List of Baseball Tonight personalities

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Position Name Tenure Notes
Hosts Triangle-teal.svgKarl Ravech 1996–present Lead Host
Jon Sciambi 2011–present Substitute
Adnan Virk 2013–present Substitute
Analysts Manny Acta 2013–present
Dallas Braden 2014-present
Aaron Boone 2010–present Head Analyst on Monday Night Baseball
Alex Cora 2013–present
José Cruz, Jr. 2012–present
Doug Glanville 2010–present
Ozzie Guillen 2014-present
Triangle-teal.svgJohn Kruk 2004–2012; 2015-present
Jessica Mendoza 2014-present
Eduardo Pérez 2007–2011; 2014-present
Curt Schilling 2010–present
Chris Singleton 2008–present
Rick Sutcliffe 2002-2003; 2012–present
MLB Insiders Tim Kurkjian 1998–present
Buster Olney 2003–present
Jayson Stark 2000–present
Keith Law 2013–present

Triangle-teal.svg - Indicates part of the lead team that appears on the Sunday version (which serves as the pregame show to Sunday Night Baseball).

Notable former on-air staff[edit]

Position Name Tenure Current Status
Hosts Rich Eisen 1996–2002 Lead host for NFL Network
Steve Berthiaume 2004–2005 and 2007–2012 Play-by-play for Arizona Diamondbacks/FOX Sports
Brian Kenny 2003 MLB Network; formerly hosted The Hot List on ESPNEWS from 2003-2006
Dave Marash 1990
Triangle-teal.svgGary Miller 1990–1995
Chris Myers 1991–1995 Play-by-play/Reporter for Fox Sports
Bill Pidto 1993–2008 Co-host of Mad Dog Radio on Sirius XM Radio, NHL on Versus
Scott Reiss 2006–2008 Studio host for Comcast SportsNet Bay Area
Analysts Dusty Baker 2007 Manager of the Washington Nationals
Larry Bowa 2005 MLB Network
Jeff Brantley 2002–2006 Analyst for the Cincinnati Reds on television and radio
Triangle-teal.svgDave Campbell 1990–2004
Rob Dibble 1998–2004 former analyst for the Washington Nationals on MASN; also hosts show on XM Radio with Kevin Kennedy
Terry Francona 2012 Manager of the Cleveland Indians
Nomar Garciaparra 2010–2013 Los Angeles Dodgers TV commentator
Orel Hershiser 2006–2013 Los Angeles Dodgers TV broadcaster
Ray Knight 1998–2003 Studio analyst for the Washington Nationals on MASN
Barry Larkin 2011–2014
Tino Martinez 2006 Hitting coach for the Miami Marlins
Brian McRae 2000–2005
Mark Mulder 2011–2013 Attempting comeback
Triangle-teal.svgSteve Phillips 2005–2009 Fired for sexual harassment
Triangle-teal.svgHarold Reynolds 1996–2006 Commentator on, TBS, MLB Network, and SportsNet New York. Fired for sexual harassment
J. P. Ricciardi 2010
Buck Showalter 2001–2002 (lead analyst), 2008–2010 Manager of the Baltimore Orioles
Bobby Valentine 2003; 2009–2011
Eric Wedge 2014-2015
Dave Winfield 2009 – 2012
Eric Young 2007-2009 First base coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks
Reporters Triangle-teal.svgPeter Gammons 1990–2009 Commentator/Reporter on, MLB Network, and NESN

Triangle-teal.svg - Indicates formerly part of Lead Team