang and the Wang brothers rob Tangnu, but Lian Nichang shows up and saves Tangnu. He is slain by Lian Nichang.
  • Hu Mai (胡邁; 胡迈; Hú Mài), nicknamed "Ground Deity" (陸上仙), is a confidence trickster. He and his partner-in-crime, Meng Fei, rely on boasting and lying to trick others into showing sympathy towards them. They produce the Red Pills and present them to the Taichang Emperor through Li Kezhuo. The emperor dies from poisoning after consuming the pills.
  • Meng Fei (孟飛; 孟飞; Mèng Fēi), nicknamed "Divine Hand" (神手), is Hu Mai's accomplice.

Manchu spies[edit]

  • Zheng Hongtai (鄭洪台; 郑洪台; Zhèng Hóngtái; Zeng6 Hung4-toi4) is an agent of the Ming Empire's secret service. Zhu Changluo sends him to escort Zhuo Yihang home. Zhuo Yihang discovers later that he is actually a spy working for the Manchus. He is defeated by Lian Nichang and captured by Yue Mingke. Lian Nichang tortures him to force him to reveal the names of his accomplices and kills him after that.
  • Ying Xiuyang (應修陽; 应修阳; Yìng Xīuyáng; Jing3 Sau1-joeng4) is a villain who murdered Luo Jinfeng. He escapes after being defeated by Lian Nichang on Mount Hua. He becomes part of Wei Zhongxian's clique later and causes trouble for the protagonists on numerous instances. He is tricked into consuming drugged wine by Ke Pingting, and is bound and sent to Lian Nichang. He is killed by Tie Feilong after Lian Nichang forces him to list the names of his accomplices.
  • Lian Chenghu (連城虎; 连城虎; Lián Chénghǔ; Lin4 Sing4-fu2) is the chief manager of Western Depot (西廠), one of the Ming Empire's secret agencies. He joins Mengsasi's tribe after Wei Zhongxian's downfall. He is slain by Lian Nichang.


  • Fang Congzhe (方從哲; 方从哲; Fāng Cóngzhé) is the chancellor.
  • Li Kezhuo (李可灼; Lí Kězhuó) is the honglu sicheng (鴻臚寺丞). He presents the Red Pills to the Taichang Emperor, causing the emperor to die from poisoning. Wei Zhongxian and Fang Congzhe help him cover up the case and he gets rewarded for his attempt to "cure" the emperor.
  • Cui Chengxiu (崔呈秀; Cuī Chéngxìu) is one of Wei Zhongxian's followers. Wei Zhongxian sends him to read a false imperial edict about Xiong Tingbi's alleged treason and failure in duties, and arrest Xiong after reading it. He is driven away by Xiong and the protagonists.
  • Pan Ruzhen (潘汝貞; 潘汝贞; Pān Rúzhēn) is the Inspector of Zhejiang. He suggests building a memorial structure to Wei Zhongxian.
  • Wang Shaohui (王紹徽; 王绍徽; Wáng Shàohuī) is the writer of the Records of Generals (點將錄), a list of the names of Wei Zhongxian's political rivals.
  • Xu Xianchun (許顯純; 许显纯; Xú Xiǎnchún) is Wei Zhongxian's godson. He oversees the murder of Yang Lian in prison.
  • Wei Guangzheng (魏廣徵; 魏广征; Wèi Guǎngzhēng) is Wei Zhongxian's nephew.
  • Ruan Dazhen (阮大針; 阮大针; Ruǎn Dàzhēn)
  • Gu Qian (顧謙; 顾谦; Gù Qiān)
  • Fu Yue (傅樾; Fù Yuè)
  • Ni Wenhuan (倪文煥; 倪文焕; Ní Wénhuàn)
  • Yang Weiyuan (楊維垣; 杨维垣; Yáng Wéiyuán)
  • Lu Wanling (陸萬零; 陆万零; Lù Wànlíng)

Martial artists hired by Zheng Hongtai[edit]

  • Zhao Ting (趙挺; 赵挺; Zhào Tǐng) is from the Songyang Sect. He leaves after realising that he was tricked into helping the spies.
  • Fan Zhu (范築; 范筑; Fàn Zhù) is killed by Lian Nichang.
  • Ling Xiao (凌霄; Líng Xiāo) is nicknamed "Jade Faced Demonic Fox" (玉面妖狐). He is killed by Lian Nichang.
  • Taoist Qingsong (青松道人; Qīngsōng Dàorén) leaves after realising that he was tricked into helping the Manchu spies.

