List of Prime Ministers of Belarus

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This is a list of heads of government of Belarus from 1918 until present.

Belarusian National Republic (1918–1920)[edit]

Chairmen of the People's Secretariat[edit]

Chairmen of the Council of Ministers[edit]

Belarusian National Republic in Exile (1920–present)[edit]

Chairmen of the Council of Ministers[edit]

(in Vilnius to 1925, then in Prague, presently in Canada)

Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (1920–1991)[edit]

Chairmen of the Council of People's Commissars[edit]

Chairmen of the Council of Ministers[edit]

Republic of Belarus (1991–present)[edit]

Prime Ministers[edit]

# Picture Name
Took office Left office Origin Education Period
1 Vyacheslav Kebich
7 April 1990 21 July 1994 Minsk voblast Belarusian National Technical University 1566
2 Coat of arms of Belarus (1918, 1991-1995).svg Mikhail Chigir
21 July 1994 18 November 1996 Minsk voblast Belarusian State Economic University 851
3 Coat of arms of Belarus.svg Sergey Ling
18 November 1996 18 February 2000 Minsk Belarusian State Agricultural Academy 1187
4 Vladimir Yermoshin.jpg Vladimir Yermoshin
18 February 2000 1 October 2001 Pronsk, USSR Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation 591
5 Coat of arms of Belarus.svg Gennady Novitsky
1 October 2001 10 July 2003 Mogilev Belarusian National Technical University 647
6 Sergey Sidorsky, October 2010.jpeg Sergei Sidorsky
10 July 2003 28 December 2010 Homiel Belarusian State University of Transport 2728
7 Mikhail Myasnikovich, March 2011.jpeg Mikhail Myasnikovich
28 December 2010 27 December 2014 Minsk voblast Brest State Technical University 1461
8 Andrei Kobjakow, Belarus Vize-Ministerpräsident 2.jpg Andrei Kobyakov
27 December 2014 Incumbent Moscow, USSR Belarusian State Economic University

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