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This is a list of mods for the first-person shooter computer game Battlefield 1942.

An October 2004 public release from EA notes quote "Not long after the release of Battlefield 1942, several groups of dedicated fans looked at DICE's creation and imagined the maps populated with modern vehicles and weapons, or early 20th century prop planes and rifles." [1]

PC Gamer described in October 2005 one particular mod as "the last great mods before the Battlefield 1942 community moved over to Dice's Sequel. It's a fitting end to an era." [2] Other mods have appeared in articles on CNN[3] and The Washington Times,[4] as well as in a variety of industry publications ranging from the Finnish gaming magazine PC Pelaaja to internationally read PC Gamer.


Like Half-Life and some other popular FPS games, Battlefield 1942 spawned a number of mods. Most did not progress very far and were abandoned without ever producing a public release. Some are very limited and just include some gameplay changes or even a different loading screen while others are total conversions that modify content and gameplay extensively.

A few mods have become popular and are nearly games in their own right. Early modifications of Battlefield 1942 were produced without a SDK. Later a "Mod Development Kit", Battlefield Mod Development Toolkit, was produced by EA to help development of mods.

With the release of the Battlefield 1942 sequel Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 2, some mods have released a new version or have continued development with that game. Battlefield Vietnam uses an updated version of the Refractor 2 game engine. Some mods have switched to the computer games Söldner: Secret Wars, Half-Life 2 or others for the same reasons.

Selected releases[edit]

  • Action Battlefield (ActionBF), placed second in FilePlanet's Best New Mod of 2003 awards. First official mod publicly available after the release of BF1942. Was known for its original new gadgets, classes, weapons and "hollywood-style" gameplay tweaks. (Also beloved by BF1942 stuntmen) Ceased operations in 2005, but many of its features, such as the commander class, the disposable medpacks and the ability to call air strikes, to name a few, were later an inspiration and reborn in successors BF2 and BF2142. Mentioned in 1UP "Free PC Games" December 2003 article and on various gaming web sites around the internet as well as distributed on DVD-Roms with various European and American magazines during the year 2003.
  • Battlefield 1918 was noted by Tor Thorsen of GameSpot, and was part of a presentation with the official EA Community Team at GetBoinKed mobility 1.1 in 2005.[5]
  • Battlefield 40k was released in the January 2007 issue of PC Format magazine. It is based on Games Workshops Tabletop Game, Warhammer 40,000[6][7]
  • Battlefield Interstate 1982, mentioned in 1UP "Free PC Games" December 2003 article. (Free PC Games "1UP.ORG" December 2003.)
  • Battlefield Pirates, a mod which featured pirate ships and even airborne ships similar to balloons. It included unique skins, weapons and maps, all adhering to the pirate theme.
  • Battlegroup42 was reviewed by Mark Sutherns in the January 2004 issue of PC Gamer UK Edition.[8][9]
  • Battle G.I. Joe was reviewed on, by Michael Klappenbach.[10][11] The mod was also contacted by Hasbro for IP issues, as noted in Am I Mod or Not? (Nieborg, 2005)[12]
  • Desert Combat, produced by Trauma Studios, was winner of FilePlanet's Best Mod of 2003 Award' and many other reviews and awards,[13] such as the March 2003 PC Magazine. PC Gamer described it as "Desert Combat is set in the white-hot conflict zone of the Middle East and pits the United States against Iraq." [14] Articles noted it was helped by the Iraq War, which increased the number of page views to approximately 15,000 per day,[3] or even between 20,000 to 70,000.[4] Desert combat was pointed out as having two mods of its own, DC Extended and Desert Combat Realism in Am I Mod or Not? (Nieborg, 2005)[12]
  • Eve Of Destruction was winner of PC Gamer 2003 Mod of the Year.[15] They also won FilePlanets Best New Mod 2003.[16] Dan Morris of PC Gamer noted in the March 2004 issue of PC Gamer, "While Battlefield Vietnam was still a twinkle in its developers' eyes, this standout mod debuted to a rapturous reception from the Battlefield 1942 faithful." [17]
  • Experience WWII was described in PC Gamer as having substantial changes to be historically accurate that directly impacts gameplay.[14]
  • FinnWars was featured in Pelit magazine in issue 9/2005, and PC Pelaaja in 2007. FinnWars is based in Winterwar of Finland and Soviet Union, and it contains new sounds, models and maps.[18][19]
  • Forgotten Hope,[20] a 2003 mod that aimed at a high degree of historical accuracy, was noted for including over 250 new pieces of authentic equipment (at the time more than any other WWII-themed FPS).[21] The mod attained 14th place in ModDB 2005 mod of the year,[22] and won a ModDB Players Choice award in 2006.[23] It was also awarded the Macologist Mod of the Year Award by Inside Mac Games in 2006 after the mod was ported to the Mac.[24] It directly preceded the 2006 sequel, Forgotten Hope 2.
  • Galactic Conquest was noted for it being allowed to blatantly use Lucasarts Star Wars universe material in Am I Mod or Not? (Nieborg, 2005). Also it appeared on Slashdot twice[25] and was mentioned in Edge Magazine in April 2004.[26][27] Galactic Conquest was reviewed on TechTV's X-Play show in 2004[28][29]
  • HydroRacers was reviewed PC ZONE magazine (UK) in 2004 by Tony Lamb, and also the Madison Courier in June 2004.[30][31][32][33]
  • Siege was pointed out in study by Utrecht University, both for its original concept, and its medieval warfare theme. Am I Mod or Not? (Nieborg, 2005)[12]
  • Who Dares Wins, was reviewed in the August 2005 UK edition of PC Gamer magazine, and a copy of version 0.2 was distributed with the magazine on DVD-ROM to its readers.[2]

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