List of members of the Chamber of Representatives of Belgium, 2014–19

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This is a list of members of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives during the 54th legislature (2014-2019), arranged alphabetically.

The government majority during this legislature is formed by a coalition of N-VA, CD&V, Open Vld and MR, forming the Michel Government.

Election results (25 May 2014)[edit]

e • d Summary of the 25 May 2014 Belgian Chamber of Representatives election results
← 201020142019 →
Party Leader(s) Votes  % +/– E.c. % Seats +/–
New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) Bart De Wever 1,366,414 20.26 2.86 Increase 32.22
33 / 150
6 Increase
Socialist Party (PS) Elio Di Rupo 787,165 11.67 2.05 Decrease 31.43
23 / 150
3 Decrease
Christian Democratic & Flemish (CD&V) Wouter Beke 783,060 11.61 0.77 Increase 18.47
18 / 150
1 Increase
Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats (Open Vld) Gwendolyn Rutten 659,582 9.78 1.17 Increase 15.55
14 / 150
1 Increase
Reformist Movement (MR) Charles Michel 650,290 9.64 0.31 Increase 25.96
20 / 150
2 Increase
Socialist Party–Differently (sp.a) Bruno Tobback 595,486 8.83 0.36 Decrease 14.04
13 / 150
0 Steady
Green (Groen) Wouter Van Besien 358,947 5.32 0.94 Increase 8.46
6 / 150
1 Increase
Humanist Democratic Centre (cdH) Benoît Lutgen 336,281 4.99 0.59 Decrease 13.43
9 / 150
0 Steady
Workers' Party (PTB–GO!/PVDA+)

Peter Mertens
2.17 Increase
2 / 150

Increase 2

Flemish Interest (Vlaams Belang) Gerolf Annemans 247,746 3.67 4.07 Decrease 5.84
3 / 150
9 Decrease
Ecolo Olivier Deleuze & Emily Hoyos 222,551 3.30 1.50 Decrease 8.89
6 / 150
2 Decrease
Francophone Democratic Federalists (FDF) Olivier Maingain 121,403 1.80 new 4.85
2 / 150
2 Increase
People's Party (Parti Populaire) Mischaël Modrikamen 102,599 1.51 0.24 Increase 4.10
1 / 150
0 Steady
Libertarian, Direct, Democratic (LDD) Jean-Marie Dedecker 28,414 0.42 1.88 Decrease 0.67
0 / 150
1 Decrease
Others (parties that received less than 1% of the overall vote) 233,805 3.47
0 / 150
0 Steady
Valid votes 6,745,059 94.24
Blank and invalid votes 412,439 5.76
Totals 7,157,498 100.00
150 / 150
0 Steady
Electorate and voter turnout 8,001,278 89.45 0.23 Increase
Source: Federal Portal − Chamber Elections 2014
1) E.c. = electoral college (Dutch- and French-speaking)
Seats by electoral district and by party
Party /
Electoral district
N-VA CD&V Open Vld sp.a Groen Vlaams Belang PVDA+ / PTB-GO! PS MR cdH Ecolo FDF Parti Populaire Total
Antwerp 11 4 2 3 2 2 0 N/A 24
East Flanders 5 4 4 3 2 1 0 N/A 20
West Flanders 6 4 2 3 1 0 0 N/A 16
Limburg 5 3 2 2 0 0 0 N/A 12
Flemish Brabant 5 3 4 2 1 0 0 N/A 15
Brussels-Capital 0 0 0 0 N/A 0 0 5 4 2 2 2 0 15
Hainaut N/A 1 9 5 2 1 0 0 18
Liège N/A 1 5 5 2 1 0 1 15
Namur N/A 0 2 2 1 1 0 0 6
Walloon Brabant N/A 0 1 3 0 1 0 0 5
Luxembourg N/A 0 1 1 2 0 0 0 4
Total 33 18 14 13 6 3 2 23 20 9 6 2 1 150



Office Senator Party
President Siegfried Bracke N-VA
1st Vicepresident André Flahaut PS
2nd Vicepresident Françoise Schepmans MR
3rd Vicepresident Sonja Becq CD&V

College of Quaestors[edit]

Office Senator Party
1st Quaestor Sarah Smeyers N-VA
2nd Quaestor Colette Burgeon PS
3rd Quaestor Olivier Maingain FDF
4th Quaestor Gerald Kindermans CD&V

Group leaders[edit]

Office Senator Party
N-VA Floor leader Peter De Roover (since January 2016) N-VA
PS Floor leader Laurette Onkelinx PS

