List of Barack Obama presidential campaign staff members, 2008

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List of persons holding prominent positions within the Barack Obama presidential primary campaign, 2008.

According to an August 2008 statement by Deputy Campaign Manager Steve Hildebrand, the Obama campaign had "large-scale operations in 22 states, medium operations in many others, and small staffs in only a handful of states,"[1] with several thousand paid operatives on the ground between Obama staff and Democratic Party staff. That month, these numbers included "about 200 paid staffers working in Florida and more on the way, 90 in Michigan with plans to expand to 200 by August, at least 200 each eventually in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and 50 in Missouri with plans to expand to 150."[1]

Inner circle[edit]

The vice presidential search committee included:

Early advisors[edit]

An early 2007 article in the Chicago Sun-Times lists the following persons in Obama's White House team:[3]

  • Paul Tewes, adviser; business partner of Hildebrand's.
  • Bill Burton, national press secretary. Spokesman, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this cycle.
  • Paul Harstad, pollster. Handled Obama's 2004 campaign.
  • Cornell Belcher, pollster. Democratic National Committee pollster.
  • Devorah Adler, research director. DNC research director.
  • Rakitha Hettiarachchi,The Political Campaign Director of Nevada State Democratic Party.
  • Shauna Daly, deputy research director. DNC deputy research director.
  • Alyssa Mastromonaco, scheduling and advance. Political director for Obama's Hope Fund political action committee.
  • Saul Schorr, media consultant. Runs a Philadelphia firm.
  • Julianna Smoot, finance director. Finance director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee this cycle.
  • Cassandra Butts, policy advisor. Previoustly the Center for American Progress think tank. Obama law school classmate. Former senior policy adviser to then-House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt.
  • Pete Giangreco, direct mail, Iowa adviser. Partner, the Strategy Group, Evanston. Veteran of several Iowa primaries.Patti
  • Dan Pfeiffer, traveling press secretary. Former press chief for Senator Evan Bayh (D-Ind.).
  • Matt Rodriguez, New Hampshire state director.

Other key staff positions filled internally and from rival campaigns after the primaries included:[4]

  • Henry De Sio, Chief Operating Officer
  • Patrick Gaspard, Political Director
  • Jon Carson, National Field Director
  • Jennifer O'Malley Dillon, Battleground States Director
  • Jason Green, 50-State Voter Registration Director
  • Josh Earnest, Deputy Communications Director
  • Christina Reynolds, Director of Rapid Response
  • Hari Sevugan, Senior Spokesperson
  • Tommy Vietor, Deputy National Press Secretary
  • Cody Keenan, Deputy Speechwriter
  • Neera Tanden, Director of Domestic Policy
  • Heather Higginbottom,Senior Policy Strategist
  • Daniel Gray, Deputy Policy Director
  • Jason Furman, Deputy Policy Director
  • Dan Carol, Content and Issues Director
  • Stephanie Cutter, Senior Advisor and Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama
  • Jennifer Goodman, Director of Scheduling for Michelle Obama
  • Patty Solis Doyle, Chief of Staff to Joe Biden
  • Ricki Seidman, Communications Director for Joe Biden

Foreign policy[edit]

By July 2008 the Obama campaign had some 300 persons working on foreign policy, and organized along bureaucratic lines like a "miniature State Department."[5] Notable among these people are:

Former Hillary Clinton supporters:

Energy policy[edit]

Economic policy[edit]

Domestic Policy[edit]

New Media[edit]

Former members[edit]

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