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The city of Bangalore has basic landline operators as well as mobile phone operators. Landline numbers are 8 digits long, whereas GSM/CDMA cellular operators are 10 digits.

Landline Operators[edit]

The following companies provide landline services in Bangalore:

  • BSNL: The largest and oldest operator in the telephone business in the government owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. It has 2.5 million subscribers. Its subscriber base is high as it was a monopoly till the late 90's. BSNL phone numbers start with the prefix '2'.
  • Reliance Infocomm: Is the latest entrant in the landline space. Its numbers start with '3'.
  • AirTel: (formerly TouchTel): This is Bangalore's most popular telephone service. Its numbers start with '4'.

In some cases, landline carriers use CDMA facilities to provide 'last mile' access via Wireless Local Loop (WLL).

Mobile Operators[edit]

The following companies provide either GSM or CDMA mobile services in Bangalore:

GSM Operators[edit]

  • Vodafone IN (404 86): Formerly Hutch. Vodafone has a large user base, and is one of the top mobile networks in India. Vodafone provides 3G in Karnataka even though it doesn't have 3G license; however as per Delhi High Court ruling in April 2013,[1] Vodafone is not allowed to provide 3G to new subscribers in Karnataka state. It makes use of Airtel's 3G network to provide 3G to existing 3G users.
  • BSNL (404 71) : BSNL provides GSM mobile services in Karnataka state and across much of India. BSNL has 3G license for Karnataka and was first operator to launch 3G in Karnataka.
  • AirTel (404 45): AirTel is owned by Bharti Group. AirTel launched its 3G in Bangalore on 25 Jan 2011 as its first circle. With this launch AirTel becomes the third operator and second private operator to launch 3G in India. Airtel also holds 4G license in Bangalore and had launched its 4G services in Bangalore on May 7, 2012.
  • Idea Cellular (404 44): Idea, India's 3rd largest mobile operator. It acquired Spice Telecom on Jan 2 2009 and made its entry to Karnataka and has expanded its coverage to larger part of Karnataka. Idea doesn't have 3G license for Karnataka therefore it provides 3G services through Airtel's 3G network.
  • Aircel (405 803): Chennai-based Aircel launched its GSM operations in Karnataka on March 2009. Aircel has 3G license for Karnataka and provides 3G services in most of the cities. It has very less network coverage limited only to District level and not even complete district headquarters.
  • Reliance GSM (405 10): Reliance newly started their GSM service in 2009. Reliance GSM doesn't have 3G license for Karnataka therefore it provides 3G services Under ICR with Aircel 3G network.
  • TATA DOCOMO: Has 3G services in Bangalore.

CDMA Operators[edit]

  • Reliance CDMA: Reliance is one of the largest CDMA mobile operators in India. It has a huge user base and extends to small towns. Operations started in 2003.
  • MTS: Karnataka gets its third CDMA Operator called "MTS". Sistema-Shyam group owned MTS launched its CDMA services in Karnataka on October 29, 2009. MTS is the 8th mobile service provider that made its entry to Karnataka.
  • TATA Docomo: Formerly known as Tata Indicom having good coverage of CDMA services.

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