Government officials[edit]

  • Xiong Tingbi (熊廷弼; Xíong Tíngbì; Hung4 Ting4-bat6) is the jinglue (經略; military governor) of Liaodong. Viewed as a hero by the common people, he is tasked with defending the Ming Empire's northern border from invaders from Manchuria. He is defeated by Manchu forces when Wang Huazhen refuses to cooperate with him, and is executed as punishment for his defeat. Before his death, he wrote a book titled Discussion on Liaodong (遼東論), explaining his "Three Deployments Strategy" (三方布置策) to counter a Manchu invasion.
  • Ministers in the Three Departments and Six Ministries:
    • Sun Shenxing (孫慎行; 孙慎行; Sūn Shènxíng) is the Minister of Rites.
    • Zhou Jiamo (周嘉謨; 周嘉谟; Zhōu Jiāmò) is the Minister of Personnel.
    • Hui Shiyang (惠世揚; 惠世扬; Huì Shìyáng) is a jishizhong (給事中).
    • Ministry of War:
      • Yang Kun (楊焜; 杨焜; Yáng Kūn) is the Minister of War.
      • Li Jingbai (李精白; Lǐ Jīngbái) succeeds Yang Kun as Minister of War.
      • Liu Guojin (劉國縉; 刘国缙; Líu Guójìn) is a zhushi (主事).
      • Liu Tingyuan (劉廷元; 刘廷元; Líu Tíngyuán) is a jishizhong.
      • Yang Lian (楊漣; 杨涟; Yáng Lián) is a jishizhong. A loyalist, he opposes Wei Zhongxian but is framed and imprisoned later. Lian Nichang breaks into prison to save him but he refuses her help. He is murdered in prison by Wei Zhongxian's men.
      • Sun Chengzong (孫承宗; 孙承宗; Sūn Chéngzōng)
  • Officials in the censorate:
    • Yao Zongwen (姚宗文; Yáo Zōngwén)
    • Feng Sanyuan (馮三元; 冯三元; Féng Sānyuán)
    • Wang Anshun (王安舜; Wáng Ānshùn)
    • Zou Yuanbiao (鄒元標; 邹元标; Zōu Yuánbiāo)
    • Zuo Guangdou (左光斗; Zuǒ Guāngdǒu) is Du Mingzhong's uncle. He is murdered in prison by Wei Zhongxian's men, along with Yang Lian and other loyalists.
  • Military personnel:
    • Wang Zan (王贊; 王赞; Wáng Zàn) is Xiong Tingbi's bodyguard. He is an apprentice of Qiu Taixu.
    • Wang Huazhen (王化貞; 王化贞; Wáng Huàzhēn) is appointed by Xiong Tingbi as the Inspector of Guangning. He is unwilling to cooperate with Xiong Tingbi, causing the Ming army to be defeated by the Manchus. He is demoted after his defeat.
    • Yuan Yingtai (袁應泰; 袁应泰; Yuán Yìngtài) is sent to replace Xiong Tingbi after the latter is executed. He is incompetent and suffers defeats at the hands of the Manchus.
    • He Shixian (賀世賢; 贺世贤; Hè Shìxián) is Yuan Yingtai's subordinate. He is killed in action along with You Shigong.
    • You Shigong (尤世功; Yóu Shìgōng)
    • Yuan Chonghuan (袁崇煥; 袁崇焕; Yuán Chónghuàn) is a general who succeeds Xiong Tingbi as commander of the Ming forces on the northern border. He receives Xiong Tingbi's book Discussion on Liaodong from Lian Nichang.
  • Imperial Envoy Li (李欽差; 李钦差; Lǐ Qīnchāi) and Imperial Envoy Zhou (周欽差; 周钦差; Zhōu Qīnchāi) are two emissaries sent by the emperor to meet Zhuo Yihang. They are infected with a slow-acting poison by Jin Qianyan, who hopes that they will die from poisoning days later in Zhuo's house, so that he can frame Zhuo for murdering the envoys. However, Zhuo notices that the envoys are poisoned and he saves them.
  • Eunuchs:
    • Pang Bao (龐保; 庞保; Páng Bǎo) is a high ranking palace eunuch. He and Liu Cheng are implicated in the Case of the Palace Assault and executed. They are replaced by Wei Zhongxian.
    • Liu Cheng (劉成; 刘成; Líu Chéng)
  • Long Chengye (龍成業; 龙成业; Lóng Chéngyè) is an Inner Court Colonel (內廷校尉).
  • Tian Ergeng (田爾耕; 田尔耕; Tián Ěrgēng) is the Governor of Nine Gates (九門提督).
  • Ye Xianggao (葉向高; 叶向高; Yè Xiànggāo) succeeds Fang Congzhe as chancellor.
  • Wang Bingbei (王兵備; 王兵备; Wáng Bīngbèi) leads a group of soldiers to arrest Zhuo Yihang when he was accused of murdering the two imperial envoys.
  • Hong Chengchou (洪承疇; 洪承畴; Hóng Chéngchóu)
  • Chen Qiyu (陳奇瑜; 陈奇瑜; Chén Qíyú)
  • Wei Dazhong (魏大中; Wèi Dàzhōng)
  • Gu Dazhang (顧大章; 顾大章; Gù Tiānzhāng)
  • Yuan Huazhong (袁化中; Yuán Huàzhōng)
  • Zhou Chaorui (周朝瑞; Zhōu Cháoruì)


