List of Bailiffs of Jersey

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Bailiff of Jersey
Jersey coa.svg
Tim Le Cocq[1]

since 17 October 2019
AppointerMonarch of the United Kingdom,
at the recommendation of the Jersey Government
Term lengthAt Her Majesty's Pleasure, at least until retirement (70)
FormationAt least 1204
First holderPhilippe L’Evesque (first attested)
DeputyDeputy Bailiff of Jersey
Sir Michael Birt (Bailiff from 2009 to 2015) with sculpture of Lord Coutanche (Bailiff 1935-1962) behind

This is a list of bailiffs of Jersey. The position of Bailiff was created shortly after the Treaty of Paris 1259 in which the King of England, Henry III, gave up claim to all of the Duchy of Normandy but the Channel Islands. In 1290, separate bailiffs for Guernsey and Jersey were appointed.

The list of bailiffs is only reliably traceable from Philippe L’Evesque’s appointment in 1277, although earlier bailiffs are mentioned and the office may date from before 1204.

See also: list of Bailiffs of Guernsey, list of Seigneurs of Sark.

16th century[edit]

  • Helier de Carteret 1513-1515
  • Helier de Carteret 1516-1523
  • Helier de Carteret 1529-1560
  • Hostes Nicolle 1561-1564
  • John Dumaresq 1566-1583
  • George Paulett 1583-1586
  • John Dumaresq 1586-1587
  • George Paulett 1587-1591
  • John Dumaresq 1591-1594
  • George Paulett 1594-1614

17th century[edit]

18th century[edit]

In this caricature of 1873, Bailiff of Jersey Jean Hammond (left) greets the newly arrived Lieutenant Governor with the question: "Your papers, please?"

19th century[edit]

20th century[edit]

Lord Coutanche, Bailiff 1935-1962

21st century[edit]

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