List of current Representatives[edit]

Representative Group Electoral district Language group Comments
Almaci, MeyremMeyrem Almaci Ecolo/Groen Antwerp Dutch
Bellens, RitaRita Bellens N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Calvo, KristofKristof Calvo Ecolo/Groen Antwerp Dutch
De Coninck, MonicaMonica De Coninck sp.a Antwerp Dutch
Demir, ZuhalZuhal Demir N-VA Antwerp Dutch
De Roover, PeterPeter De Roover N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Detiège, MayaMaya Detiège sp.a Antwerp Dutch
De Wever, BartBart De Wever N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Dewinter, FilipFilip Dewinter Vlaams Belang Antwerp Dutch
De Wit, SophieSophie De Wit N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Geerts, DavidDavid Geerts sp.a Antwerp Dutch
Klaps, JohanJohan Klaps N-VA Antwerp Dutch since 11 October 2014, replacing Jan Jambon, who became Minister in the Michel Government
Lanjri, NahimaNahima Lanjri CD&V Antwerp Dutch
Metsu, KoenKoen Metsu N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Penris, JanJan Penris Vlaams Belang Antwerp Dutch since 19 June 2014, replacing Marijke Dillen
Smaers, GrietGriet Smaers CD&V Antwerp Dutch
Turtelboom, AnnemieAnnemie Turtelboom Open Vld Antwerp Dutch was replaced by Frank Wilrycx from 25 July 2014 until 29 April 2016, when she was Minister in the Bourgeois Government
Van Camp, YoleenYoleen Van Camp N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Van de Velde, RobRob Van de Velde N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Van den Bergh, JefJef Van den Bergh CD&V Antwerp Dutch
Van Mechelen, DirkDirk Van Mechelen Open Vld Antwerp Dutch
Van Peel, ValerieValerie Van Peel N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Verherstraeten, ServaisServais Verherstraeten CD&V Antwerp Dutch
Wollants, BertBert Wollants N-VA Antwerp Dutch
Bracke, SiegfriedSiegfried Bracke N-VA East Flanders Dutch President
Buysrogge, PeterPeter Buysrogge N-VA East Flanders Dutch
Claerhout, SarahSarah Claerhout CD&V East Flanders Dutch since 11 October 2014, replacing Pieter De Crem, who became Secretary of State in the Michel Government
Dedecker, PeterPeter Dedecker N-VA East Flanders Dutch
D'Haese, ChristophChristoph D'Haese N-VA East Flanders Dutch
Dierick, LeenLeen Dierick CD&V East Flanders Dutch
Gabriëls, KatjaKatja Gabriëls Open Vld East Flanders Dutch since 11 October 2014, replacing Alexander De Croo, who became Minister in the Michel Government
Lachaert, EgbertEgbert Lachaert Open Vld East Flanders Dutch
Pas, BarbaraBarbara Pas Vlaams Belang East Flanders Dutch
Pehlivan, FatmaFatma Pehlivan sp.a East Flanders Dutch
Smeyers, SarahSarah Smeyers N-VA East Flanders Dutch
Somers, IneIne Somers Open Vld East Flanders Dutch
Temmerman, KarinKarin Temmerman sp.a East Flanders Dutch
Uyttersprot, GoedeleGoedele Uyttersprot N-VA East Flanders Dutch
Van Cauter, CarinaCarina Van Cauter Open Vld East Flanders Dutch
Van der Maelen, DirkDirk Van der Maelen sp.a East Flanders Dutch
Van Hecke, StefaanStefaan Van Hecke Ecolo/Groen East Flanders Dutch
Vercamer, StefaanStefaan Vercamer CD&V East Flanders Dutch
Willaert, EvitaEvita Willaert Ecolo/Groen East Flanders Dutch
Yüksel, VeliVeli Yüksel CD&V East Flanders Dutch
Blanchart, PhilippePhilippe Blanchart PS Hainaut French
Brotcorne, ChristianChristian Brotcorne cdH Hainaut French
Chastel, OlivierOlivier Chastel MR Hainaut French
Delannois, Paul-OlivierPaul-Olivier Delannois PS Hainaut French
Devin, LaurentLaurent Devin PS Hainaut French
Di Rupo, ElioElio Di Rupo PS Hainaut French
