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This is a list of flags used in Barbados.

National Flag[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
Flag of Barbados.svg 1966 - current Flag of Barbados Tricolour of two bands of ultramarine separated by a golden middle band. The ultramarine represents the sky and the ocean, the gold represents the sand. A black trident head is centred within the golden band.

Royal and Viceregal Flags[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
Royal Standard of Barbados.svg 1966 - Personal Flag of Queen Elizabeth II in Barbados A bearded fig tree (with the leaves coloured blue) in the centre and a Pride of Barbados flower in each of the top corners on a yellow field. A blue disc of the letter "E" crowned surrounded by a garland of gold roses defaces the flag.
Flag of the Governor-General of Barbados.svg 1966 - Flag of the Governor-General of Barbados A lion standing on a crown, on a blue field, with the words "Barbados"


Flag Date Use Description
Flag of the Barbados Defence Force.svg Barbados Defence Force (BDF)
Naval Ensign of Barbados.svg Naval Ensign of Barbados A white ensign with the Flag of Barbados in the canton


Flag Date Use Description
Flag of Barbados (1870–1966).png 1870–1966 Flag of the Colony of Barbados A British Blue Ensign with an emblem of Barbados

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