  • Li Tianyang (李天揚; 李天扬; Lǐ Tiānyáng; Lei5 Tin1-joeng4) is He Qixia's ex-husband. He divorced his wife to pursue his official career by marrying a general's daughter. He became a Jinyiwei commander later. He returns and attempts to persuade his ex-wife to return to his side but she refuses. He is happy to be reunited with his son and decides to give up his post. He releases his son and the other captives from prison. He manages to reconcile with his wife with help from their son.
  • Shi Hao (石浩; Shí Hào) is a Jinyiwei commander. He is killed by Zhuo Yihang.
  • Hu Guozhu (胡國柱; 胡国柱; Hú Guózhù) is Li Tianyang's escort. He is defeated by He E'hua in a fight.
  • Commander Qin (秦指揮; 秦指挥; Qín Zhǐhuī) escorts the imperial envoys Li and Zhou to Zhuo Yihang's house.
  • Cui Yingyuan (崔應元; 崔应元; Cuī Yìngyuán) is a Jinyiwei commander present at the scene of Yang Lian's murder. He secretly memorises Yang Lian's final statement and spreads it, causing Yang to be remembered in history as a loyalist.

Palace guards[edit]

  • Cheng Kun (成坤; Chéng Kūn) is a palace guard commander loyal to the Taichang Emperor. He is arrested and imprisoned by Wei Zhongxian after suspecting that the emperor was poisoned to death. Wei agrees to release him after his colleagues promise to persuade him to make a false statement about the emperor's death. He refuses and is immobilised by them. Yue Mingke saves him when he is about to be killed. To express his gratitude, he presents Yue with a pair of combat gloves that can protect the wearer from sharp weapons and poison. He joins the protagonists' side in the fight against Wei Zhongxian later.
  • Wang Cheng (王成; Wáng Chéng) is Cheng Kun's deputy. He betrays Cheng and defects to Wei Zhongxian. He is knocked unconscious by Yue Mingke when he is about to kill Cheng Kun.
  • Dong Fang (董方; Dǒng Fāng) is an old colleague of Cheng Kun. Although he is not on good terms with Cheng, he is unwilling to harm the latter. He suggests creating a fake scene that Cheng had committed suicide by hanging himself, intending to release Cheng secretly later. However, before he could do so, he is immobilised by Wei Zhongxian's agent, who has been hiding nearby and listening to their conversation.
  • Wang Tingfu (王廷福; Wáng Tíngfú) is a palace guard tasked with escorting Tangnu. He collaborates with Ying Xiuyang to rob Tangnu. He is killed by Lian Nichang when she appears to help Tangnu.
  • Wang Tinglu (王廷祿; 王廷禄; Wáng Tínglù) is Wang Tingfu's twin brother. He is killed by Tangnu's bodyguard.
  • Huang Biao (黃彪; 黄彪; Huáng Biāo) is the chief manager of Madam Ke's living quarters.
  • Bai Guangsi (白廣思; 白广思; Bái Guǎngsī) is a martial arts instructor in Zhu Youjian's residence.