Ducarme, DenisDenis Ducarme MR Hainaut French
Flahaux, Jean-JacquesJean-Jacques Flahaux MR Hainaut French
Fonck, CatherineCatherine Fonck cdH Hainaut French
Friart, BenoîtBenoît Friart MR Hainaut French
Massin, EricEric Massin PS Hainaut French
Miller, RichardRichard Miller MR Hainaut French since 11 October 2014, replacing Marie-Christine Marghem, who became Minister in the Michel Government
Nollet, Jean-MarcJean-Marc Nollet Ecolo/Groen Hainaut French
Özen, ÖzlemÖzlem Özen PS Hainaut French
Senesael, DanielDaniel Senesael PS Hainaut French
Thiébaut, EricEric Thiébaut PS Hainaut French
Van Hees, MarcoMarco Van Hees PTB-go! Hainaut French
Winckel, FabienneFabienne Winckel PS Hainaut French
Bogaert, HendrikHendrik Bogaert CD&V West Flanders Dutch
Capoen, AnAn Capoen N-VA West Flanders Dutch
Degroote, KoenraadKoenraad Degroote N-VA West Flanders Dutch
Demon, FrankyFranky Demon CD&V West Flanders Dutch
Deseyn, RoelRoel Deseyn CD&V West Flanders Dutch
De Vriendt, WouterWouter De Vriendt Ecolo/Groen West Flanders Dutch
Dumery, DaphnéDaphné Dumery N-VA West Flanders Dutch
Gantois, RitaRita Gantois N-VA West Flanders Dutch
Lahaye-Battheu, SabienSabien Lahaye-Battheu Open Vld West Flanders Dutch
Muylle, NathalieNathalie Muylle CD&V West Flanders Dutch
Top, AlainAlain Top sp.a West Flanders Dutch
Vande Lanotte, JohanJohan Vande Lanotte sp.a West Flanders Dutch
Vanheste, AnnAnn Vanheste sp.a West Flanders Dutch
Van Quickenborne, VincentVincent Van Quickenborne Open Vld West Flanders Dutch
Vercammen, JanJan Vercammen N-VA West Flanders Dutch
Vermeulen, BrechtBrecht Vermeulen N-VA West Flanders Dutch
Ben Hamou, NawalNawal Ben Hamou PS Brussels-Capital French
Caprasse, VéroniqueVéronique Caprasse FDF Brussels-Capital French
Dallemagne, GeorgesGeorges Dallemagne cdH Brussels-Capital French since 22 July 2014, replacing Céline Fremault, who became Minister in the Brussels Vervoort II Government
Delpérée, FrancisFrancis Delpérée cdH Brussels-Capital French
Hellings, BenoitBenoit Hellings Ecolo/Groen Brussels-Capital French
Kir, EmirEmir Kir PS Brussels-Capital French
Vanden Burre, GillesGilles Vanden Burre Ecolo/Groen Brussels-Capital French since 28 May 2015, replacing Zakia Khattabi, who became party co-leader of Ecolo
Laaouej, AhmedAhmed Laaouej PS Brussels-Capital French
Lalieux, KarineKarine Lalieux PS Brussels-Capital French
Maingain, OlivierOlivier Maingain FDF Brussels-Capital French
Onkelinx, LauretteLaurette Onkelinx PS Brussels-Capital French
Pivin, PhilippePhilippe Pivin MR Brussels-Capital French
Schepmans, FrançoiseFrançoise Schepmans MR Brussels-Capital French
Thiéry, DamienDamien Thiéry MR Brussels-Capital French
Calomne, GautierGautier Calomne MR Brussels-Capital French since 22 September 2015, replacing Sophie Wilmès, who became Minister in the Michel Government. Wilmès had since 11 October 2014 replaced Didier Reynders, who became Minister in the Michel Government
Carcaci, AldoAldo Carcaci Parti Populaire Liège French
Cassart-Mailleux, CarolineCaroline Cassart-Mailleux MR Liège French
Daerden, FrédéricFrédéric Daerden PS Liège French
Demeyer, WillyWilly Demeyer PS Liège French
Fernandez-Fernandez, JulieJulie Fernandez-Fernandez PS Liège French
Foret, GillesGilles Foret MR Liège French
Frédéric, AndréAndré Frédéric PS Liège French
Gerkens, MurielMuriel Gerkens Ecolo/Groen Liège French
Goffin, PhilippePhilippe Goffin MR Liège French
Gustin, LucLuc Gustin MR Liège French since 11 October 2014, replacing Daniel Bacquelaine, who became Minister in the Michel Government