Li Zicheng and associates[edit]

  • Li Zicheng (李自成; Lǐ Zìchéng), nicknamed "Young Dashing King" (小闖王), is an aspiring young rebel leader. He meets Lian Nichang after the latter saves Tangnu from Ying Xiuyang and the robbers. Lian is impressed by his charisma and has a feeling that he will become an emperor in the future.
  • Gao Yingxiang (高迎祥; Gāo Yíngxiáng), nicknamed "Dashing King" (闖王), is Li Zicheng's uncle.
  • Li Yan (李岩; Lǐ Yán) is Li Jingbai's son. He was trained in martial arts by Wang Tong of the Taiji Sect. He decides to join the rebels after his father dies at the hands of Wei Zhongxian.
  • The Red Lady (紅娘子; 红娘子; Hóngniángzǐ) is Li Yan's wife. Like Lian Nichang, she used to lead an all-female bandit clan before her marriage to Li Yan.
  • Li Guo (李過; 李过; Lǐ Guò) is Li Zicheng's nephew.
  • Gao Jie (高傑; 高杰; Gāo Jié) is Gao Yingxiang's subordinate.
  • Du Wu (杜五; Dù Wǔ) is nicknamed "Night Cat" (夜貓子). He is killed along with Zhang Si by the Shen brothers after refusing to submit to Zhang Xianzhong.
  • Zhang Si (張四; 张四; Zhāng Sì) is nicknamed "Sky Shooting Eagle" (射天鵰).

Zhang Xianzhong and associates[edit]

  • Zhang Xianzhong (張獻忠; 张献忠; Zhāng Xiànzhōng), nicknamed "Eight Great King" (八大王), is a rebel leader from Sichuan. Cruel and greedy, he plundered cities and ordered many massacres.
  • Shen Dayuan (神大元; Shén Dàyuán) and Shen Yiyuan (神一元; Shén Yīyuán) are two brothers who have zombie-like appearances, but are highly skilled in martial arts. They serve Zhang Xianzhong but are not very loyal to their master. They defect to join Cheng Zhangwu later and appear at Fengsha Castle towards the end of the novel. They are slain by Lian Nichang.


  • Nurhaci (努爾哈赤; 努尔哈赤; Núěrhāchì) is the leader of the Manchus. He leads his army to attack the Ming dynasty's northern border.
  • Chaketu (察克圖; 察克图; Chákètú) is a warrior sent by Nurhaci to persuade Yuan Chonghuan to defect to the Manchus. He is slain by Lian Nichang.
  • Ketu (科圖; 科图; Kētú) is an envoy sent by Nurhaci to meet the tribal peoples of Xinjiang.

Tribal peoples[edit]

  • Mengsasi (孟薩思; 孟萨思; Mèngsàsī) is the chief of the Kada'er (喀達爾) tribe.
  • Kazakh (哈薩克) tribe:
    • Balong (巴龍; 巴龙; Bālóng) is the deputy chief of the tribe. He joins forces with Zhuo Yihang to deal with Tiande Shangren.
    • Hachuan (哈川; Hāchuān)
    • Longhuyatu (龍呼雅圖; 龙呼雅图; Lónghūyǎtú)
    • Xin Wu (辛五; Xīn Wǔ) is a hunter living on Mount Heaven.
    • Xin Longzi (辛龍子; 辛龙子; Xīn Lóngzǐ) is Xin Wu's young son. He is grateful to Zhuo Yihang for saving him from Tiande Shangren and becomes Zhuo's apprentice. He and his father agree to help Zhuo Yihang guard the magical flower that can turn white hair black again.
  • Luobu (羅布) tribe:
    • Tangma (唐瑪; 唐玛; Tángmǎ) is the chief of the tribe.
    • Tangnu (唐努; Tángnǔ) is Tangma's son. In an earlier chapter, his father sends him as an envoy to pay tribute to the Ming emperor. Ying Xiuyang plots with the Wang brothers to rob him, but their plan is foiled by Lian Nichang and Tie Shanhu. Tangnu succeeds his father as chief of his tribe later. He is grateful to Lian Nichang for saving him earlier and lets his daughter learn martial arts from Lian.
    • Hamaya (哈瑪雅; 哈玛雅; Hāmáyǎ) is Tangnu's young daughter. She is nicknamed "Flying Red Sash" (飛紅巾; 飞红巾; Fēihóngjīn). She is held hostage by Tiande Shangren during the tribal chiefs' meeting. She uses a martial arts move, taught to her by Lian Nichang, to attack Tiande and break free from his clutches. The strike would have been fatal to Tiande if she was older.

Shaolin Sect[edit]

  • Jingming (鏡明; 镜明; Jìngmíng) is the Shaolin abbot. He tests Yue Mingke's neigong.
  • Zunsheng (尊聖; 尊圣; Zūnshèng) is a Shaolin elder. He spars with Yue Mingke in a fist-fighting contest and they arrive at a draw.
  • Xuantong (玄通; Xuántōng) is one of Zunsheng's apprentices. He specialises in using anqi (projectile weapons). He loses to Yue Mingke in a contest.
  • Tianyuan (天元; Tiānyuán) is Jingming's eldest apprentice. He uses a monk's spade in combat. He loses to Yue Mingke in a contest. He later succeeds Jingming as Shaolin's abbot.
  • A novice monk, whose name is not mentioned, spars with Yue Mingke in a contest of palm martial arts but loses even when Yue shows leniency.

Emei Sect[edit]

  • Long Xiaoyun (龍嘯雲; 龙啸云; Lóng Xiàoyún; Lung4 Siu3-wan4) is He Qixia's ex-lover. He taught Li Shenshi martial arts.
  • Li Shenshi (李申時; Lǐ Shēnshí; Lei5 San1-si4) is Li Tianyang and He Qixia's son. As a child, he was trained in martial arts by Long Xiaoyun. He is captured by Wei Zhongxian's men during a skirmish, but his father releases him and his companions secretly and leaves with them. He succeeds in persuading his mother to reconcile with his father. After his marriage to He E'hua, he is accepted by Taoist Baishi as an apprentice and studies Wudang swordplay for some time before eventually returning to Emei.

Mount Heaven Sect and associates[edit]

  • Huo Tiandu (霍天都; Huò Tiāndū; Fok3 Tin1-dou1) was Yue Mingke's master. He travelled around the jianghu to learn various types of swordplay and develop new techniques to counter them. After years of study, he became a formidable swordsman and created his own set of swordplay movements, which later becomes known as the 'Mount Heaven Swordplay' (天山劍法).
  • Ling Muhua (凌慕華; 凌慕华; Líng Mùhuá; Ling4 Mou6-waa4) was Huo Tiandu's wife. She developed a rivalry with her husband to become the best sword fighter in the jianghu and left him and settled in a cave on Mount Hua. She created a new set of sword techniques to counter her husband's. Once, she chanced upon the baby Lian Nichang, adopted her and trained her as an apprentice. She died when her inner energy flow went haywire during a practice session.
  • Yang Yuncong (楊雲驄; 杨云骢; Yáng Yúncōng; Joeng4 Wan4-cung1) is Yang Lian's young son. He is saved by Luo Tiebi when his father is imprisoned and murdered. On Lian Nichang's recommendation, Luo Tiebi brings the boy to Reverend Huiming (Yue Mingke). Huiming likes the child and accepts him as an apprentice.
  • Chu Zhaonan (楚昭南; Chǔ Zhāonán; Co2 Ziu1-naam4) is a boy from Hunan who travels to Xinjiang with his family to escape turmoil in his hometown. His parents commit suicide after their livestock is seized by Mengsasi's men. Reverend Huiming (Yue Mingke) chances upon the boy and saves him and accepts him as an apprentice.