Hedebouw, RaoulRaoul Hedebouw PTB-go! Liège French
Jadin, KattrinKattrin Jadin MR Liège French Jadin is leader of PFF, the German-speaking chapter of MR, but there is no German language group in the Chamber (all Walloon representatives are automatically part of the French language group)
Mathot, AlainAlain Mathot PS Liège French
de Lamotte, MichelMichel de Lamotte cdH Liège French since 19 April 2015, replacing Melchior Wathelet, who left national politics
Matz, VanessaVanessa Matz cdH Liège French
Becq, SonjaSonja Becq CD&V Flemish Brabant Dutch
Bonte, HansHans Bonte sp.a Flemish Brabant Dutch
Ceysens, PatriciaPatricia Ceysens Open Vld Flemish Brabant Dutch
De Coninck, InezInez De Coninck N-VA Flemish Brabant Dutch
Dedry, AnneAnne Dedry Ecolo/Groen Flemish Brabant Dutch
Hufkens, RenateRenate Hufkens N-VA Flemish Brabant Dutch since 11 October 2014, replacing Theo Francken, who became Secretary of State in the Michel Government
Janssens, DirkDirk Janssens Open Vld Flemish Brabant Dutch since 11 October 2014, replacing Maggie De Block, who became Minister in the Michel Government
Jiroflée, KarineKarine Jiroflée sp.a Flemish Brabant Dutch
Spooren, JanJan Spooren N-VA Flemish Brabant Dutch
Van Biesen, LukLuk Van Biesen Open Vld Flemish Brabant Dutch
Vandenput, TimTim Vandenput Open Vld Flemish Brabant Dutch
Van Hoof, ElsEls Van Hoof CD&V Flemish Brabant Dutch since 11 October 2014, replacing Koen Geens, who became Minister in the Michel Government
Van Rompuy, EricEric Van Rompuy CD&V Flemish Brabant Dutch
Van Vaerenbergh, KristienKristien Van Vaerenbergh N-VA Flemish Brabant Dutch
Vuye, HendrikHendrik Vuye N-VA Flemish Brabant Dutch quit the party on 21 September 2016, remained independent member of parliament
Beke, WouterWouter Beke CD&V Limburg Dutch
Dewael, PatrickPatrick Dewael Open Vld Limburg Dutch
Grosemans, KarolienKarolien Grosemans N-VA Limburg Dutch
Heeren, VeerleVeerle Heeren CD&V Limburg Dutch
Janssen, WernerWerner Janssen N-VA Limburg Dutch
Kitir, MeryameMeryame Kitir sp.a Limburg Dutch
Lijnen, NeleNele Lijnen Open Vld Limburg Dutch
Luykx, PeterPeter Luykx N-VA Limburg Dutch
Raskin, WouterWouter Raskin N-VA Limburg Dutch since 11 October 2014, replacing Steven Vandeput, who became Minister in the Michel Government
Terwingen, RafRaf Terwingen CD&V Limburg Dutch
Vanvelthoven, PeterPeter Vanvelthoven sp.a Limburg Dutch
Wouters, VeerleVeerle Wouters N-VA Limburg Dutch quit the party on 21 September 2016, remained independent member of parliament
Clarinval, DavidDavid Clarinval MR Namur French
Delizée, Jean-MarcJean-Marc Delizée PS Namur French
Dispa, BenoîtBenoît Dispa cdH Namur French
Gilkinet, GeorgesGeorges Gilkinet Ecolo/Groen Namur French
Grovonius, GwenaëlleGwenaëlle Grovonius PS Namur French
Thoron, StéphanieStéphanie Thoron MR Namur French
Burton, EmmanuelEmmanuel Burton MR Walloon Brabant French
Cheron, MarcelMarcel Cheron Ecolo/Groen Walloon Brabant French
de Coster-Bauchau, SybilleSybille de Coster-Bauchau MR Walloon Brabant French
Crusnière, StéphaneStéphane Crusnière PS Walloon Brabant French since 22 July 2014, replacing André Flahaut, who became Minister in the Demotte III Government of the French Community
Scourneau, VincentVincent Scourneau MR Walloon Brabant French since 11 October 2014, replacing Charles Michel, who became Prime Minister in the Michel Government
Lutgen, BenoîtBenoît Lutgen cdH Luxembourg French
Piedboeuf, BenoîtBenoît Piedboeuf MR Luxembourg French
Pirlot, SébastianSébastian Pirlot PS Luxembourg French
Poncelet, IsabelleIsabelle Poncelet cdH Luxembourg French