Heaven Dragon Sect[edit]

  • Tianlong Shangren (天龍上人; 天龙上人; Tiānlóng Shàngrén) is the leader of the Heaven Dragon Sect (天龍派) in Tibet. He possesses immense inner energy. At Fengsha Castle, he challenges Zhuo Yihang to a contest, in which Zhuo has to knock him down within three moves, while he will remain seated and not retaliate. Zhuo Yihang was unable to defeat him initially, but Lian Nichang appears and throws a projectile at him when Zhuo is about to deliver the third blow, causing him to lose his balance and fall off the chair.
  • Tiande Shangren (天德上人; Tiāndé Shàngrén) is an elder of the sect. He serves the Kazakh tribe's chief as an adviser and abuses his authority by extorting from the common people. He attempts to force Xin Longzi to be his apprentice, but Zhuo Yihang appears and drives him away. He is slain by Zhuo Yihang during the tribal chiefs' meeting.
  • Leimeng (雷蒙; Léiméng) is Tianlong Shangren's eldest apprentice. He is killed by Lian Nichang.
  • Elder Wutou (烏頭長老; 乌头长老; Wūtóu Zhánglǎo) is an elder of the sect. He joins Huo Yuanzhong, Taoist Zhuo and Changqin to attack Lian Nichang, but is defeated and slain by Lian.

Zhuo family[edit]

  • Zhuo Zhonglian (卓仲廉; Zhuó Zhònglián; Zoek3 Zung6-lim4) is Zhuo Yihang's grandfather. He was formerly the governor of Yunnan and Guizhou. While on the way home after his retirement, he was captured by Lian Nichang's bandit gang and taken to their stronghold. Lian Nichang labelled him as "in between a honest and a corrupt official", and took away a portion of his fortune (said to be ill-gotten gains) before releasing him. He dies from overwhelming grief after hearing news of the death of his son.
  • Zhuo Jixian (卓繼賢; 卓继贤; Zhuó Jìxián; Zoek3 Gai3-jin4) is Zhuo Zhonglian's son and Zhuo Yihang's father. He served in the Ministry of Revenue. He was implicated in the Case of the Palace Assault and was executed on charges of treason without standing trial. His name is cleared when the truth behind the case is revealed.

Fengsha Castle[edit]

  • Cheng Zhangwu (成章五; Chéng Zhāngwǔ) is a former bandit chief from Huainan. He settles in Xinjiang and becomes the master of Fengsha Castle (風砂堡). He hires many martial arts experts to help him fight Lian Nichang and Zhuo Yihang in the hope that defeating them will make him famous.
  • Cheng Zhangzhu (成掌珠; Chéng Zhǎngzhū) is Cheng Zhangwu's daughter. She is defeated by He Lühua in a duel.

Murong Chong and associates[edit]

  • Murong Chong (慕容沖; 慕容冲; Mùróng Chōng; Mou6-jung4 Cung1) is a highly skilled Hui martial artist from Gansu. He specialises in fist styles of martial arts. In his pursuit of fame and glory, he willingly joins the spy agency Eastern Depot and becomes its chief martial arts instructor. Despite working for Wei Zhongxian, he still maintains a personal code of ethics, and decides to leave Wei after discovering that the latter is actually secretly conspiring with the Manchus. He engages Tie Feilong in a duel and saves Tie's life when Wei Zhongxian's men show up to interrupt them. He repents from his past misdeeds and roams the jianghu. He appears to help Zhuo Yihang escape from Wudang.
  • Dingxu (定虛; 定虚; Dìngxū) was a martial artist from the Kunlun Mountains. He taught Murong Chong the '72 Styles of Divine Fist'.
  • Jiao Manzi (焦蠻子; 焦蛮子; Jiāo Mánzǐ) was a lone bandit from the northwest. He taught Murong Chong the 'Eagle Claw' and 'Iron Vest'.

Tang clan[edit]

  • Tang Jiabi (唐家壁; Táng Jiābì) is Tang Qingchuan's son. His father sends him and Du Mingzhong to demand back two items that were robbed from them by Zhu Baochun.
  • Tang Qingchuan (唐青川; Táng Qīngchuān) is the patriarch of the Tang clan. He specialises in using anqi.
  • Du Mingzhong (杜明忠; Dù Míngzhōng) is Tang Jiabi's escort.

Chang'an Escort Agency[edit]

  • Long Dasan (龍達三; 龙达三; Lóng Dásān) is the third master of the Chang'an Escort Agency (長安鏢局). He is a friend of Liu Ximing. Tie Feilong saved him from some bandits before and he feels grateful to Tie. He helps Lian Nichang prepare some protective items for the duel with Gongsun Daniang.
  • Lin Zhenjiao (林振蛟; Lín Zhènjiāo) is Long Dasan's deputy.


  • The "Twin Killers of Xichuan" (西川雙煞; 西川双煞; Xīchuān Shuāngshà) are two brothers with the family name "Peng" (Chinese: ; pinyin: Péng).
  • Zhou Tong (周同; Zhōu Tóng) is nicknamed "Mountain Flipping Tiger" (翻山虎).
  • Zhu Baozhuang (朱寶樁; 朱宝桩; Zhū Bǎozhuāng) is nicknamed "Fiery Spiritual Ape" (火靈猿).
  • The Fang brothers are from the Daba Mountains. They are killed by Lian Nichang.
  • The "Three Heroes of the Mai Family" (麥氏三雄; 麦氏三雄; Mài Shì Sān Xíong) are three brothers who lead a bandit gang on Mount Dingjun. Mai Fengchun (麥逢春; 麦逢春; Mài Féngchūn) is the oldest of the three.
  • Tu Jingxiong (屠景雄; Tú Jǐngxíong) is the leader of the Dragon Gate Gang (龍門幫).
  • Shao Xuanyang (邵宣揚; 邵宣扬; Shào Xuānyáng) is from southern Shanxi. He uses a smoking pipe as his weapon.
  • Gui Youzhang (歸有章; 归有章; Guī Yǒuzhāng), nicknamed "Eagle Claw King" (鷹爪王), is from eastern Sichuan. He is killed by Lian Nichang.
  • Maheizi (麻黑子; Máhēizǐ) is a bandit leader from Kaifeng. He hires Jin Qianyan to help him after Tie Shanhu steals some of his loot. He is knocked down by Yue Mingke and rolls down a slope.
  • Zhu Baochun (朱寶椿; 朱宝椿; Zhū Bǎochūn)
  • Heaven Crossing Star (過天星; 过天星; Guò Tiān Xīng)
  • Nine Sections Fox (九節狸; 九节狸; Jǐu Jié Lí)


  • Taoist Zhenqian (貞乾道人; 贞乾道人; Zhēnqián Dàorén) is a Taoist from Mount Hua. He is a close friend of the Five Elders of Wudang and Huo Tiandu. Yue Mingke passes him the swordplay manual left behind by Ling Muhua and asks him to bring it to his master. He is murdered by Jin Qianyan.
  • Huo Yuanzhong (霍元仲; Huò Yuánzhòng) is a reputable martial artist from Shanxi. He attempts to kill Gongsun Lei's family together with Taoist Zhuo and Zhichan Shangren, but Tie Feilong and Lian Nichang manage to stop them in time. He joins Changqin, Elder Wutou and Taoist Zhuo to confront the White Haired Demoness on Mount Heaven years later, but they are defeated by her.
  • Taoist Zhuo (拙道人; Zhuó Dàorén) and Zhichan Shangren (智禪上人; 智禅上人; Zhìchán Shàngrén) are the two sole survivors of the group of 13 martial artists who fought against Gongsun Daniang decades ago. They seek vengeance on her but she had already died so they attack Gongsun Lei and his family. They are defeated and driven away by Tie Feilong and Lian Nichang.
  • Luo Tiebi (羅鐵臂; 罗铁臂; Luó Tiěbì) is a martial artist who saves the young Yang Yuncong when the boy's father (Yang Lian) is imprisoned by Wei Zhongxian. He brings Yang Yuncong to Reverend Huiming (Yue Mingke) on Lian Nichang's recommendation.
  • Luo Jinfeng (羅金峰; 罗金峰; Luó Jīnfēng) is a martial artist from Jibei. He discovers that the Manchus are planning to send spies to infiltrate the Ming dynasty and manages to find out the identities of two of the spies. He passes on the secret to his friend Meng Can, but is murdered by Ying Xiuyang.
  • Qiu Taixu (邱太虛; 邱太虚; Qīu Tàixū) was nicknamed "Sun and Moon Wheel" (日月輪).
  • Lushi (盧師; 卢师; Lúshī) was a monk who founded the Kunlu Sword Sect (昆盧劍派).
  • The "Three Sang Devils" (桑家三妖; Sāng Jiā Sān Yāo) are three villains who used to terrorise the Mount Heaven region. They are defeated and driven away by Lian Nichang.
    • Sangqian (桑乾; Sāngqián)
    • Sanghu (桑弧; Sānghú)
    • Sangren (桑仁; Sāngrén)

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